Yellow Watermelon and its benefits for health

Yellow watermelon fruit has lots of benefits and benefits for health. Have a taste that is not much different from a variant of red, yellow watermelon rich in beauty as well as health benefits.
The following will be discussed about the various benefits of yellow watermelon with prescription processing into food or drinks that are healthy and nutritious. Prepare your notes and happy reading!

A wide range of benefits and the benefits of Watermelon Yellow

Yellow watermelon Citrullus lanatus scientific name (tunb.). The skin of the fruit has a green color that is lighter than the fruit watermelon red. Have white colored seeds that can be eaten, so as not to interfere with Your enjoyment in consuming fruit watermelon. There is also a type of yellow watermelon has seeds are black that beautify the look of yellow watermelon fruit when in 1937.

About 90% of the content of yellow watermelon is water, the rest there are vitamin A and vitamin C as well as the high content of beta-carotene. When compared with the watermelon red, based on the results of the research only the content of lycopene pigment red color i.e. not owned by watermelon fruit yellow. Lycopene is also the pigment coloring substances of tomato, orange or apricot, and other fruits red and orange.

The following detail explanation yellow watermelon benefits to the human body. Happy reading!

1. Heart Health

Yellow watermelons are very beneficial for heart health. The content of antioxidants is not inferior to watermelon red. Help maintain heart health as well as Flex blood vessels. Prevent from the occurrence of tension or high blood pressure.

If you are currently experiencing some of the symptoms of high tension, among others, heavy head and dizziness on the neck of the back, eyes reddened and the pounding chest tightly. Konsumsilah yellow watermelons as first aid for lowering tension.

A research on the published consumption of yellow watermelon for 7 days consecutive takes part turned out to be able to lower blood pressure by up to as much as approximately 2.66 mmHg systolic (upper limit tension blood) and lose approximately 2 mmHg to diastole (limit bottom tension blood)
Moisture content and antioxidants are also able to relax the blood vessels that are experiencing due to the hardening of atherosclerosis. A thickened and harden its condition of the blood vessels due to the age of the growing twilight and occurs when there is a buildup of fat in the blood vessel walls.

2. Eye health

Even though it does not have red fruit like watermelon lycopene. Yellow watermelon fruit very rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene is very beneficial for eye health. Beta-carotene is urgently needed by the retina of the eye because this substance will be processed into additional vitamin A is needed for the repair of cells in an organ.

Consumption of a variety of fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene – it is strongly recommended to maintain eye health. Some fruit or vegetables in addition to the many yellow watermelons contain beta-carotene, among others, carrots, potatoes, spinach and fruit, watermelon melon or apricot.

3. Gastrointestinal health

Moisture content in yellow watermelon is very beneficial for the health of the digestive tract. Constipation or constipation and constipation will not happen with a yellow watermelon consumption with routine.

Vitamin C in yellow watermelon also serves to treat mouth ulcers and heartburn. Overcome the symptoms of ulcer-like nausea, heartburn and a variety of other symptoms related to digestive health. Yellow watermelon is also a type of fruit that is safe and healthy for a healthy diet.

4. Beauty

Vitamin C and beta-carotene in yellow watermelon also has numerous benefits for skin and beauty. In addition to the burning of the skin, brightens the face will be springy and far from a dry skin with yellow watermelon fruit consumption regularly.

Yellow watermelons are also useful as an antidote to the acne. High Antioxidant is a substance that is very instrumental in this process. In addition to the consumption of meat fruit directly, using the yellow watermelons as well as face masks you can do.

5. Smooth Urinary

Yellow watermelon fruit has diuretic effects, i.e. a binding effect of excessive water in the body and excretes the excess through the kidneys. Indirectly it is the diuretic effect is good for the kidneys. Optimize the process of filtering water in the body so that not only wasted water alone, excess minerals and fat can be excreted with optimal.

At least the consumption with regular yellow watermelon fruit to get benefits and benefits for the health of the kidney and urinal tract.

Cultivate Yellow Watermelon Recipe Into A Healthy Menu

Maybe the yellow watermelon directly consumes regularly will make the bored. So cultivate yellow watermelon into food or drink will enrich the nutrient content in watermelon and yellow does not make you quickly get bored. The following steps and the way of its creation:

1. Yellow Watermelon Fruit Salad

You can mix the yellow watermelon with other fruit into a fruit salad that is healthy and suitable for a diet. You can mix the yellow watermelon with different types of fresh fruits the other if you like. It would be better if there is a balanced combination of fruits in Your fruit salad.

Because the yellow watermelon fruit has a flavor fresh and sweet, you can add a piece of pineapple or kiwi fruit to taste sour. Add pieces of wine into a bowl for added sweetness and fresh.

To complement the content of its nutrition value, pour the yogurt or mayonnaise in a salad bowl. Stir evenly and add the juice of the lime juice or lemon. Put briefly in the fridge and fruit salad served cold will certainly be more delicious

2. Yellow Watermelon Juice

Yellow watermelon juice is all ages. In addition to Your own drinking, yellow watermelon juice you can give as a baby MPASI menu of healthy and nutritious. Easy enough to make yellow, watermelon juice with enough blend only a yellow watermelon fruit in water and sugar (as you wish).
Add ice cubes if you want to drink it cold in hot weather. To enrich the nutrient content, you can mix yellow watermelon fruit pieces with milk or yogurt. Drink and spend a moment after this yellow watermelon fruit juice so to get freshness and optimal benefits. Watermelon juice to yellow for the first use should avoid MPASI ice cubes.

3. The yellow Watermelon Pudding

To make the custard yellow watermelons are easy and simple, the material should be prepared between the other half yellow, watermelon fruit 1 fruit nutrijel plain small size and 50 grams of sugar.
The first step is to hole watermelon and clean the flesh of the fruit from the skin. Set aside the yellow watermelon fruit seed that is colored black. Yellow watermelon fruit Blender until smooth without adding water. Blender yellow watermelon fruit stew by adding the nutrijel plain into a pot of stew the fruit. Mix well and simmer.

After boiling, cool and pour the watermelon fruit stew back and nutrijel into the yellow watermelon rind. Don't forget to return the seed into water decoction of yellow watermelon. Mix well, wait until the hot steam out then You can chill in the refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes.

Once cool, remove the fruit from the watermelon in the refrigerator. Cut the yellow watermelon pudding and serve a healthy and refreshing fruit should cut a watermelon with his skin. The content of the pudding nutrijel will add a wealth of fiber in fruit juice, watermelon, and so indirectly to maintain digestive health. Prevent You from constipation and difficult chapter.

Such information about the yellow watermelon fruit benefits for health and beauty. With a few easy recipes yellow watermelon fruit processing into food or drinks rich nutrition and benefit for the body. Good luck!

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