15 How to Naturally Lose Weight Quickly

There is some sense that losing weight was easy, but of course, there is the sense that losing weight was a very difficult thing. For those hard to lose the Agency sometimes feel useless doing it. But of course, giving up is not the way out. Many ways to lose weight naturally are easy, simple, without having to feel stressed and drained pockets. The key is to apply it consistently and with full commitment.

Weight loss is necessary so that we have an ideal weight of course. Keep in mind that the ideal body shape is not always the same as the ideal body weight. If the shape of the body is a subjective view, packed weight is objective. Do you consider if your body shape is not ideal? Wait a minute, maybe for your body shape of your body is not ideal, but for the size of the weight could be Your ideal.
Well, in order to have the ideal weight without having to go through a medical way as going to the doctor, taking pills, liposuction slimming, you can try how to lose weight naturally. There are 3 ways to lose weight naturally.

How to lose weight naturally with diet

How to lose weight is identical with the word diet. Yes, it's to lose weight we must through diet. But the diet here is not always a matter of extreme diets that do not eat at all just so quick weight drop. Diet with dietary changes drastically what else to eat, even at risk of health disorders affected anyway. Even though it has tried hard, unhealthy diet is also not making significant changes. Apply a healthy lifestyle for the sake of maintaining the stability of the ideal body weight for a long period of time.

1. Define the Target

Set realistic targets before the diet and diet as long as it lasts. Do not be too obsessive to lose weight quickly. 1 pounds a week is enough. Also set targets as small as, do not eat fried foods, do not eat fast food, and more.

2. Minded optimist

In addition to determining the target, surely You have to control your mind to deal with the Agency. Set your mind in a positive and optimistic that you will be thin. Don't imagine foods failure for progress.

3. Actively moving

You include people who are lazy motion. We recommend that you do not. With your lazy motion, certainly, no energy is removed from the body. For actively moving it's easy once you know.
E.g. by foot. Rather than everywhere using motor vehicles, start walking everywhere. Don't just sit quietly in front of the computer. Start doing things that seem trivial such as a car parked away from the intended places so should walk first, don't use the elevator or escalator.

4. Multiply the drinking of mineral water

Mineral water is important for the body. Mineral water helps the body's metabolism, improves the performance of the kidneys, detoxify the body, makes skin soft and bright look, and helps improve the performance of the brain.

In addition to the benefits of mineral water, can lose weight. Before meals drink one glass of mineral water, so the dining portion would be reduced.

5. Consumption of foods rich in fiber

Foods containing fiber are peas, avocado, banana, papaya, broccoli, cabbage, pears, cornmeal, and brown rice.

The benefits of fiber-rich foods include:
1. Assist the process of detoxification in the body
2. Help lose weight
3. Lowers high cholesterol
4. Clean the digestive tract
5. Protect the body from the disease of the colon
6. Avoid fatty deposits in blood vessels
7. Control blood sugar
8. Slow the absorption of glucose

6. Multiply the frequency of feeding, reduce portions to eat

Many people think that reducing the frequency of a heavy meal within a day will help reduce weight. In fact, this assumption is wrong. People with a large meal portion, though only once and even adds a new problem. Simply by reducing Your portions, such as eating 3 tablespoons rice and they make but still on the same frequency or more often. So stick with 3 meals a day but with small portions.

7. avoid eating more than 6 pm

Breakfast certainly need more servings as our energy intake for a full day, so did the lunch. The lunch portion should be less than breakfast. So did the dinner. Because the activity is over, you don't have to eat heavy meals again. Rice can be substituted with an Apple. Or if it is indeed about to eat dinner, do not instantly fall asleep after eating.

8. avoid high sugar content of snack with

Avoid consuming food with a high sugar content. Please read the nutritional tables that exist on each packing a snack will you eat or drink.
Consuming foods that contain sugar in excess have many risks such as diabetes, high cholesterol, want to eat sweet addiction, obesity, dental cavities and other diseases. Avoid fizzy drinks anyway because sparkling drinks contain sugars that are very high.

9. Drink lemon water in the morning

Lemon has many positive benefits for health. With drinking lemon water with a glass of warm water during your diet, can help lose weight faster.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C will work to absorb calcium in fat cells, so the weight down.
Natural and healthy diet is not too tight and agonizing, but still required a high commitment in order for weight loss may be down periodically and have long-term effects.

How to lose weight naturally with exercise

For those of you who are anti-sports words, don't hurry to surrender just yet. Not necessarily always doing sports. To lose weight many exercises that are not too draining.
Both men and women doing sports is one way that is proven as a way to naturally lose weight fast and practical.

10. Cardio

Cardio is one type of exercise involving almost all the members of the body such as running, cycling, swimming, and more. By doing cardio, muscles in our body of work ranging from the calf muscles, thigh muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles, arms, and shoulders.

11. Yoga

Yoga is a great exercise to focus on strength, flexibility, and breathing. Research in India proves yoga really help eliminate excess gas in the stomach, digestion and relieving launched so fat in the abdomen.

Train and harmonize body and mind so that more relaxed will spur the body secretes that could help the process of burning body fat effectively. Start practicing yoga for 10-20 minutes each day so that the body can do with a maximum metabolic system.

12. Crunches and push-ups

Other easy things you can do are sit-ups and push-ups. But of course, you have to do it on a regular basis to get maximum results. Do 10 sit-ups and push-ups 10 times. Raise the intensity of exercise every day. This will help You lose weight in a short time. Do sit-ups and push-ups in the morning, it can be useful to control appetite because it can cause the effect easy satiety.

How to lose weight naturally with traditional ways

If you do not have enough time to work out or too tired after work, you can try how to lose weight naturally using proven traditional herb potent drank.

There is no harm in trying out how to lose weight naturally and traditional. In addition to more safely and without side effects, certainly in the bag.

13. Green tea

How to lose weight naturally and traditionally the first routine is by drinking green tea. Green tea is known for its much improved. Since the first green tea is believed to be one of the ways to lose weight effectively.

1. for maximum benefit, drink green tea regularly before you eat.
2. make sure You also drink it without sugar
3. with the drink it before eating will automatically make your stomach feel fuller while eating, and of course, reduce the portion of your meal.

Green tea can improve the metabolism of the body, including fat metabolism, so that will help eliminate the fat on the body. In addition to that green tea is rich in beneficial antioxidants to prevent cancer and lowering LDL bad cholesterol levels in the body

14. Lemon Tea

Not only must use green tea, you can also use regular tea mixed with the juice of a lime. Here's how:
1. prepare a bag of tea or 3 teaspoons
2.1 piece of lime
3. A glass of hot water
4. mix the juice and tea Seduh lime into it.
5. Konsumsilah on a regular basis.

15. honey and Ginger

Honey is indeed known to have many benefits to prevent and treat some diseases. Honey also can be used as a way to lose weight naturally. Honey contains a substance that will burn the fat body indirectly i.e. fructose. While the ginger, naturally able to suppress your appetite, so you can reduce your intake of packed easily because it feels not too hungry.

How to make it quite easy:
1.3 tbsp honey
2.2 tbsp ginger juice
3. mix both in a glass and brew with hot water.
4. Drink 2 times a day.

It turns out you don't have to give up the trigger when trying to lose weight. There are indeed offering a way to lose weight instantly. But it would be better if you first try how to lose weight naturally to avoid unwanted things happen later. Maybe useful.

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