15 benefits of Sambiloto Leaves

Who does not know sambiloto? One of the many famous herbal plants has a variety of properties (which is most popular as a cure for diabetes). It contains the plant family Acanthaceae usually grows in the lowlands, with habitats such as gardens, fields, or Woods.
The content of andrographolide in sambiloto who makes it has many benefits for health, is the main compound of andrographolide from sambiloto nutritious as bitter taste, anti diabetic, antioxidants, and also antiatherosclerosis.
And the content of andrographolide is also the one who led the bitter taste sambiloto in all its parts (leaf, stem, flower to its roots). But even so the bitterness it has myriad benefits as well as benefits for health and beauty. See what are the benefits and efficacy of yuk si bitter, as a reference for your order is not always consume the chemical drugs.

1. as a Flu remedy

When the weather changes occur often accompanied also by decreasing the durability of our body, if it is so, then the potential for catching the flu is wide open. And if you've already got the flu, it's worth a try or traditional herbal medicine first, so not always consume the chemical drugs of course contain a side effect.
Leaf sambiloto turns nutritious also to treat the flu. Way, prepare the powdered leaves are dried sambiloto about 1 gram and brewed with hot water into the cups. drink at once after winter, If need to drink 3 to 4 times a day.

2. As the Antibiotic Fever/hot

When your fever, don't rush taking medication, Yes. Try the drink used to be drinking white water a lot while you prepare the herb sambiloto as follows. Prepare 1 handheld leaf fresh sambiloto, then mashed. Once crushed, add water about 1/2 glasses. Strain it and then drink all at once until it runs out. Or you can also use it for drugs. How the fresh leaves are ground last could lay on the forehead as a compress.

3. Headache Relief

A headache is indeed impaired. You're so difficult concentration and think clearly. Sometimes if it feels very heavy, open your eyes just feels tough. Don't worry, there's a helpful sambiloto leaf to alleviate your suffering. Here's how? Though the leaves of sambiloto as for fever above. Don't forget the break too.

4. Treating whooping cough

A whooping cough (pertussis) is a cough that is usually caused by a bacterial infection in the lung and respiratory tract. And because a cough is caused by a bacterial infection, then the cough is easily contagious. Characteristics of a whooping cough is a cough that is hard and takes place continuously. It usually begins with a long breath through the mouth. It is sometimes a cough can strike a person for up to three months.
Leaf sambiloto turns can be also used to treat a whooping cough, who. How, Provide fresh sambiloto leaves as much as 5 to 7 sheets, then with the glass 1/2/seduh Cup hot water. After that, add honey to taste while stirring. Drink immediately after winter. If need to drink 3 times a day.

5. Cure Typhoid

Typhoid or in Indonesia known as lay "types", also called typhoid fever is a disease that occurs due to a bacterial infection Salmonella typhi. The bacteria are usually infected through contaminated food and drink.
Typhoid fever sufferers typically showed symptoms after 1 to 3 weeks of being infected. Symptoms that appear are usually high fever, diarrhea or constipation, headache, and abdominal pain.
As for how the treatment of this disease by using leaf sambiloto is by setting up 10 to 15 sheets of sambiloto leaves for boiled with two cups of water to boil. Simmer until the water is reduced by half (inexpensively Saru glasses). Drinking water the stew while it is warm.

6. Cope with Diabetes

Diabetes is now not only attacked them with age 40 or 50 years and over. There are also those aged in their 20s who are now suffering from this disease. Unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise may be a portion of the trigger the onset of this disease. For diabetics, you might be able to try the herb leaves sambiloto following.
Prepare a handful of leaves sambiloto then wash clean. Boil 3 cups of water to boil, and let the remaining water to about 2 cups. Filter using a strainer tea, drink it after meals.

7. Preventive and Relief of uric acid

Diseases of uric acid (gout) is a disease characterized by swelling and heat in the joints, these conditions usually cause pain is not unbearable.  Actually, all the joints in the human body can be contracted gout, but parts of the body most often contracted joint is fingers, ankles, knees, and toes.
Leaf sambiloto be created herb for treating this disease. How, Provide some leaves sambiloto and some sections of turmeric. Boil them both with a glass of water, bring to a boil and then let cool. Drinking regularly so that uric acid did not dare to approach again.

