Tips and how to Utilize the potatoes for an effective Diet

Potato diet indeed to become one of the ways to lose weight that are proven effective. Potato plants of South American origin and then spread in Europe through Spain explorers in the 16th century. Since then, the potato became one of the largest food crop in the world's number four after corn, wheat, and rice.
Actually not only lately just potato food by those who are running the program on a diet. This is because in the place of origin of South America, formerly the potato is utilized to help percernaan and cleansing detox system that exists in the body. Even so, most of you will probably remain curious and asked, "is it true potatoes can help diet program? When the potatoes have a high carbohydrate ". To find the answer, we suggest that you check out the following reviews.

Potato nutrition to the Diet you should know

In the consumption of potatoes, one of the most common ways is with merebusnya. This is because potatoes have the texture of the meat hard enough so that even if you want in, the potatoes should be boiled first. But in the diet program, will be highly recommended boiled potatoes because fries has a fat content of evil that comes from the oil pan.
As for the content of nutrients, on potatoes with a weight of 300 g boiled with their skins, contains 261 calories, 3 grams fat, 5.4 5.6 grams fiber, and protein. When You Peel the potatoes before merebusnya, then the protein would be reduced to 0.5 grams of protein but the amount of calories, fiber, and fat on the potato remain. In other words, boil the potatoes with the Peel directly would be better than mengupasnya in advance.
On the way to the diet of potatoes to cook boiled with their skins will help the body to form blood cells as well as the change of fat and carbohydrates in the body into energy. It is certainly very necessary in the process of the formation of new muscle proteins from boiled potatoes.
For instance, in one potato can fullfill the needs of vitamins C and B6 as much as 50% as well as niacin and thiamin content of 30% required by the body in daily activities. When you peel the potatoes, then not only the protein that is missing but also half the levels of vitamin C in the potatoes.

The benefits of the potato Diet Program to support

After knowing the content of nutrients in potatoes, other things must also understand is the benefits of potatoes to diet. As we know, Potato tubers is a plant so that there is a mineral content that is also quite high in it. These minerals will help optimize your muscle function. This will be felt when you perform various types of exercise to build muscle and burn fat. As for the other benefits you can get from the potato to the diet food menu are as follows:

• Helps Hold the hunger

As we know that the potato was the types of foods that contain carbs quite high. The carb content will help reduce the appearance of hunger when the activity. It is also influenced by the content of calories and fiber in it. That way, then you can get full for longer.
Then what about rice? When the rice is also rich in carbohydrates. It is true that rice has a very high content of carbohydrates. Only, the other nutrients found in rice is not more fully than potatoes. In addition, rice also contains too much sugar and if not can be absorbed well by the body, not just the sugar can make the accumulation of fat but also trigger dangerous diseases such as diabetes, obesity, etc.

• Helps Burn body fat

Benefits of potatoes next to diet helps fat burning processes in the body. This is because the content of nutrients that are very much of the potatoes will absorb the remnants of that fat perverse. Not only that, the consumption of potatoes regularly can also help launch the digestive process so that you can pull out the dirt in the form of stool.

• providing energy reserves

Other benefits that can be obtained from potatoes is to provide sufficient energy reserves to perform daily activities. This is because there is vitamin B6 and vitamin C to help maintain body condition in order to remain fresh and fit.

How to do the Diet Program with boiled potatoes

For those of you who are curious with potatoes to your diet, here's how you can do in helping the diet program. But it should be understood that a diet with consumption of potatoes will not mean when not accompanied by the sport. As for the trick is:
  • Prepare potatoes weighing 1.5 pounds. Clean with water until all the dirt that clings to the potato was missing.
  • Boil all potato without having to peel his skin first.
  • When the potatoes are already cooked, drain and put in a particular container. For information, how to find out the boiled potatoes have been cooked or not is to prick the potatoes using a fork, knife, or other devices. If the meat is tender, means the potatoes have been cooked.
  • Once the potatoes cool, cut the potatoes into small according to taste. For example, medium-size, you can cut it into 4 parts. As for the large sized potatoes, make 6 portions.

You can also add other spices so that the flavor of the potato growing. For example, add butter, shallots, garlic, etc. In addition, you can also manipulate the back boiled potatoes into cakes or food any patisseries when consumed. But keep in mind, do not mix too much unhealthy food ingredients on processed boiled potatoes.
As for the potatoes to your diet can be consumed per day. You can divide the potatoes in three parts for example for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In order to obtain maximum results, the consumption of boiled potato menu for 15 consecutive days. In addition, the balance by doing sports. For calorie levels on potatoes, at least boiled potatoes can fullfill about 1,200 calories daily.

Optimize the Diet Program with exercise

As described above, even though you are eating potatoes to your diet, if not accompanied by sport, then Your diet program will not run with the maximum. For that, try to spend some time each day doing sports though briefly. If you can work out routine, in just over 1 month only weight you can drop drastically.
This is because the potatoes to a nutritious diet only helps the fat burning process from the inside only. While the sports activities in addition to burning fat also form muscle mass so that you'll be much healthier. As for the types of olahragayang you can do in the diet program is lifting weights, running, gymnastics, push ups, sit ups, cycling, etc. So a little bit of reviews about the potatoes to your diet as well as a wide range of benefits that can be provided. May be useful.

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