How to Overcome the Primer of Sweat in Babies

There is prickly heat in the neck, armpits, groin or groin, upper chest, head, forehead, stomach, or other baby's skin folds? Come on, Mother, apply the method to overcome prickly heat in the next baby.

Prickly heat can occur due to damp and hot weather or if the baby has fever and sweats. In addition, it could also be because the pores of the baby's skin are clogged and sweat cannot come out. Infants and children are very susceptible to prickly heat because their skin pores are smaller than adult pores. In addition, sweat glands and channels in infants and children are also not fully developed.

Most prickly heat can heal and disappear on their own within a few days unless the prickly heat is infected. Mother can reduce the itching and discomfort experienced by the baby due to prickly heat. Here are some ways to overcome prickly heat in babies that you can apply:

Avoid Hot and Moist Air
How to overcome prickly heat in the baby can Mother start by moving the baby to a cool and shady room? If you use air conditioning or a fan, it is recommended not to direct the wind directly to the baby's body.

In addition, if you want to leave the house, do not forget to bring a fan and hat for him. Oh yeah, Mother, make sure the baby drinks enough water. The point is to replace all the fluid lost through sweat so that the baby does not become dehydrated.

It is recommended to choose to clothe from natural fibers for babies, for example, those made from cotton. Avoid wearing clothing from synthetic fabrics, such as polyester and nylon, because this type of fabric can trap heat. In addition, wear clothes that are loose to the baby, or occasionally leave the baby without clothes and diapers for some time. However, still make sure he is not cold.

Do not be carried often
Carrying a baby in hot weather is not recommended if you want to overcome the prickly heat of the baby. When carried, the baby must deal with two heat sources, namely the weather and body temperature of the mother. It is better to sleep the baby in bed and let him lie down, crawl, or walk alone when he wakes up.

Keeping Baby's Skin Cool
One way to overcome the prickly heat of the baby is to cool the baby's skin affected by prickly heat using a cool wet cloth. Or, you can also bathe it, then leave the baby's skin dry by itself, without using a towel.

Use Lotion and Cream Only if Needed
If the baby cries when the mother touches the skin, apply the calamine lotion to the skin. However, do not apply lotion to the skin near the baby's eyes. If prickly heat experienced by the baby is very severe, use hydrocortisone cream according to the doctor's advice. It is recommended not to use ointments and other types of lotions because it can make the rash worse.

How to overcome prickly heat in the baby above, you can try it yourself at home. Prickly heat can usually disappear by itself. However, do not hesitate to see a doctor immediately if your baby's body temperature is more than 37-38 degrees Celsius and the rash does not go away after three or four days, looks worse, or becomes infected.

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