How to care for the Face with Natural Materials so Pretty and Smooth

Caring for the face with natural materials so pretty and smooth in the extra needs to be done by choosing quality ingredients and is not dangerous.
Especially if Your skin type is sensitive skin, then you need to be more careful in choosing a wide variety of cosmetic products. Ranging from moisturizers, anti-aging cream, serum, exfoliator, and facial cleanser (facial foam).
Different facial skin with the skin of our body more rugged and more powerful. Instead, the facial skin is more gentle and sensitive.
Therefore, when washing your face, you have to treat it like a silk fabric is soft and vulnerable. Face rubs using the clean hands gently with a circular motion, avoid rubbing it roughly and avoid also using facial cleansers such as soaps face which contains harsh or deodorizer.
Give too much pressure or rubbing too rough can lead to damaged facial skin capillaries, causing the skin stretched, and can cause a reddish colored skin. Slow-time, facial skin will be prone to subtle signs of aging such as wrinkles, dryness, and saggy.

Caring for the face with natural materials so pretty and smooth

If you want to look beautiful with white skin, smooth, clean, and healthy, you must give maximum face care. It doesn't have to always be expensive with the cost of care, you can also do it by using natural ingredients are cheap and easy to find around the House.

Perform cleansing to the maximum for the first step to keep the facial skin stay healthy

No matter whatever the cosmetic products you used to face, as soon as it is finished, you must clean it thoroughly to the deepest pores. To open the pores, begin to wash the face with warm water, and avoid using water that is too hot because it can cause the skin to become dry and blotchy.

Natural cleaners that you can rely on one of them is cold milk that can be applied using a cotton ball. Natural cleaning is preferably applied 2-3 times a day to avoid so that the skin is not dry, especially if you often work in the air-conditioned room.

Utilizing the scrub to peel off dead skin cells causes dull skin and acne

Dead skin cells that are not elevated to perfection through a process of washing the face, can cause a range of skin problems, ranging from acne, oily skin face, the face looks dull, to cause acne.

Once a month or twice a month, use the scrub to help lift the dead skin cells to be replaced by fresh new cells. This will make the skin become smoother, more white, shining, fresh look, and youthful.
In particular, lifting the dead skin cells could help whiten the face because the skin cells that are easy and just tend to make the face look brighter and brighter. If you want to know the method of face whitening naturally, you can see my other article on how to whiten the face Naturally and quickly.
Avoid doing the scrubbing every day because it can cause abrasion and cause the skin to turn into dry. Please use a mild exfoliator from your favorite cosmetic products. Or you can choose some natural exfoliator such as:
  1. Yogurt containing lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acids. The content usually found in skin care products. It just contained in yogurt tend to be lighter and more subtle. If you use yogurt, after rubbing it in soft and smooth, let stand about 20 minutes and then cleaned and rinsed.
  2. Sugar can also be utilized as a natural exfoliator because it contains glycolic acid and Alpha Hydroxy which is very useful for improving the ability of the skin into producing new cells. So, the skin will be softer and smoother. How to use them, provide a half cup of granulated sugar, then add olive oil or Grapeseed Oil to taste. Then stir until the mixture forms a paste. After that, apply on face skin while massages with a circular motion. Let stand for approximately 10 minutes before the cleaned and washed using warm water.
  3. Papaya is the choice of a natural exfoliator for the skin of the face other very powerful to peel off dead skin cells, overcoming the subtle wrinkles-wrinkles, as well as the obscure black spots and scars. The most potent papain content found on papaya. Try choosing green papaya. Then mash the fruit unpeeled until after felt smooth and soft, and then apply it on the entire face. After that, let stand for 15 minutes before rinsed and washed with warm water.
  4. Ripe banana can also serve as a facial scrub. How,
  • take one ripe banana then mashed until smooth. Take approximately two tablespoons of mashed apples also
  • then take about 2 tbsp 
  • Mix the ingredients and add 1 tsp of honey 
  • rub-rub in gentle natural Scrubs you created above to the entire surface of the face for a little over 2 hours with a circular movement. After that wash with warm water and pat dry using a soft towel

Apply to tone for skin tightening

How to care for naturally healthy so that your face and gorgeous next is by making use of toning. If the skin of your face feels saggy and large porous, you could try using a mild toner that suits your skin type and free from harmful chemicals. Avoid using harsh toner because it can interfere with the PH balance of the skin of the face.

Toner is very beneficial to clean up the grime with a perfect after the process of washing the face. Toner is very beneficial for skin tightening at once moisturize it so that the face will not erase wrinkles, pore size, and will the porch the skin will feel tighter.

Give your face the nutrients from the outside by applying natural face skin pack

  1. The benefits of a banana skin for beauty
    • Skin pack one is a banana skin has a number of benefits for skin health, ranging from the fight against premature signs of aging such as wrinkles, protects the skin from sunlight, brighten skin, eyes, and the pouches eliminate the beneficial to cope with the oily skin 
    • how to use it: 
    • Take a few pieces of banana skin that's been cleaned up. Then rub-rub the inside of the banana skin to the whole section a little brownish-colored face up to 
    • allow it to dry out so that your skin absorbs vitamins and nutrients had on the banana peels 
    • let stand for approximately 30 minutes, then wash with warm water use 
    • you can also apply it at night before bed. Then leave to-Morrow morning, then rinse 
    • There can apply it three times a day to get the best results

  2. Benefits of baking soda for the face
  • Baking Soda is another natural material that can be used to address acne, disguise blemishes, and whiten the skin. To make the baking soda mask, the steps are as follows:
  • Provide the two TSP of baking soda 
  • Combine with 1 tbsp honey, mix well and then Apply the mixture 
  • across the face after cleaned let sit for 10 minutes or until the mask dries. Afterward, rinse with plain water using

Apply moisturizer to avoid so as not to dry and scaly skin

If you want to use natural ingredients, You can make use of almond oil or olive oil (extra/virgin) which could be useful as a moisturizer. Apply with how to give a massage-a massage gently into the skin all over your face and let stand until the skin absorbs the oil.

Drinking water in sufficient amounts

For healthy skin, we are obliged to consume white water between 1.5-2 liters per day. Its usefulness is to keep the skin moist, toned, and chewy.

Protect your skin from sun exposure

Sunlight contains ultraviolet light. Sun exposure is most harmful to take place between 10.00-15.00. At that time, you should protect your skin by using a sunscreen containing SPF 30 or more. Apply at least 20 minutes before exiting the room.

That's some way to take care of the face with natural materials to make it look pretty and smooth you can try yourself at home. Some of the materials used such as baking soda should take advantage wisely. For owners of sensitive skin, you should first perform a test before applying it extensively in the skin of the face. For example, by applying them in hidden parts as in the skin behind the ear. If there is no reaction whatsoever, chances are your skin can be handling.
In addition to doing facial treatments use natural ingredients to make it looks pretty and charming increasingly the same you need to change the appearance of the with way, change the haircut or hairstyle, wearing her clothes, trendy and beautiful the present, or using a variety of jewelry (accessories) which can enhance your beauty, so you will look the more perfect.

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