14 how to cope with Cough in infants is naturally the most effective

A change in temperature is too cold or too low may cause the baby to become very weak. Then it can make your baby easily exposed to coughs and colds. This is a very common condition and often makes parents feel tormented. Your baby is not happy when breastfeeding or infant formula, often getting cranky and sleep deprivation. Coughing can also cause baby it's hard to breathe and sometimes become alarming when parents began to think about the type of a cough.

The following are some natural ways that can be done to treat coughs in your baby.

1. Bathing under the Sun

Drying the affected babies a cough is very good to reduce a cough so that the baby becomes more comfortable. You can dry the baby after bathing in the morning. The rays of the morning sun are also very healthy because your baby can get natural vitamin D intake. Bathing in a way prone in your lap. Then a massage-a massage with baby backs part a very gentle way. Your baby is probably going to feel uncomfortable and cry, but it will be profitable. Some babies could throw up and removing phlegm from the mouth. If phlegm is out then it can cure coughs and relieve colds. Don't be a baby drying for too long, because the heat of the Sun can damage the baby's skin.

2. Baby Yawning with essential oils

Coughing is indeed a very disturbing baby. If the first way is not working properly, then you can try this way. You can vaporize a baby with essential oils. But how evaporation is indeed cannot do such as for adults. You can put a few drops of essential oils in the bath. Then put the hot water in a bucket or basin. The steam from the hot water will be mixed with essential oils evaporate. Then carrying a baby into the bathroom and closed the door. Your baby will cough shortly but calm, coughing babies are exposed to these vapors can cause phlegm out and baby to be more comfortable.

3. massage baby with basil leaves

A baby cough will make mom feel very sad that a baby would certainly feel very tormented. There are many natural ways to cure coughing babies and does not cause any side effects. If you have the basil leaves then use basil leaves for massaging baby. Aroma compounds in Basil and basil leaves will loosen a cough and help to remove the phlegm. The trick is as follows:
  • take a few sheets of basil leaves freshly plucked then wash to clean.
  • Crush the basil leaves with your hands.
  • Then massage to the baby's chest and back gently.
  • do not give basil leaves too much because it can cause heat effect to baby's skin.
  • Immediately clean the former basil leaves with a clean towel or rag.

4. massage baby with red onion

The onion has a chemical compound will relieve coughs and relieve throat. You do not need to give the onion for baby food, because simply massaging a baby with red onions. Do a few ways below:
  • Destroy some red onions peeled and washed it with grated cheese.
  • Add a little warm water and massage in the chest or the back of the baby.
  • Your baby may be crying because onion could cause heat effect to the eyes and skin.
  • Remove former massage with a rag or clean towel.

5. Nursing mother eating garlic

Mothers who breastfeed can also help overcome a cough with a very natural way. Mom can consume raw garlic or vegetables using a garlic broth. Garlic can help babies develop immune either. Babies who are breastfed will receive the best intake of breast milk. So the variety of food consumed moms will also get to the body of a baby. Garlic also included one type of food to multiply breast milk.

6. Often massaging the chest Baby

Coughing can cause chest pain, the pain became and sometimes extends up to the stomach. If the baby often coughs then the abdominal area and chest can be uncomfortable. To help address a cough so you can give a massage on the chest, back, and abdomen. Massage your baby with the use of coconut oil is already warmed up. Don't be massaged by powerful pressure, because the pressure of the soft can already make babies become more comfortable. While massaging Your baby then talk to the baby so that the baby will be more comfortable.

7. create an atmosphere of Bedroom baby to be Comfortable

The bedroom is very important to make a baby can rest properly. You can create the atmosphere of the bedroom to be more comfortable for baby and reduce a cough naturally. Here are some things you can do:
  • replace all baby sleeping equipment so the baby more comfortable, do as often as possible when babies are coughing.
  • Open the window of the nursery when the morning so that fresh air can get into the baby's room.
  • Remove all objects in bed the baby could be the trigger for a cough like dolls and other objects that could become a place of dust.
  • use a humidifier to make the air in the baby's room became more comfortable.
  • position the baby so baby more comfortable.

8. A Baby Massage with oil of garlic

Other materials that can help reduce coughing babies is garlic oil. You can make your own garlic oil is so much more natural. The trick is to toast the way without oil some cloves of garlic. If you have already issued a fragrant aroma, then lift up and mash by hand. The garlic will produce oil and use to massage the chest or the back of the baby. This way can help cure a cough naturally.

