15 how to Shrink your thighs in no time

Where women would not want to have the leg level with proportional thigh? Certainly for a woman's appearance is a very important thing to note. Just a little enlarged, usually thigh womenfolk already feel worried. Because if a large thigh size then selects clothes is also difficult. For example wear jeans, its legs so it looked fat.

Big thigh problem actually is not too difficult to overcome. Shrink thighs can be done with the exercise, eating healthy foods or try medical methods. Well, if You're the controversy currently think of shrink thighs, you should check out reviews below.

The Function Of The Thighs For The Body

Thigh or in Latin, known as the "femur" is one part of the foot that is reasonably susceptible to flab. Generally, if the weight goes up, then part of the thigh also enlarged. Therefore, the women tend to be insecure with these parts of the body.

But behind it, the thighs are in fact also has an important role for the body. In the page, InnerBody.com described that the thighs have the strongest bones from around the bones are there in the human body. The thigh bone is useful for connecting a knee with her hips. In addition, the thighs also have bone marrow that serves area production of red blood cells.

How The Hell Is The Size Of A Normal Thighs?

There is no certain figure who became a benchmark for the stated size of the thighs. Basically, the size of one's thighs is affected by different factors of gender, age, weight, height, and lifestyle. Generally, form large thighs are owned by the person that excess body weight (FAT). If the person has any legs, skinny bodies also tend to be small.

Factors Cause Big Thighs

Before discussing how to shrink the thighs, it's good if figuring out in advance causative factors large thighs. That way we can be more alert and avoid the trigger. Well, here's some big thighs cause:

Body Shape

Basically, everyone has a different body shape. Anyone have a body shape similar to an Apple, a PEAR, hourglass and the body is straight and so on. For the woman who was awarded the pear shape body is usually the bottom of larger agencies compared the top. Including the buttocks and legs is also great. To resolve this condition, a person needs to do a particular exercise routine shrink thighs.


In addition based on body shape, size of the thigh also influenced the gender. From the page reported by the Daily Mail, the research conducted by Professor Will Lassek at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, women tend to store fat more on his body than men. Usually places the stockpiling of fat are in the buttocks, hips, and thighs.

The condition is certainly not without cause. He thinks that this is because the female body is destined to contain and gave birth to a baby. Well, the fat in the thighs detected contain DHA which contributed to the baby's brain development and intelligence. In addition fat on thighs also helps the production of lipids for breast milk (BREAST MILK).


The next cause that makes a person has large thigh size i.e. a genetic influence. When most of the families You have wide thighs then you also could inherit the physical. Usually this condition it is difficult to change it. Because of the influence of genes is very strong.

The age of

Age also be the deciding factor of the size of the thigh. Generally, the increasing age of a person then the size of her thighs are also getting bigger. Women who have given birth are also susceptible to the widening of the thigh. However, this condition can easily be overcome by regular exercise and keep your eating patterns.

Consuming Foods High In cholesterol 

Are you a fan of food cholesterol high? Pizza, burgers, French fries, canned food, instant noodles, fried foods, fried chicken and the like. Food-the food is very easy to make the body become elastic. Evil fats from foods that would be buried in the body, one at the thigh.

Life Is Bad

The habit of sitting too long, rarely exercising and lazy walk makes the size of thighs be great unawares. Fat will accumulate from day to day until finally, it will be difficult to be eliminated. You need a hard workout at the gym when a buildup of fat in the thighs are too over-complicate or exceeded the normal limit.

Estrogen Hormones

The last factor is the cause of massive thighs i.e. the production of hormones of estrogen in the body. As we know that women have estrogen hormone levels are great. It is this hormone that affects the buildup of fat in the thighs.

9 How to Shrink Thighs Through Sports

If you include women who have large thighs form, don't hurry grief and despair Yes. Because this time the OhGitu will share powerful tips to shrink your thighs through the sport. Hmm, about what the hell type of exercise that can help shrink the thighs? Check out his comments directly below.

1. Cycling

As an engrossing activity at once invigorating, currently cycling seem to have not interest many people. But if we want to take the time to cycling for 60 minutes in a day, the risk of large thighs be avoided. Offered from the page LiveStrong.com, cycling can help burn fat in the thigh area while losing weight.

2. Run

It is very easy to do however is quite tiring. Quoted from the site LiveStrong.com, running is one of the cardio exercise that can help you lose weight. Not only on the part of the thigh, but also the entire body. To obtain optimal results, we recommend that you do this about 45-60 ran activity minutes each day. And don't forget the cardio exercises combined with others, such as cycling, swimming, jogging or jump rope.

3. Jump Rope

The next simple ways to shrink your thighs by practicing jump rope. The method is believed to be able to burn a pile of fat around the thighs and calves when done regularly. You can work on this exercise at home about 20-30 minutes a day.

4. Swim

Quoted from the page livehealthy.chron.com, a nutritionist from the Mayo Clinic named Katherine Zaretsky, RD, LD, explaining that swimming can be powerful ways to cut fat on thighs. However the result cannot be instant, You have to practice on a regular basis so that the calories burned in the thigh is also more and more.

5. Squat With Ball

Sports to shrink the thighs should not always be done in a pool or in the gym. Offered from the site FitnessMagazine.com, there are some simple exercises that can help reduce the fat in the thighs. One of them Squats with the Ball. To do this exercise, here's how:
  • Place the ball stuck to the wall and press with the back of You
  • Position your body like the guy who was sitting
  • Hold the position for 5 seconds
  • then lays back
  • Repeat the movement until the 5-12 time reps.

