Medicine chickenpox in children: Handling until Recovered

Some parents might be hurriedly so knowing their hearts exposed fruit disease of chicken pox, which makes them a lot to look for information on drug chickenpox in children. The disease chicken pox or varicella also called the usual attacking children with led red nodule containing fluid and itching all over the body. Although usually suffered by children aged under 10 years old, the disease chickenpox can also attack adults. The more vulnerable adults exposed to chicken pox, for example, pregnant women and people with low immune systems. Generally, adults who never once exposed to chickenpox in childhood will not be exposed to chickenpox again for the second time.

Chickenpox disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus. The virus is transmitted through droplets sneezed or coughed at the time, or through direct contact with clothes, bed linen, or fluid that comes out of a person's skin nodule infected with that virus. Symptoms will arise within 10-21 days after someone hit by exposure to the virus. Chickenpox disease characterized by the appearance of a rash on the skin as the main symptoms. This rash will develop into red nodule that spreads to the entire body. The Red nodule will then be filled with fluid, which gently dries and recovers.

Even so, someone's been infected can pass the virus to other people one or two days before the rash appears, where she had a fever, headache, and lost appetite (at the time a person is usually unaware that He was suffering from chicken pox). Until the whole nodule dries and recovers, that individual can still transmit the virus to others.

What is chicken pox in children Medication that is right?

The majority of cases the disease chicken pox does not require special handling because the purpose of the treatment is given only to reduce symptoms. Drugs provided by doctors there are usually two types. The first paracetamol to lower fever. The second is the powder or lotion to reduce itching in the skin.

Chickenpox is caused by a virus, so it will not respond to antibiotics. Sometimes, for groups that are more susceptible to complications due to chicken pox disease, the doctor will prescribe antiviral acyclovir. Acyclovir function relieves the symptoms of chickenpox and is only effective if given within 24 hours after the rash first appears. Besides chickenpox in children mentioned above, as a parent You can also perform the following steps in caring for your heart that fruit is exposed to chicken pox:

• to minimize the possibility of your heart fruit scratch his skin

Ideally, someone who suffers from chickenpox disease is advised not to scratch his skin. Chickenpox scratched nodule will be wound so that it can increase the risk of infection (in addition, of course, can leave scars). But in children, this may be hard to do. One of the tricks that you can do is to wrap his hands and feet with gloves and socks. In addition, you can cut a fingernail short fruit of your heart.

• damp Towels to relieve itching

As has been mentioned, chicken pox in children medication to reduce the itching can be a lotion, calamine, powder or chlorphenamine can be drunk by children aged one year or older. In addition, you can also put a cold towel and damp areas that itch and then let the remains of water that is on the surface of the skin to dry out on its own.

• fever by giving Opponents plenty of fluids

Give plenty of fluids on the fruit of your heart, especially if he has a fever, to prevent it from experiencing dehydration. If he is still breastfeeding, milk it as often as possible so that at the same time he also gained enough nutrients and antibodies to fight the disease. When the fruit of your heart more than two months, you can give paracetamol (plural used as chicken pox in children to lower the temperature and relieve the pain).

• Choose the right clothes

Itching and sometimes the pain is certainly not hospitable conditions for children. You can ease the pain by applying a loose shirt, easily replaceable, and absorb sweat. Cotton is the choice of the best materials in order to reduce your heart fruit taste itching. If your child is still wearing a disposable diaper, we recommend that you rest your first wearing diapers to give a chance on an irregular nodule that may be around the buttocks and genital areas in order to dry out and heal.

• Bath

In addition about chickenpox in children medication that is effective, other questions most commonly asked is whether sufferers of chickenpox may take a bath or not. There is concern that the baths will make chickenpox does not heal or even extended. Most doctors allow sufferers to chicken pox for the bath. Let alone the chicken pox it took until a few moments to recover total, so if it does not take a bath at all thus the skin becomes dirty so that potentially poses a new problem.

But of course, you should still pay attention to some of the terms and conditions of bathing the child You are exposed to chicken pox. The first is, use warm water, especially if your child's fever. The use of warm water aims so that the body does not wobble due to the difference in body temperature and water temperature are too far away.

Second, bathe your child slowly and avoid using sponges, bath in order not to break the irregular chickenpox. One of the principles of treatment of chickenpox is to keep blackheads, chickenpox does not burst, but rather deflated by itself. Because if it is broke, vulnerable secondary infections occur and also will leave a scar.

Third, use a soft towel to dry the body after bathing. The reason is the same as the previous point, namely to keep the blackheads, chicken pox is not broke. How to dry up the body for patients with chicken pox, not by rubbing a towel onto the surface of the skin, but rather simply paste it with a lighter. Make sure the towel so that former sufferers also chicken pox is not used by anyone else, to prevent transmission of the disease.

• provide air circulation is good for children's rooms

In addition to drug-assisted with chicken pox in children as has been mentioned, the giving a good air circulation is very beneficial to reduce itching. However, to keep in mind is not to direct the blast wind of AIR CONDITIONING or a fan directly into the body of the child, because when the fever then would grow worse and chills.

Can illness chickenpox be prevented? Of course, it can. In addition to doing an effort so that sufferers of chickenpox do not transmit the virus to other people, other preventive measures are by vaccination. The chickenpox vaccine is indeed not included in 5 basic immunization recommended by the Department of health. Someone who never vaccinated chicken pox does not mean 100% certain will not be affected by this disease.

However, the risk is to be very much reduced and if exposed generally symptoms that arise are not bad people who have never been vaccinated. So the article can be presented about the drug chickenpox in children. Hopefully helpful

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