9 the benefits of Noni Fruit for health

Noni fruit or also known by the name of pace is a fruit that tastes quite bitter. The fruit is green as a child, however, when mature, will change to yellow color and texture of any softening.

Behind the bitterness that sometimes makes people reluctant to consume it, it turns out that quite a lot of the benefits of noni fruit for health, such as the following benefits 9.

1. Analgesic Substance

Noni fruit can act as substances analgesics or pain reliever. Some research also suggests that treating pain as the disease arthritis and joints more effectively using noni fruit compared with chemicals such as tramadol and hydrocortisone.

To relieve the pain, in the research of noni juice made way for a pace with a mixture of water and whether a 10:1.

2. Improve the immune system

Noni fruit may boost the immune system by enabling macrophage in the body that produces lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are cells in the blood that are tasked to kill a variety of suspicious and dangerous microorganisms that enter into the body.

Noni fruit also acts as an anti-bacterial agent that can fight various harmful bacteria that can enter the body, such as Staphylococcus aureus and e. Coli.

A study of the year 2009 also proved that the fruit of the noni can activate the cells of dendritic, i.e. the cells in the immune system that serve to identify the attack range of dangerous microorganisms.

3. Substances, Antidepressants or Sedatives

The content in the fruit of the noni can stimulate hormone serotonin work and hormone melatonin, two types of very important hormones in the body.

Hormones serotonin can affect a person's mood, emotions, and bedtime. No share of hormones serotonin in the body can lead to depression. Meanwhile, the hormone melatonin regulates circadian rhythms, which helps humans to sleep soundly every night so it has a better mood.

Whether as an antidepressant substance already examined in 2011 and published in the Asian Journal of Medical Sciences.

4. Skin and Hair Care

Who would have thought the fruit shape is relatively uninteresting turned out to have benefits for skin and hair? The trick is also quite easy, you just need the noni fruit is mashing a ripe and a bit mushy for later made masks are applied topically to the scalp or face. Let sit for 15 minutes and see the difference.

Noni fruit contains very much very potent antioxidants to nourish the skin, including anthraquinone, lignan, neolignan, and scopoletin. Noni fruit can also be used by all skin types without any exceptions.

Many people who utilize this one fruit to treat skin diseases such as acne, herpes, and burns, such a study has been published in 2009 that whether a drug is a pretty powerful burn.

5. Anti cancer or Tumors

The benefits of noni fruit is another substance can act as antitumor and anti-cancer noni fruit because it can increase the production of nitric oxide in the body, which acts to inhibit tumor growth and helps the body fight cell replication cancer. There are an anthraquinone and selenium substances undergoing the functionality.

In addition, the fruit also contains noni phytochemicals substances if consumed on a regular basis would make the effect of prevention against cancer. On the other hand, those already convicted of cancer cell growth will be reduced by the cancer-consuming noni fruit.

Pace as anti-cancer substances has also been researched intensively and continuously developed in order to be produced commercially.

6. Lower blood pressure

Good news for sufferers of hypertension, noni fruit can you consume to lower high blood pressure.
The content in the fruit of noni accounted for this are selenium and vitamin C prevents blood vessel damage due to free radicals, also scopoletin, alkaline substances that keep the body fluids are not too acidic so it does not enable free radicals.

In addition, pace also contains proxeronine, which in the body is converted into xeronine, which serves to make the cells work in more harmony, lower stress levels, and ultimately lowers the blood pressure.

There are also deposits of tryptophan fruit noni that can enter the bloodstream, and then trigger the formation of hormones serotonin which is very good for lowering blood pressure.

7. Prevent Cholesterol

Noni fruit may prevent absorption of LDL cholesterol or cholesterol known as ' evil ', so as to reduce the risk of the formation of plaque in arteries, and keeping you healthy and live longer.

The use of noni fruit as a deterrent of cholesterol also has been tested by a researcher named Mian-Ying Wang, with the participants as much as 106 people are smokers who consumed juice mixture of pace, Blueberry, and grape, every day for one the moon.

The result is quite astounding, with the consumption of this juice, the participant may decrease the levels of cholesterol of 235.2 190.2 becomes mg/dL mg/dL after one month. While for other groups not eating noni, cholesterol levels barely changed over the past one month.

However, the use of noni fruit is, unfortunately, to be avoided by the kidney disease sufferers, because whether it contains high amounts of potassium can be dangerous for patients with kidneys.

8. Improve Memory

The benefits of noni fruit are can improve memory. Noni fruit contains significant amounts of phytosterols are very important for maintaining brain health, also prevents plaque does not form on the arterial flow of blood vessels leading to the brain.

Noni to improve memory in order not easily forget has also been examined in the year 2012 and published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. Treatment using noni for three days will cause blood flow to the brain the more smoothly.

9. Treat Constipation

Noni fruit that belongs to the very rich in fiber can help clean up the leftovers in the intestine as well as treat constipation or hard bowel movements.

Noni fruit also contains a wide variety of phytochemicals, substances, as well as the macronutrients proxeronine which can trigger the production of various hormones that can support smooth digestive systems to break down the food that goes into the body.

Noni fruit also has a function as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial are extremely beneficial for treating diseases or diseases of digestive ulcer caused by the growth of bacteria.

If you want better digestion, eat it one noni, or about one ounce of noni juice every day before breakfast. After a few times doing it routinely, guaranteed you'll be healthier and away from indigestion.

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