9. Elevate the baby Pillow

If your baby sleeps with a very low position, then it can cause the baby suffered a severe cough. What if the babies suffer from nasal congestion and runny nose. To cope with a cough at a time when the baby sleeps, then elevate the position of the baby and make the baby feel more comfortable. Sleeping with a higher position could also make the baby can breathe properly. Sometime after the baby's position probably already asleep, so you need to check a few times.

10. Scent the room with Vicks or Eucalyptus Oil

Your baby's skin will probably feel the heat if smeared with Vicks ointment and eucalyptus oil. This treatment is indeed better for adults. However, you can still use both this material in a way that is very safe. The trick is to give the Vicks or eucalyptus oil on a soft cloth or towel. Then place a soft towel or cloth in this baby. Remember that eucalyptus oil and Vicks baby could cause heat or poisoning if swallowed up. So make sure you put the cloth or towel that's been given a eucalyptus oil and Vicks baby hand's reach you.

11. give plenty of fluids/ASI

A baby experiencing cough will usually be very fussy. To cope with a cough naturally is actually the most efficacious remedy for infants is breast milk. The mother who took care of the newborn baby coughs needs to consume a lot of ingredients that can cure a cough. Immune boost baby can pass through BREAST MILK with balanced nutrient content in the mother. Some foods that must be consumed to produce BREAST MILK of nursing mothers qualified as green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, kale, leaves of papaya and cassava leaves), cauliflower, nuts, and seeds. The mother should also consume fruits containing a lot of vitamins.

12. Lift the baby's Head while sleeping

If your baby is experiencing severe coughing attacks at the time of sleep, then you can try to relieve a cough. The first thing you should do is lift the baby's head and let it lean on your arms. This will make the baby can breathe properly. A touch of the mother when the baby is being coughed can also be soothing to a baby. After the baby feels calm, then you can put the baby back with a cushion position higher.

13. give Honey

You can also help by giving babies a honey cough. Honey is very good especially for babies who have been more than 1 year. However, for infants aged less than 1 year can have bad things like abdominal pain. Give a little bit of honey before bed to improve your baby's immune system. But avoid giving honey to newborns because it can cause hazard honey for the newborn.

14. give warm Clothes

A cough in infants is usually accompanied by a variety of other symptoms such as flu and tired body. In order to overcome the Agency's strong and infant cough quickly recovered, then provide warm clothing for your baby. After showering in the morning and evening bath then provide warm clothing that will wrap the baby's body. Don't let the baby is exposed to the outside air more often because of the body of the baby vulnerable and easily exposed to the virus. A break in the House is a very good way to warm your baby's body.

How to prevent coughs and colds in infants

  1. If any member of your family and living together in one House, then they are exposed to colds and coughs, then keep your distances with your baby. In this way could reduce the risk of babies exposed to the viruses that cause coughs and colds.
  2. Adults who would like to invite baby should preferably wash hands and feet properly. This will prevent the risk of babies from contracting the virus or other disease sources.
  3. The mother who took care of the baby should also always keep clean themselves. The mother should wash hands before holding the baby or will take care of the baby. Immediately wash your hands after you change the baby's diaper and other less sterile.
  4. The mother who took care of the baby should get used to not too often touching the eyes, nose, and mouth. This area into an area that is very close to the source of transmission of infectious diseases.
  5. All adults who are coughing or sneezing near a baby should immediately close the mouth when coughing or sneezing. This will prevent transmission of coughs and colds to your baby.
  6. always try to use a variety of baby equipment, in particular, do not mix with children or other adults. All the personal needs of infants should only be used by infants to prevent babies from contracting the disease.
  7. Keep the cleanliness of all equipment costs, baby clothes and all the objects that are in the baby's room include a toy. All these things can be a place germs, viruses or bacteria so easy baby sick.
  8. keep pets especially like dog or cat can cause the baby suffered allergies. If your baby is experiencing allergic to fur, they are also more frequent coughing. Know, if your baby is experiencing allergic to consult a doctor.

A cough in infants can indeed make parents be very frantic. How to cope with a cough in babies naturally need to be made at an early stage cough. However, when symptoms of a cough and other conditions getting worse, then the baby needs to be taken to hospital or doctor. The natural way can only be performed on a stage that has not been severe.

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