33 Singapore Cherry Leaves Benefits to health and the skin is Amazing

Leaves Singapore cherry is one type of the leaf has many benefits to the body. In leafy Singapore, cherry contains many natural materials to prevent a disease that grows wild in the region of Indonesia. Form leaves Singapore cherry oval and this long and have out at the edges and rough surface and are green on both sides. Some of the content in the leaves of this cherry including Singapore alkaloids, flavonoids such as flavan, biflavan, flavanone and flavone, vitamin C, calcium, polyunsaturated fats, carbohydrates, a source of tannins, antioxidants, protein, iron and still many more. With the abundance of deposits of nutrients in leaves, cherry leaves Singapore for the benefit of the body surely also abundant like this.

1. Kill bacteria

Efficacy of leaves Singapore cherry was able to kill the bacteria that causes the disease. The bacteria can cause disease microorganisms such as light or heavy. The content of tannins, flavonoids, and saponins in the leaves serves as a natural antiseptic to kill the bacteria so the good is consumed.

2. Treat Diabetes

Leaves Singapore cherry can also be used to treat diabetes because of the content of flavonoids and saponins by way of stimulating the body to insulin hormone secretion which can control blood sugar in preventing diabetes who relapse.

3. Helpful Diet Program

Actually, the meaning of the diet does not really reduce the amount of food that will be consumed but rather to consume different types of healthy foods like one of them leaves Singapore cherry. Consume the leaves Singapore cherry are good for keeping the stability of the weight so that it remains the ideal because it also contains high fiber.

4. Prevent Tumors and cancer

Leaves Singapore cherry can also be used to prevent the growth of tumors and cancer because the solutions also in the leaf contains tannins, saponins, and flavonoids also. To benefit from this Singapore cherry leaves can be done by consuming water decoction of leaves Singapore cherry on a regular basis.

5. Anti Cholesterol

Leaves Singapore cherry is also very good for preventing high cholesterol by way of boiling the one handheld leaf fresh cherry Singapore along with 3 cups of water and simmer until the remaining half alone and drink regularly as much as 3 times a day.

6. It contains Antiseptic

The antiseptic effect is also contained in the leaves Singapore cherry obtained from the content of flavonoids, saponins, and tannins that can kill bacteria such as s. Aureus, k. Rhizophil, c. Epidemidis, s. Diphtheria and also p. Vulgaris. With this, then the water decoction of leaves Singapore cherry can be used to prevent infection in open wounds while reducing the pain inflicted from the wound.

7. Cure Inflammation

Consume the tea made from the leaves of cherry's very powerful Singapore to address the inflammation that occurs on the outside as well as in the body because the leaves contain vitamin C which is quite high. Benefits of vitamin C will protect the body from inflammation such as heat in or thrush while simultaneously heal wounds moist or dry.

8. Prevent Stroke

Water decoction of leaves Singapore cherry can also be used to prevent and overcome stroke because it contains substances that can stimulate the peroxisome proliferator hormone or PPAR in the tissues of the body. This is useful for regulating PPAR gene on glucose and fat metabolism process so that the risk of stroke can be minimized.

9. Eliminate Wearily After Sports

For those of you who love to work out, leaves Singapore cherry can also be consumed to overcome the fatigue and reduces the muscle pain in men and women after heavy activity such as exercise. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits in these leaves will reduce the damage to the muscles so that the flavor of the weary can quickly be eliminated in quick time.

10. Address the Rheumatism

Uses the last of the leaves Singapore cherry is to address diseases of inflammation or inflammation such as osteoarthritis or arthritis that makes the sufferer feel rigid at the joints. To get the benefits from the leaves Singapore cherry, you can drink this herbal decoction of water twice a day for 3 weeks on a regular basis.

11. the Shrink Waistline

In addition to exercising to relieve accumulation of fat on the abdomen, leaves Singapore cherry can also be consumed by a regular basis because it's already proven to be able to burn fat faster especially around the stomach.

12. Help Sleep Soundly

For those of you who have sleep disturbances or insomnia can also consume these leaves because it could give the tranquility and relax so it can sleep more soundly while lowering levels of stress that is causing insomnia.

13. Maintain heart health

Consume the tea made from the leaves of the Singapore cherry potent also prevent various diseases of the heart. The content of the nutrients present in the leaves is used to prevent blockages in the heart's blood vessels so the heart attacks and coronary heart disease could be avoided.

14. Cure the Flu Coughs

A cough and flu remedies are also contained in this leaf so that it can be consumed on a regular basis especially in the healing process. In this leaf can be used to kill bacteria and germs that get into the body so that the virus causes a cough and flu can be removed.