6. Squat Jump

Squat jump can also be used as an alternative exercise at home to shrink thighs. Gymnastics is known well to maintain ideal body shape in order to remain. How to do this are:
  • first start first with warming, You can jump in place up to 5 times
  • then position the body in condition to stand upright with legs wide open
  • Then jump up slowly and land down to the position of the knee bent (squat)
  • Repeat the movement until the 5-12 time

7. the Thera band Leg Curl

This movement is also just as easily from the previous movement. You can practice this movement at home. However only one i.e. by simply providing the theraband. How did this movement are:
  • Position the body face-down in the State, where both hands bent
  • previously, the second belt of the ankle with there and
  • then pull the right leg upwards to form a 90 degree angle. While the left leg remains straight does not move
  • Concluding these methods are slowly and repeat up to 12 times the reps
  • Apply the above way interchangeably at the feet of them
Another way: you can pull both legs upwards simultaneously, then drop him off and repeat the movement until the 12 times

8. Leg Circles

This movement is quite common and frequently practiced by many women to exercise shrink thighs. The result is also quite effective. Moreover, if done on a regular basis. How did this movement are:
  • Position the body in a State of sleep on her back on top of the mattress
  • make sure both hands straight beside the body
  • Next, bend your right leg. While the left leg lifted straight up towards the roof of the
  • movement of the left leg with the direction Rotate clockwise until 10-15 times repeats
  • and then return to its original position
  • Concluding the same thing for the right foot

9. Walking Lunges

This exercise also known quite effective to shrink thighs. How to do this are:
  • first the position of the body in an upright
  • Step left foot forward, then bend 90 degree angle formed where the position of the thighs parallel floors
  • While the right leg bent towards the back (ankle almost touch the floor)
  • Hold the position 1-2 seconds
  • and then return to the starting position
  • Repeat the movement with the opposite foot to 12 reps

5 + How to Shrink your thighs with food

The exercises above there will be no result if you don't control the pattern your eat. Otherwise, if you work out at the same time keep up with eating healthy foods so that you undertake to embody the ideal thigh has also will be realized. Well, below are some of the foods that help shrink the thighs.

1. Green tea

Have you ever consuming green tea? If You have any problem regarding obesity and large thighs, then you are obligated to try the green tea.

Consume 3 cups of green tea per day for 3 consecutive days with combined with skim milk (low-fat milk) could potentially burn calories the body up to 106 calories. These benefits are obtained thanks to the content of ECGC in green tea that is able to scrape the fat in the body.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also sets forth that the fat burning process increased by 17% to someone who regularly consumes green tea coupled with sports.

2. Fruit and vegetables

If You have big thighs then multiply consuming fruits and vegetables. Both of these ingredients have low-calorie levels are very effective for people who consumed diet program is running. As explained in the study published by Obesity Fact in the year 2011, the obtained results that American society was fond of consuming fruits and vegetables tend to have thigh and ideal weight proportional.

3. Foods high in fiber

Fibrous foods are often recommended for people who are currently applying a healthy diet. A study published in Nutrition Journal in the year 2011 found that people who go on a diet high in fiber tend to lose more fat than people a diet high in protein. Some examples of fibrous foods like green vegetables, pears, apples, papaya, oatmeal, whole grains whole grains, wheat germ and so on.

4. Food with a protein content

Add more protein on the menu daily can help you lose weight while downplaying the size of the thighs. As described in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that a diet high in protein can make a person feel full longer, increase muscle mass, and burn more calories.

However, it is also worth noting that not all good proteins to erode the fat. A study conducted at the Harvard School recommends that people who diet in order to limit the consumption of red meat because these foods have a high-fat content. In contrast, some foods like chicken breasts without skin, egg whites, yogurt, low-fat dairy, beans are allowed to be consumed while on a diet.

5. Foods containing fatty acids of life

Other types of foods that are recommended to be consumed in the means of shrink thighs are foods that contain fatty acids of life (omega-3 fatty acids). This type of food can help erode the bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body and nourish the body's organs. General foods with omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, grains, olive oil, avocado, and nuts.

6. Whitewater

Never forget the white water if You intend to erode the fat in the body. Consuming as much white water 2-3 Litres a day helps the detoxification process, hydrate skin, while simultaneously optimizing the process of trimming the fat in the thighs as well as one way to lose weight.

3 + How to shrink the Thighs with the application of a pattern of healthy living

After learning how to shrink your thighs with exercise and food, you are obligated to know tips shrink the thighs with the application of a pattern of healthy living. Well, below are some of the lifestyle you should undertake to obtain the ideal thigh size:

1. avoid Consuming Excessive Junk Food

Junk food is the main factor causes a buildup of fat in the body. Useless if you exercise but still consuming junk food, the feast be wasted and fat in thighs will hardly eroded. Several groups of food junk food like pizza, fried chicken, French fries, burger, fizzy drinks and the like.

2. Diet Low Carbohydrate

Basically, the body requires the intake of carbohydrates to be converted to energy. Nevertheless, consuming excessive carbohydrates can cause a buildup of fat. Thus, If You intend to shrink the size of the thighs should limit consumption carbs. But remember, only limited rather than removed altogether. Please note that the number of daily carbohydrates recommended by nutritionists around 170-240 grams per day.

3. sleep Enough

Sleep is also an important factor that affects body fat. Someone who is sleep-deprived, her body produces hormones leptin and ghrelin more where these hormones can increase appetite. If your appetite has already escalated we will naturally tend to snack more often. This was the cause of the body so plump.

4. Don't let Stomach Hunger

Sometimes the women willingly starving just for the sake of gaining a slender body shape and proportional. This is so not true! Let the stomach in an empty precisely slowing metabolic processes so that it triggers a buildup of fat in certain areas, for example in the hips and thighs. Therefore, if you want to shrink your thighs by natural and healthy diet, do the diet correctly as recommended by a doctor.

So somehow to shrink thighs effectively, whether through exercise, food and the implementation of a healthy lifestyle.

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