20 Ways to whiten the face Naturally easy and fast

Everyone either women or men definitely want a healthy face, white and clean, of course, to get the desired treatment face enough, be it from within and outside, keeping the skin of the face in a natural way, for example consuming fruits and vegetables so that is capable of giving sufficient vitamins and nutrients to suit the needs of your skin, well how do I keep the facial skin from the outside? of course by trying natural ingredients that are around you.

Actually, quite a lot of material that can whiten the face naturally that we rarely know, although we often hear from the media, if you are one of those people that want or crave the natural beautiful face then we recommend trying natural ingredients are of course easier to get.

Natural ingredients such as what is helpful to brighten the face? of course, materials that contain lots of vitamins that are good for skin health keep especially facial peels which will give you the confidence, beauty products now prefer natural materials to create a range of cosmetic tools but the price is higher thus making us difficult to get it.

If a material in the process as a tool of beauty we can get directly from the source, for what we buy these products at a great price? We simply create its own natural recipe that made the main leaf or fruit that exists all around us.

Well before we treat the problem of facial skin first, the good news we know just yet what makes our face dull and lacking shine, there are of course factors which may rarely we see in daily activities. There are some common things that can make a black or dark facial skin so damaging to your appearance.

Staying up at night

One of the bad customs that could damage the condition of your facial skin is staying up at night of the day, because the hormones in your body are going out at night and your skin pores will open so make your skin tired, so instead you only need rest, face skin you also need a break.

Exposed to cigarette smoke

The content of nicotine in cigarette smoke can damage cells in the skin of your face, what else you are fond of smoking in a closed room it can harm the skin pores of the face, so your face will look dull and unhealthy.

Less consuming Fruits

There may be some people who are not so fond of consuming fruits then her skin would seem dark and Wrinkly not nutrition, by giving it the nutrients and vitamins to the skin of your face from the inside then you've done a skincare both from within, by consuming fresh fruits would be able to make the facial skin feels healthy, white, and clean, what else do you want to give the nutrients and vitamins in the outer skin by utilizing a mask of fresh fruits.

20 Ways to whiten the face Naturally easy and fast

Well, knowing some of the common causes that may damage the skin's beauty, we can attune themselves to take away the things listed above, but we have to keep the skin from the outside so that the skin can face as we want, we are here already collect some natural ways to whiten the face of fast and easy, anyway the material that exists around us, what are the natural ingredients to brighten the face? Let us refer ...!!

1. How to whiten the face Mask with Tomato

Indeed the fruit of the tomato has many benefits for beauty, especially beauty skin face, how? We can use tomato as fruit facial masks, antioxidant content in tomato fruits are able to protect your skin from Ultraviolet rays during the day, what's good for you who often work outdoors.

How to make it.
Bring me 2 red tomatoes are still fresh and puree with the blender add a little lemon juice, then apply it on the face parts to avoid eye, leave a few minutes and wash off with warm water, do it at night before going to bed so that your facial skin will be well preserved from the outside as well.

2. White face with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, most people rely on Aloe Vera for hair care, indeed Yes the mucus on the leaf has a range of outstanding benefits, but how do you whiten the face with Aloe? Yes, Aloe Vera contains vitamins A, B, C and E are able to give positive effect to the skin bright you quickly.

How To Make It
How to brighten the face with Aloe Vera we no need to cultivate this leaves with the other ingredients, simply separate the mucus on the leaves of Aloe Vera and instantly you apply all over the face skin, and let sit for 20 minutes then wipe with water, do it this way on the night before or the morning of, the content on the Aloe Vera is very safe for skin care.

3. To whiten the face with Sari Bengkoang

Clearly we see pictures of fruit bengkoang on bottle or beauty products, means that the fruit is becoming the main ingredients to keep skin moist, well we can now try how to whiten the face with Bengkoang, content on fruit Bengkoang their vitamins B and C are high so that it can take care of facial skin well.

How To Make it
How to whiten the face with bengkoang we can make use of this fruit juice, Peel fruit bengkoang and grated and then squeeze to dispense water from the dregs, and pour in a container and let sit for 15 minutes until there is a sludge below, then separate the sediment Bengkoang earlier and apply all over the face let sit for 20 minutes to clean with water, use regularly 2 times in a day.

4. Egg whites and Lime

Protein content on the egg will nourish the skin of your face and the antioxidant content in the lime juice will also protect your facial skin from dangers UV rays, so the skin of the face will be maintained well throughout the day.