15. Overcome Hypertension

Some of the causes of hypertension are stress too much and too bad eating patterns. Consume water decoction of leaves Singapore cherry could unleash a flow of blood so that high blood pressure or hypertension also can be prevented.

16. To prevent Gout

Gout which often occurs in the elderly turned out can also occur in teens can cause pain in the joints. Consume the leaves of cherry or stew leave Singapore Singapore cherry regularly can reduce and even eliminate the pain caused from gout. However, if the pain was gone, then immediately stop consuming the leaves of this herb.

17. the Launch of blood flow

Other benefits that can be obtained by consuming this leaf is able to unleash a flow of blood so that it can prevent many diseases that are caused by a blockage of blood flow.

18. Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol that is present in the blood can cause a wide range of dangerous diseases such as stroke and heart as well. To that end, keeping cholesterol levels in the body to do that one of these can be found in leafy Singapore cherry.

19. Prevent Scabies

Scabies can occur when the body is deficient in vitamin C with symptoms such as connective tissue, bone collagen, and blood vessels are weakened. The content of vitamin C in leafy Singapore cherry can be used to cure scabies naturally.

20. Overcome Poisoning

Lead poisoning is a chronic health problem often occur in children in urban areas so that cause abnormal growth, low IQ, obstacles in learning, behavior problems and damaging the health of the kidneys. Consume these leaves into one way of removing the toxins in the body are consumed safely, kids.

21. To prevent Cataracts

A cataract is one of the eye diseases become a matter of General visual occurs in humans particularly the elderly but may occur also on the older child. One easy way to prevent cataracts this can be done by consuming leaves Singapore cherry high in antioxidants namely vitamins C.

22. Improve Mood

One of the important vitamins to improve your mood is vitamin C so that neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine could have produced more, one of which is found in the leaves Singapore cherry that will affect the mood and it is very important to keep your brain function.

23. Enhance Immunity

Enhance the immune system is the next benefit of leaves Singapore cherry can stimulate the production of white blood cells in the body so that the various viruses and germs of the disease can be prevented by good.

24. protecting cardiac muscle

Leafy Singapore, cherry contains calcium which is essential to protect the heart muscle to contract and relax properly. In addition, these leaves also help the nervous system to maintain pressure on the arteries.

25. Reduce premenstrual syndrome

The content in the leaves Singapore cherry in particular calcium may reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndromes, such as headaches, mood changes, hypertension and so on.

26. To prevent kidney stones

A kidney stone is calcium deposits that had crystallized in the urinary tract and form kidney stones often happens is the stone of oxalate. Consume the leaves Singapore cherry as diet can lower the risk of kidney stones and prevent symptom caused.

27. Set the Alkaline pH levels

Various junk food, excess sugar, and food preserves will increase the acidity in the body and eventually lead to some diseases such as hypertension, cancer, and kidney stones also. Leaves Singapore cherry can be consumed as it is both in keeping a healthy pH level so that the quality of overall health.

28. Maintaining dental health

The benefits of calcium present in leaves Singapore cherry is excellent for maintaining the strength of the jaw, keeping strength teeth, whiten teeth and prevent problems in the gums and teeth so strongly recommended consumed since a young age.

29. Maintain fluid balance

Maintain fluid balance in the body the task of proteins so that the more water that is tied into the protein, then the higher the amount of protein in the cell and eventually the water balance can be maintained properly. Consume the leaves Singapore cherry will prevent an imbalance of fluids thus preventing edema i.e. blood clotting under layers of skin while essential in healthy muscles and nerves.

30. Energy sources

Leaves Singapore cherry can also be described as an energy source because the leaves contain protein. I need to know if the human body does not store enzymes, proteins and also extra protein muscle to produce amino acids so that consume these leaves to be very important because it is also a source of essential minerals in particular protein.

31. Healthcare for Hair

In addition, can be used to cure various kinds of diseases, Singapore cherry leaves can also be used to treat hair health as a means of modulating the growth on the hair. You can use water decoction of Singapore cherry as a conditioner after shampooing can be done 2 times a week.

32. Maintain hormonal balance

An enzyme is a protein catalyst which is important for all biochemical processes as well as the reaction of the body. Enzymes in the leaves of Singapore cherry will speed up chemical processes so as to balance several kinds of hormones like growth hormone, glucagon and insulin can be upgraded and maintained properly.

33. Taking care of the skin

Protein content in leaf Singapore cherry also plays an important role in the solution of skin beauty. This will increase the strength of the leaf tissues and organs such as the skin so that the process of revitalization can be enhanced to prevent danger from UV rays, preventing wrinkles and help the skin look more youthful.

Benefits of Singapore leave cherry not only can be used to cure the disease but also keeping comprehensive health, taking care of the hair and also improve skin beauty is naturally that can be consumed either adults or older children.

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