This Fact does drinking Ice while pregnant is indeed Dangerous

While pregnant, you often hear a lot of advice about pregnancy that may not be known for sure the truth, including ice drinking while pregnant. Some people believe that drinking while pregnant can lead to ice the size of a baby becoming too large. 

Consuming enough drinking water is very important to maintain the health of pregnant women and the fetus inside the womb. Pregnant women should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water each day. Apart from drinking ice water or warm water, in fact, it makes no difference.
The size and weight of the baby are generally more affected by the following factors.

  • genetic. Parents who purchased large or obese are more likely to have children is larger as well.
  • Mothers who have given birth to large body weight babies tend to be more likely to give birth to the next baby with a similar weight.
  • Babies born to exceed the estimated time.
  • Baby-sex males tend to have a higher weight than infants of women.

Instead, drink ice water while pregnant can thus help stimulate the movement of the baby inside the womb. If you are worried because it did not feel the baby's movements, as usual, drinking ice while pregnant can stimulate the baby to move. He will feel the chill of ice and tend to avoid it.

The ice drinking while pregnant can also be Risky Drinking ice while pregnant may harm if ice cubes are put into a glass of drinking water turned out to be made from water that has not been cooked or contaminated. It very likely occurs when you eat out and order a drink with ice cubes that you don't know for sure about the way of processing. Thus, bring your own beverage bottles every you out of the House.

If you want to drink the ice while pregnant, rather than consuming drinks with ice cubes, iced beverage in select packagings such as bottles or beverage cans that are already cooled. Make sure the packaging and seal not broken to avoid possible contamination.

If mineral water is considered boring and you want to avoid the risk of ice to drink while pregnant, try other healthy beverages, such as coconut milk, unsweetened fruit juice, or milk. However, avoid fizzy drinks and carbonated drinks, because it contains very high sugar levels. In addition, try not to consume coffee or tea, because both types of beverages are diuretics, which cause you to frequent urination.

So, drink ice while pregnant is not harmful, as long as the hygiene guaranteed ice cubes and you choose the right type of beverage.

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