15 Juices for Diabetes is easily made and Certainly Healthier

Diabetics we know food menu should always be tight, even eat any fruit may not be indiscriminate. Required the existence of a high fiber intake for the sufferers of the disease of sugar and juice through the right for diabetes, then glucose level in the blood return to normal. Therefore, below is a list of fruit and vegetable juices are easily made and certainly healthy for diabetes.

1. Fruit juice Beetroot

Fruit juice beetroot juice is one that is safe and capable of saving diabetics. How to make it matter is straightforward:
  • Provide the fruit bits 1 piece that you have peeled carrots Peel, section 75 grams, 50 grams of apples, ginger 1 finger sections that must be peeled off first, as well as ice water 200 ml.
  • Cut the ingredients, from whole carrots, apples, and beets, and insert entirely into a blender.
  • put water not the following ginger, blend until soft texture.
  • Pour the juice into glasses and you're ready to take it.

2. Bitter Melon Juice, apples Fuji and Cucumber

So being able to lower the blood sugar levels naturally and effectively, drink the juice of bitter melon, cucumber mixture supplemented with apple Fuji.
  • Provide great bitter melon fruit, along with 2 cucumber 1 medium-size fruit, Fuji apples 1 lemon half and also fruit.
  • Peel the whole ingredients, and blend it all together.
  • After the texture is smooth, pour into glasses and you're ready to take it.
  • fuji Apples could be replaced with Green Apple if it must.

3. Apple juice, carrots, and broccoli

The combination of apples, carrots, and broccoli vegetable also made juice drinks perfectly safe for diabetics and is thus recommended.
  • Provide an Apple, a carrot with a size of 10 cm, the following pieces of broccoli ½ as much glass.
  • Prepare 100 ml of cold water also follows honey 1 tablespoon as a natural sweetener.
  • the Blender first broccoli, carrot and water, followed by apples with honey and so you have to blend it 2 times.
  • If you prefer, you can drink it after the added ice cubes so that more fresh.

4. Juice Pare

To be more effective in lowering blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes, you can pare juice consumption on a regular basis; even how to make it can be done easily.
  • Provide the first crude pare 100 grams, ¾ cup water, and also salt ¼ teaspoon just below ice cubes if liked.
  • you have to Pare clean first, then continue with it to pieces.
  • enter into a blender, recently followed by adding water and salt.
  • blend until texture is smooth and have a drink after plus ice cubes.

5. Apple juice and Fruit

The impact of the habit of eating an Apple is indeed good for your health at the same time normalize blood sugar levels. So, combine it with Dragon fruit and the juice is a very good idea.
  • Prepare an Apple and fruit ½ fruit just below white water 200 ml non-calorie and sugar just a little.
  • Insert the ingredients into the whole blender to blend until soft texture.
  • Allowed if you want to add little lemon flavorings.
  • After the blend is smooth, pour the juices into a glass, add ice cubes may be the new drink.

6. Apple juice, Soursop, and strawberries

The combination of fresh fruit is ready to nourish your body the diabetics securely. However, make sure the fruit soursop used already cooked.

  • Prepare the water and ice cubes to taste apples, soursop, 150 grams 100 grams, 100 grams and strawberries.
  • Enter the third fruit into a blender together following the white water to taste.
  • After the blend until soft texture, pour the juice into a glass and drink the cold-cold.

7. Juice Carrots and papaya

Rich in vitamin A, drinking carrot juice instead of just being a way of maintaining the health of the eye, but potent in stabilizing blood glucose levels again surged.
  • Prepare 100 ml of water and ice cubes to taste, and also pieces of papaya 1 cup carrot and 10-15 cm.
  • Carrot and water can be blended until smooth, first new follow up with blending ice cubes as well as papaya.
  • After the texture of certain subtle, you could drink it.

