Healthy Food for Your Skin

Want a healthy and beautiful skin, don't just fall asleep with the treatment from the outside. You also need to take care of in, by providing healthy nutrition for the skin.

Remember, beautiful skin is not only about the diligent care of the outside. You are also required to provide nutrients to your body. The trick of course by taking the nutrients present in the food you consume daily. For example, by consuming vegetables and fruit containing vitamin needed by the skin.

Let's see healthy food what to beautify your beautiful skin below.

• Strawberry

The fresh fruit is also able to give freshness in upon you, you know. Why? Since Strawberry contains vitamin C which has many benefits for your body. Vitamin C contained in it can help you to fight free radicals, which damage the skin cells and break down collagen. As a result, avoid will appear smoother.

• Green tea

Want to protect to avoid danger from the Sun? Try green tea consumption. This kind of tea contains EGCG antioxidant which may help avoid damming, repair the damage that happens to avoid, and prevent the occurrence of damage to DNA. You can consume it in the form of a drink or rub it into your body, in the form of a cream.

• Spinach

Vegetables are favorites of ' Popeye ' is apparently also the healthy foods to avoid, you know. His last chapter. Spinach also contains vitamin A, vitamin E, an antioxidant, and even contains vitamin C which is quite high. Vitamin A on spinach serves to the dam of the skin. His vitamin C will stimulate the creation and maintenance of collagen. Vitamin E protects the skin from damage due to inflammation of the rays of the Sun. Even the spinach also contains antioxidants that slow down and prevent skin damage due to free radicals.

• Olive oil

Healthy foods that you can combine this one into your bread. Either in the form of oil or fruit. Unfortunately, if you miss the healthy foods on this one. Because the fruit or the oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants. If you consume it, it means you are helping your body, relieves inflammation and combat free radicals that can make to avoid the dullness. If you apply olive oil directly to avoid, avoid making it could be subtle and soft. In fact, the olive can also protect from the dangers to avoid sunlight.

• Pumpkin

Healthy food is Pumpkin orange. Pumpkin contains a variety of vitamins that your body needed to get healthy skin. Include vitamins A, C, and E that can neutralize free radicals in the skin, skin, damming and prevent wrinkles in the skin. Not only that, but the Pumpkins also contain enzymes that can help cleanse the skin.

In addition to several types of healthy foods above, there are many other options that could make upon more beautiful. For example, apricots, carrots, tomatoes, salmon, nuts, legumes, blueberries, salmon, mackerel or other fish high in fat, as well as other green vegetables.

Now, you already know what healthy food is good to avoid, right? Immediately write down the healthy food list above into your food menu. Do not forget also the above healthy food accompany with drink enough water so as to avoid properly hydrated and looks more beautiful.

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