Various means of overcoming Bloated babies Must Know

Bloating can cause babies fuss and cry, so knowing how to detect and deal with it is an obligation for parents and caregivers. Bloating can detect quite easily.

The following will be presented information about baby sign bloating as well as several ways of addressing and preventing the occurrence of bloating an easy baby and you learn and practice independently. Happy reading!

What Are The Causes Of Bloating Baby?

The baby may show signs if you experience bloating or discomfort caused by air trapped in the digestion organs. This sign among other babies fussy and crying, frequent belching, often issuing wind from the anus (fart) or puke, a little "spit up", even his stomach can feel hard when pressed. Bloating can be caused by several things, here's the explanation:

• Baby food and drinks

The age of the baby to be able to start a food substitute for BREAST MILK (MPASI) is since the age of 6 months. Starting at this age also parents and caregivers are responsible for introducing a variety of other foods as a nutritional support. So it is not uncommon in the early age of 6 months baby will often have to bloat because the digestive system which is still in their processes and adaptation to the type of new food.

Follow the advice of the WHO for granting MPASI gradually on a child who is 6 months old. Start with a single menu on the first 14 days, followed by a combination of protein from meat and fish in the next 21 days. After that, it was only to perform a full 4 stars MPASI combination with healthy and balanced.

A drink other than BREAST MILK i.e. infant formula provided through the glass and through the bottle teat is also one of the causes of digestive organs conceded a lot of gas. In addition beverages such as fruit juice containing sucrose and fructose was sometimes hard digested by digestive baby, so there is rarely a gas is formed.

Give mineral water baby even before the age of 6 months are also a cause of bloating in infants. Avoid the granting of mineral water up to the age of 6 months and even digestion system ready in receiving other foods in addition to breast milk.

• Ways of Feeding and drinks in infants

Position, when the milk is not appropriate then coupled with the vagaries of the pattern when eating or drinking milk, can also be the cause of a large number of air that goes into the stomach cavity. Not infrequently too many babies move when eating or drinking will more often have to bloat, due to a lot of the air that enters the stomach cavity when eating or drinking.

In terms of how the giving of food or drink in the baby. If the mother or caregiver in breastfeeding too much or too many feeds of food in one meal, it can be a cause of bloating in infants.

The cry will also cause a lot of gas and air is stuck in the baby's digestion. So when the baby is fussy, bloating condition thus can be compounded with cry its conditions.

• food Mother

If your baby is still breastfeeding at the age (especially in the age of 0-6 months). The content of some of the vegetables that Mothers will eat the mouse-button anyway into breast milk. So when a baby drinking BREAST MILK, he will also digest the carbonated content of vegetables and your baby can cause bloating.

Avoid consuming too many foods particularly vegetables that contain gases such as broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage, and beans or onions. Choose vegetables that are fresh and pesticide-free.
Some of the things mentioned above led to the importance of parents to know how to help overcome the bloating in the stomach of the baby to avoid the fussy baby and help to remove the excess of gas in its body.

These Various Ways Of Overcoming Bloating In Infants

After knowing the causes of bloating in infants through the above information, then the parents are also obliged to find out ways of handling bloated on the baby. Some of the ways that you can do to resolve this. The following explanation:

• Fix the technique of breastfeeding and Feeding Patterns

Breastfeeding techniques as well as the giving of food and drinks that will actually reduce the occurrence of bloating in infants. In infants with breastfeeding, the correct position is the mother and the baby must be on condition that relaxes with the baby head position should be higher than the parts of his body, so that the baby would be easier to swallow.

The mother can Scotch a baby by hand or with a pillow so baby's head aligned with the mother's nipple. The correct position will push the baby opened his mouth with effective and there will be plenty of air which goes into the baby's digestive tract while he suckles.

Just as if you were about to give formula through the bottle teat. Make sure children in conditions of calm and relax before giving a drink through bottles of the dot. Make sure the bottle teat in an upright, so that no air bubbles which can make a baby choke. Make sure the number of allotment of milk in accordance with needs and age.

Newborn babies need about 45 – 90 ml every 2 – 3 hours. The 2-month-old baby can spend 120 – 150 ml each suckle. 4-month-old baby needs 120 – 180 ml every 2 – 3 hours and at the age of 6 months or more infants can suckle as much as 180 – 230 every 4 – 5 hours in a day. After 6 months of customizing also needs his MPASI. Babies that are too full or too much-given milk or food can be a trigger bloating and vomiting.

After feeding the baby either BREAST MILK or baby bottle with a teat or infant formula, mothers or caregivers are also obliged to help the baby to burp. The easiest way is by holding a baby upright, position the baby's Chin is on your shoulders. Then Rub and Pat yourself dry baby's back until he burps. After the age of 6 months is usually the baby will be able to burp independently.

• some positions that Help a baby Throw Gas

Some positions can help you get rid of excess gas babies on digestion channels more easily. The first way is by positioning the baby prone on the one hand on top of your lap. Make sure you hold the head and his body without pressing or bending the neck. Rub gently and Pat your baby's back until he burps.

Prone position on top of a mattress or a padded tray will also help your baby to burp. This position will make the stomach of the baby influenced Earth's gravity more, and gas will naturally out of your baby's digestive tract.

Some gentle massage with circular motion clockwise on the stomach of the baby as well able to cope with the bloating. Some Specialists also suggest using the technique of massage "I Love You". Using two or three fingers, gently massage baby's stomach by forming the letters I, L and u. Repeat the movement several times to help your baby gas that causes stomach bloating.

Position the infant on her back on top of the padded mattress or a Secure Sockets. Thrust and move his feet like pedaling the bike in the air. This movement will stimulate bowel movement so that will help the baby to remove air trapped in the gut.

• Keep Baby Warm

Keep your baby warm with socks, put on the hand and blankets while traveling will also help prevent the occurrence of bloating in infants. You can also apply oils or baby oil telon in a warm area of the abdomen, chest, and back after a bath and before traveling.

• Administering the drugs Flatulence

If there are serious indigestion in your baby with stomach bloating and indicated the harder, chances are your baby needs medication drugs to remove air in the digestion tract. Consult your physician about the need for a drug with this type of flatulence, so that you know how to properly dose and administering medication correctly.

Have discussed a wide range of information about the causes of bloating and how to tackle bloated on the baby. Always check the conditions and circumstances when your baby is fussy. Bloating may be one of the causes of infant pain and didn't stop crying. Thank you and hopefully useful!

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