8. Beans and Apple Juice

Apple is a fruit that can be combined with many other fruits, vegetables and even you can make Apple Juice combined with vegetable beans.
  • Prepare 100 ml water, pieces of ice cubes to taste if liked, 6 string beans and apples 1 piece.
  • Blenderlah beans ahead of time along the water above and then insert pieces of apples new add ice cubes and honey if like, blender it for the second time.
  • After the texture is smooth, then you're ready to consume it.

9. Tomato juice and Bengkoang

High in fiber, both this material in addition to nourishing your body will also make high blood sugar levels can go down and stable again.
  • Prepare a fresh red tomato 150 g and is already cut into pieces, as well as 150 grams bengkoang has also been peeled and cut.
  • plaques, additional material required is 100 grams of red cabbage that you should finely slice, as well as 100 ml cold water and lemon juice 2 tablespoons.
  • Blender bengkoang, red cabbage and the tomato, and Sari you can take. Sari that can process Your returns with the blend it while added lemon juice and cold water.
  • After the soft, ready to be poured into the glass and you can consume it.

10. Banana and Melon Juice

Because of the diverse types of bananas, then choose ambon banana or banana wax. But make sure first that you no indigestion on the stomach because ambon banana gastric condition worsens can instead be you.
  • Prepare ambon banana or bananas the wax as much as 60 grams 200 grams of melon fruit here, here also the ice cubes 2 pieces only and additional lemon juice 1 tablespoon.
  • peeled Melon should You cut used to be small, so too is the fruit of the banana.
  • pieces of both types of fruit ready blended while incorporating also the lemon juice and ice cubes.
  • After well blended and smooth, you could drink it.

11. Apple juice and Lemon

The combination of lemon and also apples not only to balance the high blood glucose levels but is also useful in stabilizing blood pressure high.
  • Prepare a lemon that's been squeezed out the water, following Apple 150 g, 100 ml of white water and a special diet of sugar 1 teaspoon.
  • Apples can be peeled cut into pieces and put in blender.
  • follow up with sugar, lemon juice and water prepared, blend until soft and any juice ready to drink

12. Apple and Starfruit Juice

Apples can also be combined with star fruit because both have antioxidant properties which were able to add to the durability of the body and also normalize your blood sugar levels again.
  • Prepare the first Apple and starfruit every 100 grams.
  • enter both pieces of the fruit, blend until soft.
  • pour into the glasses afterward and drink when already add ice cubes.

13. The juice of papaya and star fruit

In the fruit of the papaya, there is a high content of fructose and sucrose, but not a problem for diabetics could get it safely.
  • Prepare a boiled water 200 ml 150 grams, papaya and star fruit 100 grams.
  • pieces of fruit along with water could put all into a blender.
  • Blender until smooth, pour in a glass that is ready, add ice cubes if you want, then have a drink.

14. Bitter Melon and Cucumber Juice

If the previous bitter melon and cucumber juice combined also with the Fuji Apple, this time you only need to use two ingredients and a little extra lemon water.
  • bitter melon Provide large fruit and 2 cucumbers 1 medium-sized fruit, as well as not to forget half the lemon water is taken.
  • Blender whole ingredients together, and afterward you can pour on the glasses.
  • Drink it regularly is the way so that blood sugar levels can get back stable.

15. Strawberry Juice and Yogurt

In order to keep blood sugar levels normal and stable can, drink juice combination between strawberries and yogurt is including the best and effective.
  • Prepare 200 ml unflavored yogurt, strawberry 150 grams, and if there is added also the following 150 grams of grapefruit ice cubes 2 pieces only.
  • Take the juice of grapefruit and strawberries using juice extractor off first, then You add the Sari with yogurt and ice cubes.
  • Blender Sari together yogurt and ice cubes then poured into a glass and ready Your drinking.

That's some recommendation for diabetes juice which easily made and definitely unhealthy for your body. Whether the disease can be cured with sugar? As long as it does not consume too many calories, then your blood sugar levels stable return.

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