20 powerful ways Remove acne scars Naturally

Pimples are indeed a problem for everyone who experienced it, not only women, men will also be interrupted his appearance if there are small bumps on his face, although some people have been cleaning up the pimples on his face by using the cosmetic ingredients or medications to remove acne, still there are also black spots or scars resulting from Acne who have recovered.

Thus what must be done so that the former black spots or acne scars can be permanently lost from the skin of the face, of course, it takes a little effort indeed yes no need to spend a lot of money, especially with our diligent try natural ingredients that is in the kitchen or around the US.

Natural materials such as what can eliminate acne scars? of course, that is proven and already many successful experiments, such as material that is in the kitchen, such as lemons, tomatoes, garlic and more.

Actually the natural ingredients and how to remove acne scars are not ingredients that are hard to find, sometimes we ourselves rarely relying on material like this, we prefer the existing products on the market without having to know what the content of the product These, if we do not succeed with existing products in the market, of course, contain chemicals, then our skin will cause allergies so that side effects will we feel.

At the time we did the treatment i.e. how to remove acne scars there are a few things you need to avoid, of course, it can lead to the emergence of new acne, such as staying up at night of the day, rarely face wash, and avoid using cosmetics excessive, it may be that we often do, usually women, who often use liquid powder on the face but not clean them at night, remember this is very dangerous. Well, to how to get rid of acne quickly and easily, you can try several ways and materials below.

20 easy ways to Remove acne scars Naturally

To make the natural ingredients as a remedy to get rid of black spots of acne scars on your face can rely on ingredients that are in our area, and natural materials, this does not require a lot of costs and easy to get, the following natural ingredients to heal acne scars permanently.

1. Olive oil

Have you ever heard of olive oil, we never sense, this oil is beneficial to get rid of black spots on the face with fast, besides olive oil can also make your face clean and white glow, so there is no harm in your trying this natural ingredient to take care of facial skin.

How To Make:
How to eliminate acne and mark with olive oil is very easy, you can just buy the original olive oil and then apply it all over your face while giving a bit of a message for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water, so that the pores of your skin clean again, you can use this at night before going to bed.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera benefits can be in addition to caring for the health of hair, are also useful for removing black spots due to acne scars, how in the face not, natural substances in the liquid leaf is very powerful to get rid of smudges black in the face you, but use regularly every day.

How To Make:
How to remove acne scars with Aloe Vera, we do not need to use other materials enough with the Aloe Vera leaf 1 stalk fresh Aloe Vera mucilage, separate from the leaves and then apply it all over your face, let stand for 15 minutes, Aloe Vera In addition to removing acne scars can also give nutrients to your facial skin.

3. Black Tea Dregs

Perhaps some people think that only tea can be drunk alone, in fact, not the dregs of tea still fresh is very powerful for clearing acne scars in the face, this material still says naturally because not blended with other ingredients, so we can utilize the dregs of tea properly.

How To Make:
If you're just enjoying a cup of tea, then a by-product of tea last don't at the waste, just in the application on face and let sit for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water, you can try this natural way any 2-3 times in a week and see the results about 2 weeks, the dregs of tea is not harmful to the skin.

4. young Papaya

Young and fresh papaya result from the tree, the fruit is very good for dark face treatments due to acne scars, the high content of nutrients in papaya will give a good effect to the skin of the face.
Bring 1 piece of papaya, then into small pieces and wash to clean free from resin and then input in blender and pour it on a site, you can direct the papaya fruit juice slathered earlier on the face evenly, use it twice a week, This natural material gives no side effects on the skin of your face.

5. Fruit Potatoes

Besides papayas, potatoes are also very good to cure back acne skin face consequences, bush potatoes contain a lot of vitamins that help cleanse the skin of the face of freckles or spots due to Acne but their use should be routine each day or night.

How to make:
How to remove acne scars with potatoes, you can choose a large potato and sliced thinly then paste the potato slices on your face, don't forget to let stand about 20 minutes and wipe again with warm water. do at night or in the morning.

6. Pure coconut oil

For those of you who would like to attempt removing acne scars can try the benefits of coconut oil pure coconut oil, but not a mix of other ingredients, coconut oil contains lauric acid and acid is a very powerful kaprat to disguise the black flecks in the skin due to acne, besides coconut oil was also able to prevent the emergence of new acne in the face you.

