Various Benefits of Srikaya Leaf for Body Health

The benefits of leaf srikaya for healthy body is nothing to doubt. Although there are still many who do not know anything about the benefits provided by the leaves of srikaya,a lot of research that says that the compounds in the leaves of srikaya similar to soursop leaves. Although soursop leaves contain nutrients that are far more complete than with leaf srikaya.
Sugar-Apple itself is a plant that lives in tropical areas. In Indonesia, the plants can grow sugar-Apple with fertile and easily found either in front or in the backyard of the House. Sugar-Apple plants can usually grow about 3 to 5 meters. As for the most famous part of the plant is its fruit srikaya that do have a distinctive flavor. In addition, it turns out the leaf srikaya also have content that is very good for health. Curious with the benefits of leaf srikaya? Check out the following reviews.
This was the srikaya Leaves numerous benefits for the health of the body
As natural herbs, of course, the benefits of leaf srikaya are one of the ingredients that are used for herbal medicine. As we know, herbal medicine as a type of treatment that is widely used by most people. Because, using the ingredients of herbs or natural ingredients, no need to fear society against various chemicals that are hazardous to health. As for the benefits of leaf srikaya which are:
• Treat boils or Ulcers
One of the most notable benefits provided by leaf srikaya is as a natural remedy to overcome skin disorders such as ulcers or ulcers. This is because there are a high nutrient content and nutrients on leaf srikaya that will help eliminate germs and relieve infections on the surface of the skin.
So if you experience sores or ulcers that form the infection suffered from ulcers, can use the leaf srikaya in a way put on wounds. Keep in mind, before the compresses unused leaves of srikaya on the wound, wash clean the leaves with water. After that, mashed or squeeze the leaves to dark green and pulled out a little water. Then stick on skin wounds and close using a cloth or gauze. Leave it on for several hours until the leaves dry out.
• Treat Scurvy
Still associated with skin diseases, the benefits of leaf srikaya the next one is to treat scabies. As we know, scabies is a kind of disease that is very unsettling because the sufferer will feel the itch. In addition, when scurvy that is not corrected immediately displays the scars on the skin. How to use sugar-Apple leaves to treat scabies is you just need to pound a few leaves srikaya and then paste it on scabies.
 • Treating intestinal worms
For parents who worry against the risk of intestinal worms that can attack a child, you can also use the leaves of srikaya as a natural remedy to address the problem of intestinal worms. As we know, vulnerable children stricken with intestinal worms because they like to play on the ground or other dirty places. The germs or virus usually goes in the body of the son unwittingly.
Although it's been a lot of drug intestinal worms that can be purchased in pharmacies, there is no harm in utilizing leaf srikaya to overcome these problems. You just need to set up 15 sheets leaves srikaya and 5 cups of water. After it leaves, boiled srikaya and leave to boil. After remaining about 3 glasses of water, let cool until warm. A decoction of leaves of srikaya will make the risk of developing worms in children can be reduced.
If your child does not like the taste of water decoction of leaves of srikaya, you can add a little sugar or honey to it. In order to obtain optimal results, minimal leaves boiled srikaya during the morning and evening for 1 week so that the worms in the body of the child can be cured.
• Overcome digestive problems
The benefits of leaf srikaya next overcome digestive disorders, for both children and adults. Example of indigestion is flatulence, constipation, and diarrhea. As for how to utilize leaf srikaya in order to overcome digestive problems varies depending on the disease suffered.
For example bloated stomach problem, you just need to accumulate about 5 papaya leaves mixed with a little coconut oil. After that, apply on the abdomen. As for the problem of constipation and diarrhea, you can use a decoction of leaves of srikaya to resolve it.
• Lower the fever and treat coughs
As herbal medicines that have many benefits, leaves of srikaya can help lower a fever as well as being a natural remedy cough cure. This is because in the leaves of srikaya there are compounds that are antipyretic. Its function is to neutralize any kind of viruses namely in the body. In addition, the content of nutrients in leaves of srikaya also able to optimize the immune system so that it is stronger in the fight against bacteria and viruses which go into the body via food or dirty spots.
• As a natural Sedative
Although it has yet to be tested medically, however, the benefits of leaf srikaya are also used as a natural remedy for overcoming depression. This is because usually when someone fainted, then experiencing leaf srikaya is used to resolve the issue. The trick, take 2 or 3 pieces of leaf srikaya. After that, squeeze to dispense a little bit of water. Put the srikaya leaves on the nose people who faint.
• Reduce the risk of Gout Disease
The benefits of leaf srikaya next are as a natural remedy to reduce the risk of gout. This is because there is an anti-inflammatorycompound in the leaves of srikaya. These compounds will slowly tackle the emergence of pain in people with gout.
To get these benefits, you can boil about 15 leaves of srikaya with 1,000 ml of water. After shrinking water, drinking the decoction of leaves of srikaya as much as twice a day. If you drink it regularly, then slowly the risk of emergence of the pain of uric acid or other impact given by these diseases can be reduced.
How to cultivate the leaves of sugar-Apple as Herbal Medicine
As described above, the most common way of processing the leaves of srikaya as a herbal remedy is with boiled or ground. But there are other ways that you can do in the consumption and sugar-Apple as an herbal medicine for the sake of the health of the body. The trick is drained.
Despite having undergone the process of drying, compounds,and nutrients in leaves of srikaya not much diminished. It's just that water content in them is reduced. After that, take about 15 leaves of sugar-Apple fruit is dried and then boil itwith 400 ml of water. The way this one can reduce the bitter taste of srikaya on the leaves. As we know, the leaves of srikaya contain the SAP which pretty much so when boiled drained without directly first, bitter taste will still be there.
So a few reviews about the benefits of leaf srikaya. Besides the actual portion of the leaves, the other part on the srikaya like woody stems, flowers, roots, and fruit also has a variety of benefits that are very effective in treating the disease in the body. Hopefully helpful

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