8. Anti Malaria

Malaria is a type of infectious disease caused by the parasite Plasmodium. The parasite is found in countries with a tropical climate and sub-tropical, including Indonesia. Actually, there are five types of Plasmodium which potentially attacking humans. However, Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum are the most dangerous, why? because it can lead to death.
Make a decoction of leaves of sambiloto to treat malaria in the following way. Prepare a handful of leaves sambiloto, then boiled with four glasses of water, and let boil up to 2 cups. After that strain and drink regularly (3 times a day as much as ½ cups) until the condition improves.

9. Remedies a Toothache

A toothache is indeed very agonizing. The pain of a tooth, which affected a lot. The whole tooth pain, head join sick. Wrong sitting, standing, lying is wrong else uncomfortable. Not to mention the mood that follow-up is a mess because of the tooth that hurts. Do not let Your experienced on top. Rajinlah brushing your teeth and regularly checked the condition of your teeth to a dentist. But if already ill, you could try the herb leaves sambiloto here to relieve the pain until the cure.
Make a decoction of 9 to 15 grams of sambiloto leaves with 3 cups of water. Simmer until the remaining 1 cups. Once cool, strain and drink 2 times a day.

10. As Pulmonary TB

Pneumonia can be caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This disease is very dangerous because, in Indonesia, pneumonia is a disease of the third cause of death after cardiovascular disease and tuberculosis. Pneumonia can occur due to ingesting microorganisms from the air that is contaminated, it could be due to blood flow from infections that occur in other organs of the body, or the displacement of organisms directly from the infections that occurred near the lungs.
With regard to the treatment of pneumonia, sambiloto leaves can be processed in the following manner. 9 to 15 grams of dried leaves boiled with 3 cups water, simmer until the remaining 1 cups. Once cool, strain and drink water twice a day (1/2 glasses every time a drink).

11. Lighten up to Relieve a sore throat

Causes of a sore throat are divided into two General groups, namely the cause of infection, i.e. caused by viruses and bacteria, as well as non-infectious causes, is caused by allergies, irritants, or tumors. But the most common is an infection because of the virus. Exposed to a sore throat will surely give rise to feelings of pain and discomfort; feeling the heat in, swallowing, pain and occasional dizzy spells often accompany the presence of inflammation.
Don't worry, sambiloto leaves ready to help you cast out the inflammation. How to prepare 1 gram of leaves sambiloto already in the form of powder for brewed with hot water. Drink when it's cold. The consumption of 3 to 4 times a day if necessary.

12. Beautify Faces

For you womenfolk, sambiloto leaves can also be used to beautify the skin, try puree a few strands of sambiloto leaves. Then store the results of collisions sambiloto into the fabric and then placed on the skin that you want (especially face).

13. Anti Acne

Annoyed with acne often came without being invited? Try to take advantage of the benefits of the bitter to drive away your acne. Leaf sambiloto has antibacterial properties that may prevent the growth of bacteria causes acne. You can use the leaves as a cure beyond sambiloto nor the drug inside.
To use it as a drug out, you have to create the extract first. It's easy, simply prepare a few strands of leaf sambiloto then wash to clean. After that, the puree leaves to extract that can be formed directly you apply as a cure acne on your face. While for is used as a drug in, you could drink the decoction of leaves of sambiloto.

14. Black Flecks on the face

Alarmed by the rampant issue of harmful chemicals in the face cream? When do you need to disguise or even eliminate black spots on the face? Wear the traditional way only if so. In addition to cheap, free of side effects, it also makes you feel calm because you don't let hazardous chemicals seep into the skin of your face. Here's how? see how to make a potion to beautify the face on 12 points at the top of the black flecks, guaranteed not to taste linger in your face.

15. Addressing the Whiteness

The leaves can also be utilized for sambiloto health female sex organs, especially to cope with vaginal discharge. If you have problems during vaginal discharge, it might be worthwhile you try sambiloto leaves as the solution. How, boil in 3 cups of water, 30 grams of dried betel leaf sambiloto and simultaneously, Cook to boil and then let cool. Use the solution to clean your feminine area twice a day to maintain health and avoid excess vaginal discharge.

That's 15 the benefits and efficacy of sambiloto leaves for health and beauty that you can practice at home, But it would be better if consulted beforehand to the experts (doctors or herbal expert) before you consume or applying its benefits to maximize improved.

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