Fruit and Vegetables Increase Blood for Anemia Patients

Anemia is a condition in which the number of red blood cells decreases. Anemia can occur when someone is iron deficient from the daily intake or because of certain medical conditions. You can meet your iron needs through supplements or food. There are many types of fruit and vegetables that increase blood rich in iron, as well as other nutrients that can help iron absorption.

The iron itself is needed by the body to make hemoglobin. This hemoglobin is then responsible for carrying oxygen which is very important for muscles and throughout the body's tissues. So iron helps keep the body from lacking oxygen and can function effectively.

Here are some types of fruit and vegetables that are good for you who have iron deficiency anemia.

Do you know? At least 225 grams of raw spinach contains 0.81 mg of iron. This is why spinach is a very good source of iron for those of you who have anemia. Not only rich in iron, but spinach also contains calcium, fiber, vitamin E, protein, and vitamin A. No need to be confused in consuming spinach, these blood-boosting vegetables can be cooked first or eaten raw. Because both ways to consume it will still provide good benefits for your body. But, it is recommended that spinach is processed first, such as boiled or sauteed. This method will make it easier for the body to absorb its nutrients.

There is more than 4 mg of iron contained in 200 grams of soybeans. Not there, soybeans are also rich in manganese, copper, fiber, protein, amino acids, and various other vitamins.

As mentioned above, someone who has anemia also needs other nutrients to help iron absorption. The nutrients needed are vitamin C. Oranges that contain enough vitamin C are believed to be good for people with anemia. You can eat this fruit either by eating it directly or processing it into juice. The thing you need to remember is eating citrus fruits at the same time as eating foods that contain iron.
In addition to the above-mentioned blood beans, fruits, and vegetables, other foods that can help you increase blood include apricots, raisins, dried plums, curly kale, peas, grapes, broccoli, tomatoes, melons, kiwi, strawberries and tomatoes.

Recipe for Tasty and Healthy Blood Enhancing Vegetables

Now you know what foods are good for anemia, right? To make your daily menu more varied, here is a recipe for processing blood-boosting vegetables that you might like. Pasta with tomatoes and spinach. Easy, tasty and healthy.

First, prepare the ingredients you need first.
  • 225 grams of spinach. Cut to taste.
  • 149 grams of cherry tomatoes. Split into two parts.
  • 400 grams of pasta that has been boiled first. There are various choices of pasta such as macaroni, penne, spaghetti, fusilli, small shell-shaped pasta. All adjusted to your taste.
  • 1 tablespoon of roasted pine nuts (to taste).
  • Pepper, garlic, and salt to taste.

If all ingredients are complete, the next step is, of course, cooking this delicious and delicious pasta.
  1. Pour olive oil on Teflon and heat it. If the oil is already hot, add spinach, tomatoes, and garlic. Then stir-fry until the tomatoes wither, and spinach starts to light green. Then, give enough pepper and salt.
  2. If the flavor of stir-fried spinach and tomatoes is right on your tongue. Now it's time to put the boiled pasta. Stir until the paste is well mixed. Then sprinkle the parmesan cheese on top, then turn off the heat. Wait until the pasta is not too hot, then you can sprinkle the pine nuts on it.

The above recipe can be said to be a combination of healthy fruits and vegetables. Spinach will give your body the iron it needs, while the vitamin C content of tomatoes will help your body absorb iron more easily. So what are you waiting for? For those of you who have iron deficiency anemia. Immediately consume blood nuts, fruit, and vegetables to keep your body healthy.

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