A collection of Herbal cough medicine for infants Ages 2 – 4 months

A baby afflicted by coughing certainly make parents anxious and worried. What if the baby is still very small and could not be given drugs to cope with a cough. Then the parents would certainly find a way to be able to treat coughs at the grassroots. Indeed when the baby got a cough or a runny nose, do not give vain medicine. This is because baby flower power has not been as perfect as adults so that the giving of any drug can effect conferring bad baby. Unless the remedy recommended by doctors. Better to just use the herbal ingredients to relieve a cough in infants because of the natural ingredients are more minimal side effects on infants.

Before that, check out some of the causes of a cough that attack baby that might be the case, as follows:

  1. the stricken with respiratory tract infection at the top because of the virus.
  2. infant respiratory tract of infected bacteria.
  3. lower respiratory tract infection due to bacteria. It is also usually accompanied by symptoms of fever or shortness of breath.
  4. Infants stricken with bronchitis.
  5. Babies stricken with pneumonia aspiration.
  6. The durability of the body of a baby less than perfect so susceptible to coughs and colds as well.
  7. Contracting coughs and colds than adults.
  8. Allergic to some particular allergens.
  9. A history of asthma in infants.
  10. Babies exposed to cigarette smoke excessively.
  11. Baby's exposure to dust and pollutants are evil.
  12. Bad neighborhood and humid.
  13. The aspiration or choking on food.
  14. gastric acid reflux that rises to the esophagus.
  15. The presence of inflammation in the nose or sinuses
  16. Bad habit baby who likes to incorporate objects into the mouth.
  17. Baby don't break on a regular basis.

That's some of the causes of coughing babies. The cause was of course mother and people around infants can prevent a cough in infants, one of whom with away from the baby if you're stricken with the flu. In addition, always changing the baby on a regular basis to avoid the attached to it of bacteria and viruses in baby clothes. Parents who wish to hold a baby should also maintain the cleanliness of his hands. Besides avoid the baby from exposure to smoking and create an atmosphere of home becomes a healthy atmosphere.

But if the baby is already afflicted by coughing, to cope with a cough in infants ages 2 – 4 months, here are a few ways and materials that could be made by the elderly or those around the baby:

1. deliver the liquid that many

A baby afflicted by coughing will need more fluid enters into his body to address the cause of a cough itself. Therefore, give the fluid a lot for a baby. Give BREAST MILK more of the day usually. If the baby does not drink the BREAST MILK, so it's good to give milk too much more than usual. This is done because the baby was drinking, then the channel will be closed Eustachian. Tertutupnya this channel will make the bacteria the causes of coughing could be scaled down its activities.

2. Give honey

Although many say honey is one of the herbal ingredients that can be consumed for infants over 1 year, however, if in the condition of the distressed, the use of honey to treat a cough in infants ages 2 and 4 months is also allowed. It's just that, honey should not be for directly. Better dissolve honey in water, milk or DAB a bit of honey on the breast so that it can be taken along with breast milk.

3. Wipe the telon oil or eucalyptus

The herbal or traditional way which is pretty safe and also recommended is with traditional oils such as oil wipe telon or eucalyptus oil to the body of the baby. This will make the baby's body is becoming more warm and comfortable. Expand the sweep on the chest that's in part because a cough is usually lodged. Avoid expulsion in the area near the face, because if the affected eye will feel the heat. Avoid also rubbed on the area of the hand, because the baby's hands typically like to move to and fro, to face yourself.

4. Using a sterile salt

How to cope with a cough in infants in a safe herbal next is using sterile physiological salt or salt. This salt solution can help treat a cough in infants with how to dilute or thin mucus in the throat and nose so infant cough phlegm so could soon be cured. The trick is used to cleanse the nasal cavity the little one. Then using the dropper drops, immediately squirt physiological salt solution into your nasal cavity. Then suction back physiological salt solutions are also using a pipette aid drops. This will help treat a cough and runny nose phlegm so in infants. This salt solution can be obtained at the pharmacy.

