10 benefits of Young date palm which is rarely Known

Young dates, also known by the term dates ruthob consuming. These dates are still colored green, red or yellow. Young dates have traits such as size is smaller than the already mature, on the inside there is a white color such as coconut, skin and its flesh is harder and has a taste that is not as nice as when conditions are ripe. With his nutritional content, no wonder if the benefits of the young date palm are also very much.

This young dates obtained in conditions that are still fresh and not dried. Therefore, these dates are rarely sold in the market. To get it usually must be ordered specifically from the region of the Middle East, or if there are relatives who went to the Holy land can be booked exclusively.
In young dates contained lots of minerals, including copper, calcium, sulfur, chloride, iron and so on. Various vitamins such as vitamins A, C, K, protein, oil, sugar, acid nicotinic, biostin hormones and so on. With content that is pretty much it, then young also benefits dates quite a lot, both for men and women.

Benefits of dates young to various things

The fruit of the date palm is young with a more expensive price than that already Cook has many benefits, once among young benefits dates are as follows:

• increase fertility
Experts recommend a woman who is pregnant for the program consume young dates and dried dates. Both are believed to have sufficient nutrients to stimulate the reproductive organs to work more active and produce fertile gametes. Biostin hormone in young dates helps peristalsis in blood vessels and the uterus.

For women, it is recommended to consume the young date palm, yellow or green. In this date contained elements Fe and Ca to nourish the uterus. In addition, the existing components in the date palm are also able to stimulate the production of hormones biostin to increase fertility.

• maintain pregnancy and streamline delivery
Young dates are rich in Potassium element that can prevent the occurrence of bleeding. Potassium helps thicken blood so keeping the vulnerable condition of pregnancy with bleeding. At the time of delivery, the element potassium is also required so that the female body is not too much blood loss that would be fatal to threaten the safety of the mother's soul. Therefore, in addition to therapy, pregnant, pregnant women are advised to consume any dates.

• Launched the production of BREAST MILK
After helping to birth, dates green turns to help boost the production of BREAST MILK of nursing mothers. The hormone oxytocin contained within the young date palm played an important role in stimulating the production of BREAST MILK which is greater in nursing mothers. No need to bother eating leaves katu every day, enough with the avidly consume young dates really help the production of BREAST MILK.

• maintain eye health
Young dates are rich with vitamin A is needed to nourish eye health. Therefore, consuming dates also help nourish the eye condition. For pregnant women to give birth that normally is often troubled by visions of this young, dates are also suitable as food routine to get a better eye condition post-birth. With sufficient vitamin, A nutrients will make the eyes become more healthy.

• Preventing oral cancer and lung
In young fruit of dates contained fairly high antioxidant compounds. This compound is a ligature of free radicals that can trigger the appearance of cancer cells. The cancer cells of the mouth and lungs that might arise will be helped less by consuming young dates appear regularly.

A type of antioxidant found in dates is a beta D-glucan. The active compound is able to bind to cancer cells and boosts the immune system or the durability of the body from the attack that deadliest cell. A study published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine by Dr. Arshad H Rahmani of Qassim University, that it is able to prevent mutations harmful cancer cells that turn off the body. With regular consume, young dates will help the body to avoid cancer.

• Lowers high blood pressure
Dates are also well consumed by those who have complaints of hyperpressureon. The high potassium content in date palm is able to suppress the high sodium levels in the blood as a cause of high blood pressure.

Therefore, consuming dates for those who have high pressure is highly recommended. Moreover, in conditions of pregnant, usually, women are prone to have high pressure. With routinely consuming dates will help the body get a more normal blood pressure.

• prevent the occurrence of stroke
The condition is not smooth due to the high sodium content will be able to trigger a narrowing of the arteries that leads to stroke. With regular consume, young dates will help blood circulation more smoothly and avoid the occurrence of stroke. With a stable pressure would make the body more healthy and fresh.

• maintaining healthy skin
The dates can also help women who want to get smoother skin and soft. Dates contain many minerals needed for healthy skin. You can even make it as a body scrub directly to the skin. Special dates young can you eat to get the benefits and usefulness even more.

• improve memory
Dates with all his nutritional, especially young date palm is also good is consumed by kids to get a better memory. A component in date palm became very good nutrition for the brain so as to get a better memory. A mixture of dates and gotu kola, for example, is one of the natural ingredients recommended for nourishing the brain.

• improve the performance of the heart
With a stable blood pressure will be able to help the performance of the heart can walk better, especially for those who suffered during the often high pressure. By consuming young dates will help improve the performance of the heart to make it more stable and secure.

Enjoy young dates could be with them directly or processed into juice. The price will be more expensive than the still dry because drank too much more. See content and benefits dates younger, not true if these dates are only devoted to mothers and pregnant women who want to be, but be nice and consumed by everyone.

The benefits of young date palm in addition to health is also quite delicious as fresh juice drinks are delicious. Blender dates like the fruit of the young General. Mix with a little honey and add ice cubes. It tasted fresh and delicious will like fruit juice in General. If you are tired of consuming date palm can directly, then varying the ways of consumption materials made with the juice. Consumption of young dates now and get benefits very much from the components contained in the date palm.

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