How To Make:
You can make or buy the original coconut oil or you create your own with the coconut, remove acne scars with coconut oil, you don't need to add other ingredients fairly apply coconut oil all over your face and let stand a few minutes and rinse with water several times until clean, use it at night on a regular basis.

7. Garlic

Well, we usually find the garlic in the kitchen and is used for seasoning, but garlic is just as beneficial for beauty, one of which is to eliminate acne and mark, antiseptic content in garlic is able to against bacteria due to acne, and can heal wounds resulting from Acne on your face.

How to make:
How to eliminate acne and mark with garlic is very easy, you can soften the garlic then apply on acne or there is a section on the mark, and let stand a few minutes, even though it smelled pungent but will give a good effect to your skin, it is better to use at night.

8. Sugar Scrub and olive oil

As we know that the benefits of olive oil are very potent to cure acne fast, besides olive oil can also be utilized to cure black spots due to acne scars and blackheads in the face you, how can I make it?

How to make:
How to remove acne scars with olive oil, the way you can simply add a little sugar to 1 tbsp of olive oil, then stir into the Scrub and apply on the face that there are pimples, massage gently a few minutes and let stand about 15 minutes and then flush with water until clean, you can use this material in the morning so that your facial skin can be well maintained.

9. With natural honey

As usual, the honey is one of the natural ingredients that have a million benefits for body and skin, for example, honey can eliminate acne scars naturally antiseptic content in honey, very good as a treatment and prevention of acne, with frequent using honey will make your facial skin ever-white glow.

How to use:
How to use honey to remove acne and the scars are very easy you stay looking pristine, honey and apply on the entire face, let sit for 20 minutes, the honey is excellent for skin care from the outside, anyway, this is not natural ingredients cause side effects that are harmful to the skin.

10. Lemon

Well, how do I manipulate the lemon to get rid of acne scars? the content on the highest is lemon Vitamin C so that was able to clean the dead skin cells on the face so that it will push for the emergence of new skin cells, then the black flecks induced Acne can be lifted easily.

How To Make:
How to remove acne scars with lemon juice, we can divide 1 lemon that is still fresh, and then squeeze the water and mix into 1 cup of clean water, then take a small towel and dampen the towel with lemon juice last then let sit on the part of your face for a few minutes, and wipe your face with water again to do it this way with a good eye, not to use at night only.

11. Orange peel Mask

In addition to the Lemon peel that you dispose of apparently good for face care, how does the content on orange peel is a very powerful tool to lift the dead skin cells, dust and dirt stuck in your face, so skin looks clean and free of stain due to acne scars.

How to make:
To create a mask of orange peel to get rid of acne scars, we need a little bit of an effective way, how to make it: take the orange peel then cut with a small size and then dry to dry and finely mashed up to flour and add a little water, well you just DAB it on the entire face don't forget let stand for 15-20 minutes and wash off with warm water, you can use this at night so that the stain contained in the pores of your skin can be raised and your face skin free from acne and mark.

12. Egg white Mask

Actually the egg white is not only used to get rid of acne scars but as nutritionist your skin so it can clean up the black flecks that acne is the cause, with frequent use of egg white in the face, it will form a new skin cells so your face will appear more youthful, not only that the egg whites can also be used for the prevention of facial skin problems, so you could try although only for treatment only.

How To Make:
How to make an egg mask to eliminate acne and other skin care is easy, how you bring 1 chicken egg, try a natural free-range chicken eggs, which is still fresh and separate the yolks and whites, beaten until frothy and apply on face, to remove the fishy smell you can add a little lemon juice, use a mask at night alone at least 3 times a week.

13. Oil of roses

Have you ever heard of floral rose oil? This oil is beneficial for various skin diseases such as burns, and more, but if you consistently use oil of roses to get rid of acne and mark then the results will be obtained very positive, indeed Yes the prices slightly but the results can be outstanding, with rose oil is able to heal black flecks in the skin of the face so that it will look on your face is clear and clean from stains.