5. Wipe olive oil and rosemary oil

Massage has always been an alternative herbal treatment best for babies who are still aged 2 to 4 months. Massage will give you blood circulation and air more smoothly for the fruit of the heart. In addition, the essential oil is used to massage will also cough effect conferring good for the little one so easily healed. The way is to combine the rosemary oil with olive oil. Use the oil to massaged or applied topically to the baby's chest and back also.

6. Bathe the baby with essential oils

To relieve a cough in infants under 5 next month is to bathe the baby with essential oils. Use warm water to bathe the baby. Don't forget to squirt some essential oils such as rosemary oil or eucalyptus oil. Mix well before entering the baby into it. Let your baby soak a few minutes in warm water. This will make the chest and throat babies be more relieved so slowly cough can be cured by itself.

7. Give turmeric

Turmeric is one of the natural herbs that quite often relied upon to resolve various complaints, including coughs and colds as well. If the baby is exposed to coughing, then this may be the option of Saffron can be an alternative herbal cough remedy for babies. How that can be done quite easily, i.e. also take turmeric powder or turmeric gradually became a puree. Apply turmeric powder or turmeric which already mashed into the breast or the bottle teat could swallow it baby so baby along with breast milk. Or it could be by directly mixing a small amount of turmeric powder to milk the baby in order to drink the milk together.

8. steam Therapy with essential oils

The next way is to do a simple steam therapy. Warm steam and enter the baby's respiratory system will help relieve the baby's respiratory system. Thus a cough can diminish the symptoms. This way is also safe enough for babies and countless without side effects. The trick is also very easy. Boil the water to boil. Pour boiling water into a sink or bathtub. Squirt some essential oils such as eucalyptus oil, or oil of telon. Carrying babies and urge them to go into the bathroom. Close the bathroom door for maximum results. This will relieve the baby's throat.

9. the garlic aroma Therapy

The next herbal ways to treat a cough in infants is with garlic aromatherapy. Garlic itself indeed is one of the natural materials that contain natural antiseptic compounds. It turns out that just by giving the aroma of garlic, the baby will have a positive effect in treating cough. The trick is to peel several cloves of garlic and then roast or baking it without oil. Then, take the garlic and allow to cool. Destroy by means ground just a little to bring up the aroma. Insert the garlic into a container and put it in the vicinity of cots. But don't get too close to the baby so as not affordable by the baby.

10. Invites the Sun baby

The baby must be frequent-often invited basking in the Sun in the morning. How this is commonly done by parents with the aim to enable the production of vitamin D is important for growing babies. But apparently, this way is not only good for the growing of cotton baby but also good for healing naturally cough and herbs. This is because the rays of the morning sun could help weaken the performance of the viruses and bacteria and slowly kill him, so a cough that is caused by bacteria and viruses can heal faster.

11. lemon Herb and honey

Infants ages 2 and 4 months who is stricken with a cough could be overcome with a concoction of herbs lemon and honey. Lemon and honey both have benefits as an antiseptic and a bitter taste. But don't be too redundant because lime itself has a sour taste and not good enough for the baby's stomach. Therefore, follow the following dosages for infants under 5 months, i.e. only half teaspoon of honey and drops with a little lime juice. Stir together warm water to dissolve. drink it on baby little by little. The best time to drink it on the baby is a baby moments before sleep.

Another way that can be done to relieve the symptoms of a cough in infants between them as follows:
  • Baby Sleeping with your head higher.
  • Create air circulation and also the circulation of a good light in the House.
  • Clean the air inside the House with sterilizer air.
  • maintain the cleanliness of the home and family members.

Thus the collection of herbal cough medicine for infants ages 2 – 4 months along with a cause that needs to be known by parents to relieve a cough in infants. Use herbal ingredients and natural ingredients are easy to find and well secured to the baby. If a cough in infants failed to recover, and there are other symptoms that infect the baby's body like fever, the baby is fussy, or respiratory disorders of the newborn, immediately checking the babies to the doctor to find out the causes and how the right treatment. Hope this article is useful.

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