7 Types of Foods You Need to Consume to Clean Dirty Blood in the Body

Blood has important functions in the body, in addition to giving oxygen intake, blood also has a role in bringing nutrients and substance to the food you consume. Given the magnitude of the benefits of blood, body parts this one should stay in clean and free of toxic substances. To keep the blood clean, there are a variety of ways in the body detoxifies. One of them is keeping the other organs of the body that has the ability to detoxify itself. 

Well, the parts of the body such as the kidney and the liver is the organ that needs to be maintained, because of the two organ toxins could infiltrate in the blood. One of the simple ways to keep the blood clean and detoxify the body is by eating foods that are not only healthy but also are detoxing. As with many kinds of food here, called able to dispose of the poison so that the body remains healthy and is not susceptible to the disease.

1. Fruit Bits

Unique content in fruit bits makes the kind of food that one has maximal functions in terms of detoxifying the blood and also neutralizes toxins in the liver. In addition, the content of nitrate in fruit bits will make the body more healthy because it can boost the immune system.

2. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is rich in the antioxidant content of which function to control inflammation in the body. Various studies also find results if a high antioxidant content in the fruit of the grapefruit indirectly helps protect the liver from the ill effects of alcohol.

3. The Apple

Apples are high in a soluble fiber called pectin. These substances serve to control sugar levels in the blood. Considering the content of high blood sugar can damage the kidneys, so apples can help in keeping the kidneys stay healthy. Not only that Apple also able to clean the intestines and binds cholesterol as well as heavy metals in the blood.

4. Cabbage

Rich in antioxidants and cabbage is called being able to prevent the occurrence of cancer in the body. Besides cabbage serves also cleanse the digestive tract and are able to neutralize toxic substances found in cigarette smoke. Not only that, but the cabbage was also able to improve the capability of the liver in detoxifies the body so that it can prevent the toxins to the maximum.

5. Blueberry

Blueberry is one of the types of foods that have natural aspirin content, thus being able to reduce the effects of inflammation in the body. In addition, the blueberry also has the ability to prevent the toxins in the urinary tract to avoid infection. While offered from Ecowatch, blueberry function prevents toxins from entering the blood that leads to the brain. The magnitude of the benefits of this fruit one, make the blueberries so obligatory consumption if you plan to do to detoxify the body.

6. Garlic

Able to give a more savory flavor on the dishes, it turns out that garlic also has greater benefits in terms of detoxification toxins in the body. The content of the anti-inflammatory in onions is able to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. Given the high blood pressure affect blood vessels in the kidneys, so it is important to always place the type of food one of these into your daily consumption.

7. Ginger

Ginger is not only delights presented as complimentary hot drinks, but spices this one also knew rich in an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer immune stimulating way. Regularly consumed Ginger is believed to prevent various diseases such as prostate cancer, cervical even breast cancer. In addition to that ginger also has the ability to prevent clot of blood, so blood flow to the brain more smoothly and you are so much fresher.

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