The Benefits Of The Fruit Zuriat That Cannot Be Owned Other Fruit

Have you ever heard the name Zuriat for the fruit? The fruit that comes from Egypt this reddish yellow, oval shape but its size like apples. The sweet taste makes a lot of people liked it, especially the people of the region of the Middle East.

Fruit lineage is known as the fruit of doum in the region of the Middle East. In addition, also known by the name of the fruit Adam and Eve. Unique way? Fruit with unique shapes, unique taste, unique names, and no doubt has a unique benefit.

You can eat the fruit eaten by way of direct lineage or mixed into the dish. In addition to its fruit can be consumed, seeds of this fruit can You make as a candied or syrup. Nutrient content in the fruit of the lineage is quite high, giving benefits for the health of your body.

Then what Zuriat for the fruit benefits can you get? She is the information:

1. Anti-allergy

Do you suffer from an allergy to cold temperatures or allergies are a type of food? Allergies tend to result in hives on some parts of the skin. Well, it happens because your immune system is not running optimally.

To overcome this, consume its fruit of the lineage. Fruit Zuriat that contain hydroxycinnamates and flavonoids can help reduce the risk of incidence of allergies. In addition, the fruit of the lineage also has anti-allergy, so a variety of allergy-related problems can easily be resolved, even prevent.

2. Prevent free radicals

Free radicals in the body often occur because of the potential negative influence on the environment, for example, the number of air pollution, are too often exposed to the Sun, and become passive smokers. In addition, the number of junk food consumption will increase the risk of exposure to free radicals. Well, the benefits of the fruit Zuriat for one is balancing the impact of free radicals.

The fruit has antioxidant content Zuriat for the high, so it is able to reduce free radicals, including reducing stress.

3. ageless Make

Have an ageless face is a dream of all people. The dream, however, is hindered by the presence of a sign of premature aging like fine lines on the face, wrinkles, as well as the increasingly dull the face. The signs of premature aging that can be handled by way of eating the fruit of the lineage or by making a fruit mask lineage.

In both of these points have been described that Zuriat for the fruit has high antioxidant substances, antioxidants that will certainly help eliminate the signs of premature aging. Fine lines, wrinkles, dull face and You will disappear, so that premature aging is increasingly hampered, even you will look younger than his real age.

4. Tackling high blood

Increased blood pressure can lead to heart disease and stroke because both the disease do occur due to not optimally the flow of blood by the heart. Well, the benefits of the fruit Zuriat for next is that it helps lower blood pressure. With reduced blood pressure, then the performance of the heart any more optimal.

Then by eating the fruit of the Zuriat on a regular basis, not only able to overcome hypertension or high blood, but is also pressing for heart disease and stroke.

5. Increase fertility

He's the reason why fruit is known as the lineage of Adam or Eve's fruit. Yes, Adam Eve, indeed the first couple on Earth. A husband and wife couples certainly have dreams for children are given immediately. For those who've been waiting a long time but never given the children, then the fruit you can make alternative Zuriat.

The benefits of the fruit of the lineage were overcome problems of reproduction, in which case this means to improve fertility. The unstable hormone can help with eating the fruit of the lineage. Thus, the desire to immediately given the children may soon be realized thanks to the fruit of the lineage. Besides the lineage, you can also consume fruit dates young to increase fertility womb.

6. Resolve constipation

Constipation or digestive traffic-jammed often occur in each person. Constipation is caused by poor diet, i.e. the number of consumption of sugar and fat, while there is no fiber at all. Maybe this time you overcome constipation with laxatives, purgative effect is less good for the body, especially if consumed in excess doses.

Well, to be safe, more fruit consume its lineage, the lineage of the fruit benefits because one of them is the digestive system troubleshooting. The fruit contains fiber and Zuriat for the minerals that are able to streamline the process of excretion through chapters.

7. To heal the wound

Why is fruit Zuriat able to heal wounds? Yes, because the nutrients and vitamins that play a role in accelerating wound healing are found in the fruit of the lineage. Germs that are harmful to the wound would be killed because of the vitamin C in the fruit of the lineage. In doing so, will prevent the occurrence of wound infections arose.

In addition, the benefits of the fruit of the lineage can also enhance the immune system decreases due to the occurrence of injuries. Yes, the event automatically cuts the human immune system will decrease. However, this can be overcome by the fruit of the lineage.

8. As a reliever thirst

Just like other fruits, in general, are capable of relieving thirst. The fruit of the lineage can be processed into simple drinks. The seeds of the fruit of his own lineage can be processed into syrup is nutritious, it can also be made into sweets. In addition to having a sweet taste, fruit Zuriat for the very fresh, so being able to pull off thirst.

Surely that Zuriat for the processed fruit drinks are very rich in nutrients and benefits. So, don't hesitate anymore to always eat fruit that comes from Egypt.

9. Add nutrition

Because the content of nutrients in fruit lineage very much, then when you consume it will drain a lot of nutrients to the body. Starting from protein, minerals, fatty acids, oil life, and other nutrients, you can get from the fruit of the lineage.

Well that's consuming the fruit Zuriat directly or processed into drinks, nutrition obtained will not be reduced. That way, the immune system, the body's health ever awake.

10. Treat the eyes of animals

The benefits of the fruit account for many, including in part the seeds. The seeds of the fruit account for the processed could be useful for treating eye diseases in animals. Farm animals such as cows, goats, camels, and other, which then suffer from eye diseases, can be cured by means of refined Zuriah seed shed into the eyeball.

Just as the human eye dripped eye medication, as well as with farm animals. However, drops his eyes very natural, i.e. fruit seed Zuriat.

Lots of fruit benefits rather than lineage? the fruit that comes from Egypt is indeed quite rare in Indonesia, but for some people who went to Hajj, often the fruit is made into the gift shop. That way, the fruit of the lineage can be a more popular time of Hajj.

Although relatively rare, many who want fruit lineage, even to order far from Egypt or other Middle Eastern countries. This is because the benefits of belonging to the lineage of the fruit are very rich, even some of the benefits you can get from no other fruit.

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