How to Fatten Your Body in 1 Week Naturally and Without Medication

If to obtain the ideal weight is usually a quick diet is no way, of course, there is also the way the Agency fattening in 1 week. Get a proportionate body shape is the desire of everyone, for those who are overweight will usually go on a diet, and vice versa. Raise the weight is not hard if you know the things to be done to achieve it and also what causes your weight hard up, that might look for a solution.
In this day and age, people usually want to be fast and short to get something, including to get the ideal body weight. If you want to fatten the body briefly within 1 week, you should do it naturally without using body fat. Natural ways are generally not at risk of side effects, both short and long-term. Below we will discuss various ways to fatten the body in one week that can be done and various causes why weight is difficult to rise.

How to Fattening the Agency in one week naturally

Everyone certainly wants to have an ideal body weight, one of them due to health factors and the factors of appearance. Either both men and women that his weight under ideal, too thin, it doesn't hurt to try a fattening Agency. Here we provide a few options that can be done to increase the weight in a relatively short period of time.

1. Expand Eat

Of course the first way is to multiply packed, however, it should be noted not to carelessly packed. Foods that can be consumed is healthy food, junk food is strongly discouraged. You want a ride, not a weight increase of fat and cholesterol in the body. Expand the consumption of carbohydrates and proteins, as well as foods that contain high calorie, but of course, that is healthy, such as peanuts, peanut butter, milk, cheese, eggs, the fruit of the avocado, banana, mango, dried fruits, meats, etc. If you are the type of person who lazy to eat, then need to add your appetite prior to eating more heartily and regularly without feels weighed down.

2. Drink water White

Water is the main component in our bodies, on average achieve 65% body weight in adults. It takes a lot of water for the body to function optimally, therefore less drinking plain water would certainly be detrimental to health. Smooth body metabolism will cause your weight to move towards the ideal weight, including the weight, would increase if it were underweight. Try to reproduce the drinking plain water, at least 8 glasses a day regularly. In addition, will increase the weight of the body due to smooth metabolism, will also increase the mass of the body directly (water will be distributed throughout the body, healthy muscle tissue contains water of up to 75%).

3. Set the sleep time

How to fattening the Agency in the next week is to set your sleep time every day. Too often stayed up late or sleep too late in the evening it turns out could also hamper weight gain. If instead of doing things that are really important, avoid sleep too late, or it could also do such activities the next day. the next day Try to set the daily schedule better so there is time to bed early. If you have sleep disorders, cannot be fast asleep or even lead to insomnia, should be immediately corrected because it is so drained of energy

4. Eat Regularly

You are encouraged to reproduce a portion of the fed to raise the weight quickly but may not do it on random, should be done regularly, not in one time two meals. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon, and evening not to be missed. You can eat up to 4 times in a day because this is indeed a program to raise the weight, although under normal circumstances is indeed less advisable.

5. Chew Food until smooth

In addition to a regular eating schedule, there are other things else to note about food, namely chewing food until smooth. Maybe this activity is very boring and seems trivial, but it's actually quite important. Doing this will help speed up the process of adding your weight. This is because the food is chewed subtly can be more easily digested by the stomach and absorbed its nutrition value immediately, especially if you are taking any type of food that is hard and fibrous like meat for example.

6. The pattern of healthy living

The last step should be done is to change the pattern of your life into more healthy life patterns. Try to do this during the introspection pattern your life healthy or is already quite the mess. If serious about fattening body, then try to stop any kind of activity of Your bad habits such as smoking or consuming alcohol. Then the balance by exercising on a regular basis so that the health of your body can also be maintained properly.
However, you need to note that various ways fattening in 1 week the Agency will only be successful if you do it seriously and regularly. If done with not serious, then the possibility of a short fat one program that you run will not maximum or even fail. And the most important is you can change the pattern of life become more healthy.

Causes of Body Lean and hard Fat

Not everyone can get an ideal body weight in a short time, especially in adding weight. There are several factors that may cause the skinny body during this less note so that it is as if being fat is difficult and impossible. You need to know some factors cause hard fat here so that when you start doing the various ways the Agency fattening in 1 week at the top, you can get the maximum results.
The first cause factor who typically make it hard fat is heredity. Usually if in a family there is no line of fat, then you most likely will also be hard fat. If it does have family that is generally thin-bodied, you still can try to raise the weight, but certainly with more effort, because it is not supported by hereditary factors.
In addition to hereditary factors, there is also the possibility of nutritional intake you lack needed by the body that can make your body becomes thin and difficult to be obese. It should be understood that the lack of nutritional intake here different than eating less because it could have been a lot of its content but its nutrition value a bit. The habit of spending recklessly into the street may be one example here, maybe you can get full of food, but usually, its nutrition value was minimal.
The next cause is lack of exercise. Maybe you're too busy so didn't get to work out or maybe just because of lazy. A great many of the benefits of sport for health, including the launch of metabolism and digestion so food can be absorbed nutrients from the body. There is no point a lot of eating nutritious meals high maximum but not absorbed by the body.
Lack of sleep and lack of drinking water can be one of the causes of hard fat. Error patterns of life are included in the set sleep time and the amount of consumption of water should you really notice in order to obtain the ideal body. In addition, the habit like consuming alcohol is also a major cause of potentially difficult fat, except for people who are already overweight. And another factor that lets you be a hard fat is excess stress mind condition so sometimes you will lose your appetite.
Well, after learning some hard fat, cause if you experience one or more of the factors cause? If Yes, we recommend that you avoid it and change the pattern of life become more healthy. Good luck with a variety of tips and how to fattening the agency within 1 week of the above, good luck.

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