How to increase Testosterone are secure on the body Men

For many men, and the absence of testosterone in the body is very important. This hormone has many roles so that it can not be forgotten. Forget about testosterone as well as break the mark of primary and secondary male sex that determine sexual and reproductive health.
Levels of the hormone testosterone in the body can only be seen in the laboratory. However, the mark directly on the body looks quite like the real man who often limp and also tired.
Well, to make sure the testosterone levels in the body are not subjected to interference, we are advised to maintain and enhance it. To do this You should not use certain drugs are dangerous, but some way below.

Benefits of testosterone

Before discussing the matter on how to increase testosterone, it's good if we know in advance what the benefits of this hormone in the body of the man.

  • assisting the development of muscle in men. This hormone helps muscle grow well so that men can get a large and dense body. If this low hormone levels in the body, some disruption will occur such as muscle so slack and muscle rupture occurs for replacement power. 
  • Men misbehaving decreased testosterone are also easy to accumulate fat in the body. That's why the man who's been seniors tend to be more obese. 
  • the decline of testosterone in the body also causes impaired sexual function. Men may experience a decrease in sexual desire in massive slowly. This condition can also trigger his difficulty getting an erection. 
  • This hormone also affects the condition of bone health and fertility of course owned by men.

How to increase testosterone

There are several ways that can be done to increase testosterone easily on the body of the man.

1. Start to expand sports 
The hormone testosterone in the body of man will increase if the condition of the body running smoothly. The number of layers of fat in the body's hormones will cause decreased rapidly and cause interference.
So that men do not experience a disruption, they advised starting exercising more. The sport is performed to lower the fat content and maintain the health of the body as a whole.

2. set the pattern of eating right
One of the causes of a large number of fat deposits in the body is a pattern of eating that is not true. This diet was causing anything entered without being able to be controlled. Due to chaotic eating patterns, you experience a surplus of calories and so fat.
If the testosterone levels in the body increases, try to set the pattern of eating right. Try the daily calories should not exceed the limits that have been determined.

3. The consumption of foods rich in zinc
The consumption of foods rich in zinc. Substances that increase testosterone more easily and quickly. Zinc can be obtained on some seafood such as oysters and other shellfish. Consuming seafood will trigger rising testosterone and libido are also demonstrative evidence.
In unison with foods rich in zinc, you are not advised to consume foods that are too sweet. This type of food will accumulate too much fat.

4. Do not smoke
Smoking affects levels of testosterone in the body quickly. The toxins that are in cigarettes can make the body produce hormones that hard so sexual and reproductive disorders can occur more quickly. If you want these hormone levels to rise, as much as possible to stop smoking.
Now, what do you already know the benefits of testosterone and how natural ways to increase it without the need of drugs or injections? 

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