The Secret Behind the Goodness of Lime Masks

Lime may not be as popular as lemon in terms of facial care. But the cheap price makes lemon juice an option for use as a face mask. The following reviews about the benefits of the lime mask, how to make, and how to use it.

Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) containing lime can help open clogged pores. In addition, substances in lime can be antibacterial and exfoliant (exfoliating skin). Therefore, lime masks can be an option to help treat acne.

In addition to alpha-hydroxy acids, lime is also a good source of antioxidants and contains several vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A, B, C, folate, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The content of vitamin C and flavonoids that can strengthen collagen, make lemon juice widely used in skin care products. One of them as a lime mask.

Although there is not enough scientific evidence that lime is useful for treating skin problems, this small-sized fruit has been widely used in various skin care products, including masks. Don't imagine lime masks as difficult, heavy, let alone dense ingredients. This mask you can make yourself at home easily.

How to Make and Use Lime Masks

To get the effectiveness of the lime mask as an antibacterial and exfoliant, use the juice from the juice and apply it to the desired parts of the face. Use cotton to apply this lime juice. Let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water until clean.

If you want to increase the benefits of the lime mask, you can add other ingredients, such as sugar, olive oil, coconut oil, spinach, or honey.

• Lime mask and sugar to remove dead skin cells.
Mix the juice of one lemon or also get lemon juice with 1 cup of sugar. Use as a scrub for the body, and can also be for the face. This mask is useful for removing dead skin cells and smoothing the skin.

• Lime mask and coconut oil to smooth the skin
In addition to sugar, you can also add a mixture of lime with coconut oil. Do this by mixing ½ cup of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of lime juice, and ¼ cup of sugar. Mix all ingredients together and apply to the skin. Rinse and dry. The rest you can save in a closed container so you can use it later. This mask is useful for moisturizing and smoothing the skin.

• Lime mask, spinach, and honey to clean zits and glowing skin
In addition to coconut oil, you can use spinach and honey to mix lime masks. Spinach contains A, C, E, K, and folate. The content of vitamins and minerals in spinach can help cleanse acne and make the skin more radiant. While the content of citric acid in lemon or lemon is antibacterial and antifungal and is useful for lightening the skin.

How to make it, mix 9-10 pieces of fresh spinach with 2 tablespoons of lime juice or lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon of honey. All ingredients are smoothed with blending. Then you can apply it to the face and leave it for 10 -15 minutes. After that, rinse thoroughly and dry the face.

For acne treatment, you can also make a lime mask mixed with egg white. Apply to the face at night and let it dry until the morning, then wipe the face with warm water and dry the face.

You should avoid sun exposure during the use of lime masks because it can cause irritation and redness of the skin. In addition to sensitive skin types, several conditions such as rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis are also advised to avoid the use of lime masks, because it can cause and aggravate skin irritation.

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