The dinner menu for a proven Diet lose weight

There are countless ways to lose weight during a diet, running the gamut from reducing your intake with one of the unhealthy eating patterns. Because when night comes, the body is not perfect so that the activities of various carbohydrate content and other materials that come from the food could not be processed to the maximum by the body.
of carbohydrates to arrange dinner for diet. As we know, that eating at night is associated

The dinner menu for a safe Diet Consumed

Not a few are also dieters who finally decide not to eat at the day by lowering their weight. But let the stomach in an empty at night can lead to hard to sleep because the body sends a signal in the brain that the body nerves requires something to digest. Difficulty sleeping or insomnia will make unhealthy body condition and culminate not the proper functioning of body systems to its full potential.
Therefore, on this occasion will be reviewed on several menu options you can though consumption is undergoing a diet program though. The following menus are guaranteed will not make You gain weight but only just meet the needs of the body's digestive system each day. The dinner menu for a diet that will be reviewed on this occasion was divided into two i.e. the menu of food and drinks of course low in fat.

The type of Menu Foods low in fat to the Diet

For those types of dinner menu for those of you who are living the following diet already proven to be safe for consumption. So, you no need to worry if they want to have dinner or just snacking despite undergoing a diet program. Among them are the following:

• Almonds

Talk about diet, certainly, the type of food as this one seems to be one of the ingredients of good food to be consumed. Because a research in 2009, found a unique fact related almonds as food which is rich in nutrients.
The research results reveal that one of making almonds as a complementary food for diet tend to have an ideal body weight and more slender when compared with women who like this type of eating beans. It is because, in 1 ounce of almonds, there are deposits of 167 calories, 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.
This is what will make you feel full faster after consuming almonds. With the appetite is awake, then diet program you do can walk with more perfect. At night, you can make the almonds as snacks combined with vegetables or fruits.

• Apples

Dinner menu for the type of diet the second is Apple. Actually not just for nighttime consumption only, in the morning you can eat apples to support diet program. This is because there is a fairly high content of fiber in apples which its functions to lower levels of cholesterol and fats, digestive system, and can provide a sense of satiety for longer.
As the dinner menu for running a diet program, you can consume 1 to 2 apples before bed. With the stomach feels full, then you can sleep soundly.

• Plum tomatoes

In addition to apples, tomatoes can also be one of the alternatives that will greatly assist you in running a diet program. Efficacy of tomatoes is giving a sense of fullness longer and can maintain your ideal weight.
For those of you who want to make the tomatoes as the dinner menu for diets, enough tomato consumption directly or by the Foundation of the juice. For your information, a cup of tomato contains 43 calories which are certainly higher when compared with almonds. That way, your stomach will feel full more quickly so that nobody will be interested in other unhealthy foods to consume at night. (read also: all kinds of the healthy menu for your daily diet)

• Salmon

Dinner menu for the next diet is salmon. According to research, the flesh of the salmon has the ability to lose weight up to 10 ounces every time consumption. But keep in mind that when making salmon Your dinner menu during the diet, just offer it by way of steaming or boiling it. Fry the salmon meat is not good for a diet containing fat frying oil due to the evil which is certainly to be avoided during the running of a diet.

Types of Protein-rich drinks Menu to Diet

In addition to the food menu, you also need to know some type of protein-rich drinks can be consumed in the evening during the diet session. As for some sort of menu of drinks can you consume is as follows:

• Milk

You surely know that milk became one of the drinks that are good for the body because it is rich in protein. In addition, milk also contains tryptophan that falls into the category of essential amino acids with the function doing the protein synthesis in the body.
Tryptophan contained in milk has a very low-fat content so that it will not interfere with Your diet program. In addition, when consuming milk, the body would be more soundly when resting. To this end, at night, the try taking warm milk before going to bed.

• Green tea

Talk about a suitable drink consumed during the running program of diet, green tea may be the solution or the most appropriate alternative. This is because green tea is an herbal drink that has many great benefits for the body, ranging from reduced fat content to help the digestive process.
In green tea, there are deposits of polyphenols that can also protect the body from free radicals. In addition, polyphenols also will help reduce about 25 to 30 calories the body. For those of you who want to consume green tea as the best drink for dieting, enough brew green tea with 150 ml of warm water and drink before going to bed.

• Juice of Lemon

Anyone who doubts the efficacy of water juice of a lemon to diet? Water the juice of the lime itself is very widely used by those who want to burn fat in the body during running diet program. This is because in the lime contained vitamin C with the function as an antidote to the poison and can destroy the vapor of the fat that accumulates in the body.
How to consume it is quite easy. You just need to take about 1 – 2 pieces lemons then squeeze out the water in a glass. Next, add the warm water and stir until evenly distributed. To get rid of sour lemon, you can blend the lemon into it.
That's some kind of dinner menu for a diet that you can consume. But keep in mind, to get the maximum balance, diet program with exercise. In doing so, then the fat burning process will run more optimally. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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