This Young pregnant women Sleep Position is safe and the reason

First-trimester pregnancy or often called pregnant young, often carrying the body changes that trigger a sense of discomfort, including at the time of sleep. It is important to know the position of young pregnant women sleep safe and comfortable to support a healthy pregnancy.

Sleep well can become a challenge for expectant mothers. The usually comfortable sleeping position, now no longer felt. Don't worry, there are some sleeping positions that can help pregnant women gain quality sleep time.

Beds Tilted Position
Sleep position suggested pregnant women is slanted towards the left. This position can increase the amount of blood and nutrients toward the placenta and the fetus. For a more comfortable position, bend your legs and knees then place a pillow between the legs. You can also put a pillow in the back.

Young pregnant women sleep position leading to the side is also very appropriate if pregnant women experience back pain. For those of you who experience shortness of breath while pregnant young, can choose to sleep with the tilted position or sleeping with a pillow lay on his back.

The Position Of The Half Sitting
In addition, the position of sleeping with your head and upper back lay on the pillow will help pregnant women who experience heartburn. Heartburn experienced by pregnant women is generally triggered by the hormone progesterone relaxes the muscle between the stomach and esophagus (esophageal) so that the stomach acid and food can turn into the esophageal back. In addition, pregnant women are also recommended for early dinner and eat slowly.

If any discomfort during sleep caused by changes in the breast, so expectant mothers can be work around it using a special pregnancy bra or a sports bra that fits in the chest. Pregnant women can embrace a big pillow to help protect sensitive breasts.

If any discomfort on a breast disturbs sleep time to drag on, consult a doctor about medications that can help relieve acetaminophen pain.

The position of the bed that best avoided 
Sleeping recumbent sleeping position is one that is not recommended in pregnant women. The position will only make the main blood vessel weighed down, so it makes the heart work harder. Nevertheless, if You woke up in sleep recumbent not to worry. Change position during sleep is natural and inevitable.

In addition, sleep recumbent on pregnant women can also trigger muscle pain, swelling, and ambient on the body. Sleep recumbent can also make the expectant mother young dizzy when trying to sit or stand. Are no less troubling is this sleeping position can trigger pregnant women snore.

Young pregnant women are also advised avoiding sleep prone during pregnancy. Because, the abdomen suffered diverse changes and will certainly be more difficult to sleep in that position.

It is important to note the position of the young pregnant woman sleep in order to obtain a quality sleep. If necessary, consult your doctor for the best advice.

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