How To Make it
How to whiten the face mask with egg and lemon, Some free-range chicken eggs and 1 separate the egg whites and then whisk until frothy and add the juice of a lemon, and then apply the entire face let sit to dry, using lime then the fishy smell on eggs will be lost this way, do it at night before bed.

5. With the Papaya Mask

Who would have thought the fruit we always make fresh juices can be beneficial to brighten the face, how do I brighten the face with papaya? as usual papaya fruit can be made a natural mask as face care from the outside, the fruit of the papaya have bleach for skin cells.

How to make it
How to make a papaya mask to whiten skin is very simple, we do not need to add the other ingredients with enough smooth 1 piece of fresh papaya fruit with Blender and apply on the entire face let stand for 20 minutes so that the content and sense of cool on this fruit can be felt by the pores of your skin, use papaya mask at night before bed.

6. With the olive oil and sugar

Olive oil is very powerful to brighten the face that there are black and Fleks dead skin cells due to acne scars, olive oil also nourishes the skin enough to your face, for maximum results add a little-granulated sugar.

How to make it
How to care for the face with olive oil, his way is very easy to add a little-granulated sugar into olive oil and apply it evenly on your face, don't forget to give it a bit of a gentle massage for 20 minutes and clean the back of the face with cold water, the way This you can do 2 times a day.

7. Brighten a face with honey

Natural honey store benefits in it, how does the fluid nature of the results of the bee is capable of taking care of your skin from the outside and the inside, honey contains antiseptic that can be ward off free radicals that attack the skin pores on your face, honey also to prevent premature aging, how to brighten a face with honey?

How to whiten the face with honey is very simple, just apply a natural honey on the face evenly, and allow about 20 minutes so that the content in honey can be absorbed by your skin and wash off with water, you can try this way every day.

8. With the Cucumber fruit

Cucumbers also include a very powerful fruit to maintain and care for your skin from premature aging, the content of nutrients and minerals on the cucumbers were able to eliminate dullness in the skin of your face, so it will look white glow.

How to make it
You just slice the cucumber into small and paste all over your face and let sit for 20 minutes while enjoying cool taste on the skin of your face, to get the maximum results you can also fine-tune this fruit and paste your entire face so that can evenly, do at night and see the result.

9. Orange and Saffron

Besides cucumber Citrus also plays an active role to brighten the face naturally, a high content of vitamin C in Orange was capable of giving a remarkable efficacy for treatment of the face thoroughly, you can make orange juice for consumption or you use on the facial skin from the outside.

How To Make it
How to whiten the face naturally with lime and turmeric, prepare 1 juice of fresh citrus fruit, and turmeric powder and then stir until it becomes a paste and apply it as a mask around the face, you can silence the mask on the face until the next morning, and Rinse until clean, use this way with the daily routine.

10. Use a Strawberry and Milk

Strawberries contain Ellagic which is great for addressing black spots on the skin of your face, besides strawberries are also very powerful to overcome dull skin due to damage and help heal the scars due to Acne and blackheads.

How To Make it
Puree the strawberries and mix a little milk until thick and apply all over your face, let stand a few minutes and rinse with clean water, you can use this every day on a regular basis to get maximum results.

11. Make use of potatoes

Potatoes help prevent your skin looks dark and clean the dead skin cells quickly, this fruit also contains vitamin C and its able to whiten the face naturally, how to prepare it?

How To Make it
How to brighten your face with potatoes, Peel the potatoes and enough input in a Blender wait a few minutes until potatoes are smooth and add a little water to apply all over your face skin, let sit for 15 minutes then wipe with water, you can applying this way at least 2 times a week on a regular basis and regularly.

12. Rice flour

Did you know rice flour is useful for illuminating the face naturally? on rice flour there are antioxidants that can kill the toxins that are harmful to your skin, for example, smoke vehicles during the day, then at night, you could try using natural ingredients.

How to make it
You can create your own rice flour that is natural and free of other materials, bring 1 cup of rice and mashed until smooth and add warm water to taste, and then apply it on your face, let stand about 15 minutes, then cool in the sense of the face will you feel, doing it this way at night before bed.

13. Water Rice

If you are lazy to make rice flour, then options you could try utilizing a water to rice to brighten the face naturally, rice water contains many B vitamins that help nourish your skin from the outside, but try uses natural rice without a mix of other ingredients.

How to make it
Bring me some rice's grasp, then input into a glass and add a little water and then shake up to come out whitewater, well water is what will you apply on the entire face, while doing a bit of gentle massage, and let sit for 20 minutes then rinse your face with clean water, natural way of doing this every night before bed.

