A safe diet for diabetics to lose weight

One of the symptoms of diabetes is weight loss that is not planned. This could be a problem for diabetics. However, on the other side are many who advocate a person with diabetes to lose weight. So, do people with diabetes may lose weight and go on a diet?

Do people with diabetes should go on a diet to lose weight?
Basically, one of the symptoms that may be experienced by diabetics is weight loss that occurs suddenly and not planned in advance. This condition happened due to the settings of the blood sugar levels are not good in the body, thus making the body's tissues don't get sugar and eventually starvation.
However, it is usually a lot more happens in people who are having type 1 diabetes than type 2 diabetes. In addition, these symptoms appear when the early stages of diabetes occur. When this happens, You can just keep experiencing underweight, so to do is the diet to keep my weight stable and normal blood sugar levels.
Another thing if you have diabetes and have a body mass index that is not normal, tend to overweight or obesity, then losing weight is an important thing to do. Some research has shown that obesity and overweight in diabetics may increase the risk of complications as well as making blood sugar uncontrollably.

How much weight that must be handed down by people with diabetes?
So indeed it depends on each condition if indeed You obesity means you need to lose weight for the sake of making your diabetes under control. Conversely, if your weight is normal, then you should probably keep your weight.
While, for how much weight that must be handed down by diabetics are obese, it is hung with ideal weight owned respectively. You can consult a nutritionist to find out how the weight should be lowered.

What kind of diet safe for diabetics?
Although you do not have a good ability to control blood sugar levels in her body, that does not mean you should avoid carbohydrates – containing sugar – at all. The principle is how to organize the portion needs nutrients, including carbohydrates, in order not to make blood sugar levels soaring quickly.
Here are foods that should be avoided if you want to lose weight:
Various kinds of sugar, such as sugar, honey, sweetened condensed milk, and a variety of other sweet foods. Besides being bad for your weight loss all the food is the main enemy of your blood sugar levels.

  • all fatty foods, when you want to consume the milk should choose a low-fat, low-sugar but still. 
  • fried foods contain trans fats. 
  • Packaged foods that contain high sodium. 
  • a wide variety of foodstuffs that have a high glycemic index level.

Good food to be consumed if you want to lose weight:

  • Expand vegetable and fruit consumption 
  • Select the type of carbohydrates that have a high fiber and low glycemic index 
  • Multiply eat marine fish, such as tuna, sardines, and salmon.

In addition, don't forget to exercise regularly and periodically. Various studies have shown that regular physical activity if it can help someone who is dieting in losing weight. The duration of the sports ideal is 150 minutes per week or it could be replaced with 30 minutes per day.

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