Is it safe to be a Vegetarian while pregnant?

Pregnant women should get the range of intake of nutrient-rich for the sake of maintaining healthy selves as well as the fruit of the heart in their subjects. However, what if you include among vegetarians who cannot consume certain types of certain foods, where precisely is recommended for pregnant women?

The answer is you can still live a vegetarian diet while pregnant, as long as you are consuming the intake really planned.

There are some nutrients that are very important for pregnant women, namely iron and vitamin B12. Iron is needed as a shaper of red blood cells oxygen to the rest of your body and also a baby. If these deficiencies, you may feel dizzy, weak, tired, and pale. Your baby is also at risk of premature birth and has a low body weight and suffers from iron deficiency anemia.

Vitamin B12 also plays an important role in the process of the formation of red blood cells, as well as keep the nervous system healthy and change food into energy that required pregnant women. This vitamin deficiency while pregnant could you increase the risk of giving birth to infants with disabilities.
Unfortunately, both these nutrients more found in animal foods such as fish and meat. However, you do not need to worry because it can be dealt with.

Then, you also need folic acid prevents birth defects, helps the production of red blood cells, can lower the risk of you experiencing a miscarriage as well as giving birth to premature babies, or babies born with low weight.

Vitamin D and calcium are also required on the plate. A second intake is important to support the growth of the bones of the baby.

Thus, where vegetarians can fulfill the needs of these nutrients?
  • Iron. You can eat green vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, whole wheat bread, cereals that are iron-fortified, or eggs (if you are a vegetarian who still type consume it). 
  • Vitamin B12. If you still allow animal byproducts such as milk, cheese, and eggs, you can include these in your diet you intake. In addition, you can also eat cereals and fortified soy beverages by vitamin B12. Given the variety of food vitamin B12 for vegetarians, you can consume the extra supplements containing this vitamin. 
  • Folic acid. There are several types of foods high in folic acid that you can consume such as peanuts, spinach, asparagus, citrus, or a fortified cereal folic acid. 
  • Vitamin D and calcium. Vitamin D can you find on the cheese, egg yolks, and vitamin fortified food products like cereals, orange juice, or soy milk. Vitamin D also you can earn from direct sun exposure on the skin. To obtain calcium, you can consume milk, cheese, yogurt, spinach, mustard greens, soy milk, tofu, tempeh, and red beans.
Nutrition is the most important intake above which must exist in the diet you are currently traveling on two. So, make sure you are consuming daily nutrition. OIA, avoid coffee and tea sipping this drink because it could hinder the body to absorb the iron in the vegetables.

Among vegetarians who are pregnant are also advised to undergo some blood tests during pregnancy to know the levels of iron in the body. If the level of iron in your body is low, the doctor may recommend you to take iron supplements.

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