14. Salt and Lemon

Lemon contains vitamin C which is amazing so it is very suitable for a wide range of facial treatments, lemon and salt is not only able to brighten the skin of your face but can reduce oil on the skin of the face, so acne and blackheads will be reduced by quick.

How To Make it
Halve lemon fresh squeeze the water and input to a place combine with a little salt, then apply on the face while rub gently with fingertips for a few seconds, let stand a few minutes and then rinse with clean water. do it this way every day until you get the maximum results.

15. Coffee and Sugar Scrub

Maybe you rarely listen to benefit coffee to face, But in an area outside of the coffee used to brighten the face or other treatments, high caffeine content in coffee is capable of lifting dead skin cells quickly, but you should Add a few spoonfuls of sugar so that the process could be quicker.

How to make it
You can create a natural Scrub made of coffee and sugar, provide some spoons of coffee and sugar and add a bit of warm water, and then apply all over the face skin let stand a few minutes so that the coffee can be absorbed by the content of your pores with perfect, do it this way on the day or night.

16. Brighten Faces with Yogurt

Maybe you've never heard of Yogurt, Yogurt made with a mixture of cow's milk and soy, but always dominated by cow milk, Yogurt contains lactic acid and proteins found in cow's milk, with the content of this Yogurt also useful for illuminating the face naturally and safely, the nature Yogurt also gives a bright effect on your face, if its use is regular.

How to make it
How to whiten the face with Yogurt? His way is very easy just buy Yogurt that is natural but the fitting without sense, if it is just you apply evenly on face and let sit for 10 minutes, wipe with water, do it this way 2 times a day, IE morning and night today.

17. the Banana Mask

For those of us who live in Indonesia banana is not a rare fruit, because this fruit other than accessible cost which includes the affordable, making it easier for us to make the mask a banana as natural ingredients to brighten the face, the content of vitamins and minerals in a banana will help brighten dull skin face, and helped lift the dead skin cells quickly.

How To Make it
How to whiten the face Mask with bananas is not a difficult thing, you find the banana fruit is ripe and still fresh, fruit puree bananas to slick and add a little olive oil, 1 tbsp olive oil enough for 1 piece banana, then mix until thick, evenly and apply all over the face let sit for 15 minutes, here you can taste the fresh banana mask on the face, then rinse with warm water, do it this way at night so that your facial skin and radiant white.

18. avocado Mask

In addition to fruit banana avocado also help you get your facial skin healthy and clean, the fruit of the avocado fruit is also not that difficult, with a very affordable price you can already make a mask avocado content of its own, very great for keeping the humidity of your facial skin and help heal your facial skin irritation due to acne scars.

How To Make it
How to whiten the face with avocado is not difficult, in making this natural masks we do not need to add the other ingredients, just with 1 piece avocado ripen. puree the flesh of the fruit of the avocado and add a little water to let such a thick paste, then apply on the portion of your facial skin, let sit for 20 minutes, then rinse with clean water, you can create and use avocado fruit at night only.

19. Apple and Honey Mask

Have you ever listened to mask the fruit apples? If not you could try it, Apple did indeed have a slightly high but prices for benefits and benefits on an Apple-very unusual, especially for care face on a regular basis, on an Apple there are high in Vitamin C good for keeping your facial skin and prevent premature aging.

How To Make it
How to whiten the face with the Apple, how to make Apple mask is very easy, just in the recipe this time we need a little bit of honey, how to make it blend with the blander apples 1 and add 1 tbsp natural honey and a bit of lemon juice, if it is, pour the mask in a place and input to the refrigerator for about 15 minutes, if already apply all over the face and let sit on the skin of your face for 15 minutes and then flush it with clean water, use a natural mask at night so that your facial skin feel the cool and the efficacy of the apples.

20. Diligent Washing Face

One way to whiten the face in a simple routine that is to clean the skin of the face with clean water on a regular basis at least 2 times a day, wash your face diligently with you during the day regardless of the activity, especially the activity outside the room will help lift dirt and dust that clings to the skin pores on your face, so that your facial skin will always be clean, to further perfect the use of cleaning SOAP also face of which there are over the counter.

That's some way to whiten the face Naturally you can try at home, natural fruits that are present in the area we really save a million benefits that we rarely know, so in addition to the natural ingredients we try to enlighten our face also It is recommended to always consume fresh vegetables every day so that the health of the skin can be groomed from the outside and the inside.

In addition to natural foods and fresh we also recommended to live a healthy life patterns, such as diligent in exercising it, with exercise helps to reduce the fat content in the body so that it can prevent the emergence of skin diseases arising out of fat, such as acne, boil and other, hopefully this article helps you in getting healthy facial skin, white and radiant, so and thank you.

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