How to remove the former mosquito bites on a Baby naturally

The mosquito is one animal that is very disturbing because it can cause a variety of diseases to humans. Among them, namely malaria, dengue fever, and chikungunya and other types of diseases. Then, despite a few mosquitoes that do not cause disease, many people still hate animals this one because often result in scarring on the skin that is never lost, even for babies. Therefore, to eliminate the former need to look for ways of eliminating the former mosquito bites on a baby quickly.

Please note that in addition to the imprint, the bite from a mosquito also lead to itchiness and bring up full on areas of the body are exposed to bites. Usually accompanied by the appearance of the color of anger on the surface of the skin which hoses a few hours later turns into smudges black.

The process of occurrence full or redness on the skin this is because when a mosquito's bite, he pulled out a compound substance anti-blood clotting or anticoagulant which trigger allergic reactions occur or in the form of redness and swollen bumps. This kind of thing can happen to anyone, of any age group. But of course, if it happens to the baby then mark will be worse than adults.

This is due to the baby's skin is very tender and sensitive, unlike the adults. So if anyone from outside stimuli such as touch, friction, pinch, even mosquito bites then the response would be given more red with more or better. By looking at this sort of thing on a baby's skin, though not dangerous but bite marks that are not addressed by either could have become permanent for the life of a baby in the future.

How To Remove The Former Mosquito Bites On A Baby With Natural Ingredients

Thus how to remove mosquito bite scars or wounds become important in order for skin beauty, smooth implementation process, as well as the beauty of the skin baby,  waking up to adults. For that, the mother should know some way of removing scars on newborn babies in order to be safe to use natural yet still effective to make his skin back intact as they are.

• using Potato Skins

The first way to eliminate the former mosquito bites on a baby that is by using the skin of the potatoes. This is because potatoes contain a substance potassium and vitamin C is great for making scars become missing or vague. There are many scars that can be cured with these potato skins, one of which, namely the former mosquito bites.

Usage is very simple, namely with peeling the potatoes and then took part in the skin or the skin of the potato. After that, the skin of the potatoes immediately smeared on a mosquito bite or red spots. How is certainly very safe because it uses natural materials so it can be done at any time and routine to the baby so the mosquito bite scars disappear permanently.

• Use onion and Garlic

How to remove the former mosquito bites on a baby next using kitchen garlic or garlic. This is because the seasoning ingredients one has to contain anti-bacterial compounds which are great for treating wounds, one of the cuts due to mosquito bites and allergies.

How to use is very easy by splitting the shallots or garlic, then pick up the inside to then smeared on bite marks. When applying would be nice if when the baby is asleep so as not to fuss and certainly should do so cautiously and slowly due to the baby's skin is certainly more sensitive skin than adults. This way is also very secure and can be repeated for two times in one day for maximum results.

• using Aloe Vera Gel

The third way to get rid of mosquito bite scars by using Aloe Vera gel. This is because plants are indeed known to many of these benefits has a content of aloesin. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloesin certainly excellent relieve swollen bumps-red swollen bumps due to mosquito bites on a baby's skin. The content of Aloe Vera gel, particularly his already known is a great healer of wounds including cuts because of a mosquito bite.

How to use it is very practical and secure because this is certainly natural ingredients such as potatoes and onions. The first certainly provides a sprig of Aloe Vera, and then cut it. Then using the spoon, the Aloe gel took and placed in a container or bowl for them. After that, the gel is ready for use and is applied to the former mosquito bites and can be repeated until the scars disappear.

• Using the banana peels

How to remove the former mosquito bites on a baby next using the banana peels. This is because in addition to a source of carbohydrates, especially banana peel is indeed known as the cure cuts the former mosquito bites for the baby are safe and natural.

How to use it very easily by taking the skin of the fruit is ripe, bananas are then put to the former mosquito bite carefully and slowly. It is also surely be repeated until the scars disappear permanently from the baby's skin.

• using the juice of a Lemon

How to remove a scar because the next mosquito bite that is by using the juice of a lemon. This is because lemon is indeed known as a high source of vitamin C and also has lots of benefits. One of the benefits is to eliminate scars because animal bites suck like a mosquito.

How to use very easily by taking a lemon and then split it. After that and then squeeze the lemon and put it in a container or a small bowl. For applying the juice of a lemon to the water or mosquito bite scars at the hands of infants, can be aided using cotton. How this course can also be done repeatedly while the baby sleeps in order not to fuss.

• using Honey

The last way to eliminate the former mosquito bites on a baby that is with using honey. Indeed, as we know honey has lots of benefits for life including one that is to eliminate the scars, including wounds because of a mosquito bite.

How to use it very easily by taking honey and rub it directly on the skin that was bitten by the mosquito. But should this indeed is done when the baby is asleep so that so that effective results awaited first honey to dried and cleaned before being absorbed by the skin.

So few ways of eliminating the former mosquito bites on a baby can be done easily. In addition to doing it one way, so that mosquitoes do not attack infants by covering Windows and doors using gauze or wire, using mosquito repellent, telon oil using powder abate for shelter water, use mosquito nets to sleep, as well as planting lavender flowers at home.

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