How To Make:
You can get the oil of roses in shops or pharmacies, how to use them you direct this oil slathered on the face, while gently massaging your face for a few minutes and let stand for 15 minutes then also flush with water, use at night before going to bed.

14. Avocado Mask

If you like to consume the juice of fresh avocado then there is no harm in your trying to make avocado mask traditionally, avocado fruit can help your skin's regeneration process properly, it will appear new skin cells, but we need a little bit of honey so that natural recipes can be perfect.

How To Make:
How to remove acne scars is traditionally mixed with avocado masks and natural honey, you live with the avocado flesh separating her skin and then blend with a spoon and add 2 Tbsp natural honey for 1 piece avocado cooked, mix until thick and evenly apply on face then let sit for 20 minutes, you will feel the direct effects of natural fruit, use at night so that your skin can be nutritious well.

15. Cucumber Fruit

In addition to the avocado, cucumber Fresh Fruit is usually the drink fresh juice during the day also eliminates scars or blemishes are powerful due to acne, Vitamin E and anti-oxidants contained in cucumber fruit will provide tremendous benefits forward off free radicals that will threaten the damage your skin, if the skin is often exposed to cigarette smoke or other harmful effects it will be prone to acne scars often causing a big problem for your skin, how do I prevent it?

How To Make:
How to make it you only need a little bit of honey as a complement to make natural masks for removing acne scars naturally, the mask that you create can only be used once, prepare 1 piece of cucumber and then puree with a blender and mix 2 spoons of honey is a natural for 1 piece of cucumber, stir it up to take care of and then apply it on your face, let stand a few minutes and flush with warm water, create a mask at night only.

16. Green tea

Green tea has many benefits for beauty, be it beauty body or skin beauty, with a remarkable antiseptic content able to reduce acne and mark on your face, with your regular use can rely on water green tea well.

How to make:
Provide the 1 cup of warm water and then dip powdered green tea and let stand a few minutes until tea powder soluble in water, if you have set up a cotton and dip it in the water over the entire face, let stand a few minutes, then flush again with warm water , in addition to using green tea as a treatment from the outside you also recommended to often consume green tea as a folk remedy for natural beauty.

17. Baking Soda

Baking soda has a good cleanser so it can be used to clean the stain black in the face with safe, reliable content of sodium bicarbonate to remove stains, besides Baking soda is also able to heal the wounds resulting from Acne face, so use the best possible ingredients of this kitchen.

How to use it:
Provide 2 spoon of Baking Soda and add a little warm water stir until thick like paste, and apply on face by giving a little gentle massages let stand for 5 minutes and wash again with warm water, do it this way once a day so that you obtain maximum results, the baking soda is not harmful to the skin of the face.

18. avoid Stain or vehicle Smoke

One of the best ways to take care of the face by avoiding the various causes of the appearance of acne scars that are giving rise to difficult cured, so we as a people are often doing outdoor activities will easily show up pimples. Thus, we can avoid any stains or dust stuck in the face by using the cover of the face while on the highway, you can use a secure Helmet so your face protected from dust or fumes are dangerous.

19. Regular Exercise

With regular exercise, it will create a healthy life pattern so it will make your skin feel lovely and ageless, because any fat content in your body will accumulate if rarely work out, so there's no harm in us work out at least 2 times a week so that body fat burning process smoothly and will create a healthy body and away from various diseases.

20. Wash your Face at least 2 times a day 

Sometimes some people think that treating the face simply by doing a variety of ways to obtain a beautiful face but often underestimate this simple thing, indeed Yes face wash is a very simple thing but will give the effects or benefits to your beautiful face skin, so try to clean your face at least 2 times a day, it would be nice at the time of completion of activities be it indoor or outdoor.

Now that is some easy way to Remove acne scars naturally is a proven so that such materials are well known in the wider community, thus we can find and try the above way, although haven't been getting the results at least we didn't get the maximum effect that is harmful to the skin of the face, as most beauty products now give a negative effect to your face.

If we could try natural ingredients there are around for what we spend a lot of the cost to buy existing products in the market, although the process is long natural ingredients will give the results of the old ones too, it all depends on our own how to treat or treat the face well, may our fruitful discussion, if any the less we add in another chance, thanks and good luck.

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