10 Diet Myths that raise the Risk of weight loss

A lot of myths to lose weight that is circulating among the public. Starting from avoiding the consumption of carbohydrates which is said to make body fat, to skip breakfast or dinner in favor of down weight. Most diet myths that are not true, thus the risk of causing weight gain. Yuk, find out facts behind the myth a diet that is not true.

If you believe that for these to lose weight need to avoid intake of fat, hungry, withholding or excessive exercise, then you need to listen to more explanation behind the myth. Remember, not all outstanding information proved to be true.

Make Sure The Truth Of The Myth Of Weight Loss
Still confused as to whether the weight loss information you get is true or just a mere myth? Here are some weight loss myths that are popular among the public, with the following facts:

1. Carbohydrates cause body fat
This myth is not entirely correct, because if consumed in proper portions, CARB will not cause obesity. You just need to sort out the type of carbs wisely for the benefit of carbohydrates consumed. Foods containing carbohydrates and good for consumption in between various types of fibrous vegetable and fruit, nuts and seeds.

2. Do not breakfast to lose weight 
This is a false myth because breakfast is an important part of the diet to lose weight. If you do not have breakfast in the morning, low blood sugar levels can trigger an increase in hormones are hungry. You can feel the hunger when lunchtime arrived, or even earlier. In effect, the desire to consume unhealthy foods and fatty foods would be far larger

3. Don't need dinner if you want to weight down
In addition to breakfast, there is also a myth to avoid dinner to lose weight. There is no evidence that States dinner increases weight. But keep in mind, you should limit your intake of foods that are consumed and avoid the consumption of foods containing high calories. One more note, avoid the big meal before bed the night to reduce the risk of indigestion and heartburn.

4. Avoid fat intake
In addition to carbohydrates and protein, the body still needs fat to meet energy needs and improve the body's cells. You just need to be wise in choosing fatty food, i.e. Select a meal containing healthy fats, such as avocado fruit, nuts, fish, and whole grains. Limit foods that contain saturated fats and trans fats, such as red meat, butter, and various processed foods that are not healthy (example: chips, crackers, and a variety of cake).

5. Excessive Sports, weight faster down
It is a myth that you don't have to believe it. In fact, weight loss will be successful if you can make changes little by little on the lifestyle living and do it consistently.

Than exercising in extreme, you better start with gentle exercises, such as walking and cycling every day of every weekend. It is recommended to work out approximately 20-30 minutes a day or approximately 150 minutes per week. Don't forget, enough rest and adjust eating patterns.

6. Healthy food is always more expensive
It's one of the myths that have not proved to be the truth because not always the price of healthy foods is always more expensive. Depending on how you prepare food. Sometimes the price of fast food, for example, almost the equivalent of a basket of vegetables that can be purchased in the traditional markets, such as spinach, mustard greens, and beans. You can also consider preparing food at home instead of having to buy food outside.

7. So skinny, you need to drink lots of water
This is not entirely true. White water is important to support good metabolism and prevent dehydration. But in fact, drinking a lot of course not many play a role in losing weight. Especially if you are thinking about doing a diet with only drank plain water, without eating any food. The pattern of such diets is not recommended for risky cause you lack nutrients and fell ill.

Water consumption can be beneficial to its full potential to lose weight if it is accompanied by comprehensive lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise and healthy eating patterns.

8. to lose weight, you have to hold your
Diet by holding hunger hungry thus can lead to added weight, due to the possibility of your meal the son of lust becomes larger. You will probably eat more servings when eating schedule to arrive. In addition, holding risky hunger causes the body's energy and nutrient deficiencies.

You could try to divide servings packed into smaller frequency more often. You can also reduce the portion of your meal, then provide healthy snacks such as fruits or wheat bread to be consumed on the sidelines of the time your meal.

9. Food packaging is labeled ' low fat ' is definitely more healthy
Not always the case. Foods labeled ' low fat ' sometimes thus contain other ingredients with high levels, such as sugar. To check the nutrition label, meticulous on food packaging.

10. Stop eating snacks is one of the ways of proper diet
This assumption is also not entirely true. Snacks in between the meals remain necessary to meet energy needs. Wrong eating habits rather than on snacks, but the type of snacks consumed. Instead of eating snacks of crisps or chocolate, better choose fruits.

Don't believe the myth of weight loss, because not all the information is correct. Consulting a doctor of nutrition to find out the recommended healthy diet pattern and in accordance with the conditions of your welfare. Improper diet patterns, it can make the weight gain, even make you experience health problems.

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