This is the 11th African Leaf Benefits recognized by Medical

African crop alone has tremendous benefits for the health of the body, especially on the part of its leaves. Leaves Africa has an excellent nutrient for the human body, such as fenolat acid, anti-inflammatory substances, antioxidants, minerals, acid essential, and some vitamins.

African leaf benefits you can get by way of preparing or make it along with other herbal plants. You can use the traditional way, i.e. mashing, boiling, and drying the leaves Africa.

Benefits For The Health Of Africa Leaves

Then what the heck the benefits contained in Africa leaves to human health? She is his review:

Lowering cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels in the blood cannot be left well enough alone. If it is silenced for a long time, sooner or later other diseases will join goes into the body and getting worse. Heart attack and stroke are some of the possibilities that occur when cholesterol levels in the blood rise.

Well, first Africa leaves benefit is lower the cholesterol levels. With the decline in cholesterol levels, the body is increasingly healthy, other diseases can be prevented. The trick is pretty easy, you just need to boil the leaves, Africa, then drink water boiled. Indeed it tasted bitter, but you can add it the juice of a lime or lemon and honey.

Preventing hypertension

Other than cholesterol levels, high blood pressure can also trigger the onset of stroke and heart attack. Therefore, you must reduce blood pressure so that the body remains healthy. One way is with the herb leaves Africa, African leaf decoction is able to lower blood pressure quickly.

So there will be no hypertension, stroke, heart disease if you diligently consumes a decoction of the leaves. Blood pressure decreases can be characterized by being a quiet person, not easily angered, and always cheerful.

Overcoming insomnia

Do you often experience insomnia? Insomnia or difficulty sleeping faithful today will increasingly worsen your health because no bedtime would be sure. Well, this could resolve Your insomnia by eating leaves, Africa.

The leaves are boiled then African drunk is one of the best natural ways of overcoming insomnia. Afriki leaves have the ability of relaxation, so your body feels the more calm, and no longer experiencing insomnia.

Treating flatulence

Flatulence can be caused by a too large number of consuming water or minerals but the troubled digestion system. At the end of the stomach will be more protruding and reduces a person's confidence.

Well, one of the benefits of African leaf is shrunk belly. You can boil a few strands of leaves or African brew it only uses hot water only. Drink water leaves Africa which has added sugar and the juice of the lime so that the bitter taste does not feel again.

Treating diabetes

Leaves Africa beneficial to lower sugar levels in the blood, with a very nice consumed for diabetics. Diabetes occurs because the levels of glucose in the blood increases, it is usual to be caused by a poor diet.

In addition to preventing diabetes, leaf Africa was also able to heal chronic diabetes though. You only need consume it on a regular basis, create a decoction of the leaves Africa each day and bring it up in diabetics. Many sufferers who ultimately chose amputation after decay in certain body parts, but the herb leaves Africa is able to overcome it.

Lower the risk of liver cancer

The benefits of the next African leaf is lowering the risk of liver cancer. The leaves have the ability detoxifies these toxins could certainly eliminate the risk of developing cancer of the liver. In addition, it leaves Africa capable of clearing the organs in and make it more healthy.

In fact, it is recognized medically that leaves Africa able to prevent liver cancer and prevent the growth of cancer cells to another. The trick is pretty easy, just by consuming water decoction of leaves Africa each day.

Treat a cough

A cough is a common disease but the healing is not easy. If you are experiencing a prolonged cough, quickly consumption leaves Africa, Yes, because one of the benefits of the leaf is Africa eliminate coughing.

You can drink the water decoction of leaves of Africa mixed honey and lemon. For maximum results, you can chew the leaves instantly already washed clean, although the taste is bitter, but this proven way.

Treat fever

If a cough is resolved easily, as well as in a fever. Fever can be cured perfectly after you consume the leaves Africa, either boiled or chewed directly. A high fever will be continuing to decline within a few minutes after eating the leaves of Africa.

Well, this way is not only good for the age of majority but is also safe for children teens and children. So, nothing to worry about in consumption leaves Africa.

Treating headaches

Headaches can occur due to the blood flow towards the brain is not optimal. Headaches are a reasonable thing, but if it is prolonged, you should immediately resolve it. Benefits of leaves Africa is reducing headaches due to blocked blood flow.

The leaves are boiled then Africa was drunk, will help work the heart in distribution blood, so blood flowing without obstacles. Blood flow smoothly, especially toward the brain, then the headaches would disappear instantly.

Launch Defecation

Defecation is often hampered due to the disturbed digestive system. Well, never again consume laxatives to overcome it, because laxatives may damage other organs such as the stomach. That way, other diseases can easily enter.

We recommend that you use natural remedies such as papaya or leaves Africa. Both of these materials are very potent overcome constipation problem. Rebuslah African leaves a few minutes, then let stand until the water is no longer hot, drinking the decoction of water each morning to smooth bowel movements.

Treat malaria

Malaria is a disease that once was popular several years ago. The disease arises due to malaria mosquito virus makes body chills, flu, as well as decreased appetite in a long time. If there is a statement that malaria is difficult to be cured, then that's not entirely true.

The benefits of other African leaf is cure malaria. With traditional herb which is quite simple, malaria can be cured soon. In addition to using leaves Africa, malaria can also be cured by papaya leaves, benefits from both these leaves is almost the same, then how to prepare it not much different.

Now that he's many benefits you can get from the leaves of Africa. The leaves are yellowish-green and shaped like leaves, in General, is indeed contain substances that are good for health, it is not surprising that many diseases that can be prevented even cured only with the decoction of leaves of Africa.

With the consuming routine leaves Africa, you will be free from diseases because of the immune system stronger. Old diseases that live in your body will also be killed so that the body will look increasingly healthy and fit.

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