Tips clean the teeth and gums of infants who Need Mother Know

Although some new baby teeth that grow, important health baby teeth and gums early on. This practice largely determined the health of her mouth until later. Let's mother, be aware of habits that can interfere with the health of the mouth, and how to clean your baby's mouth.

Baby teeth or milk teeth serve to help baby learn to talk and chew. Oral health is not guarded risk causing gingivitis or gum infection that can lead to the onset of permanent teeth spacing later.

Start Purging At Early Stage
Baby teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth. Baby teeth generally began to grow between the age of 4-7 months, starting with two teeth in front. But keeping oral health actually started with the need to clean your baby's mouth even when he is teething yet.

Here's how-how to clean your baby's gums and teeth as a guide:
• clean gums and teeth with a soft wet cloth
Wipe the gums every time the baby has finished feeding with a clean, soft damp cloth. Can also use gauze wrapped on the finger. Do this at least twice a day after the baby is teething, can also be done before bed. The goal is to clear the bacteria from the baby's mouth can cause plaque and diseases of the teeth and gums.

• Use the right toothbrush
Replace the use of a wet cloth with a toothbrush, if his teeth have started a lot. Select a baby toothbrush with a soft brush, small head, and a great grip so easily gripped. The mother could brush his teeth until he was able to brush your teeth yourself. Simply use the moistened toothbrush with clean water, until he reaches the age of 3, and then introduce the use of toothpaste.

• avoid putting infants with a milk bottle
Many parents are giving a bottle of milk to help the little one to bed, and let her baby's mouth during sleep, for fear of waking. The dot was still in the mouth while sleeping more risky cause cavities, and can trigger the growth of bacteria in the mouth. In addition, he will also rely on a baby bottle for convenience.

• always clean the dot baby on a regular basis
Don't forget to clean the dot on a regular basis. We recommend that you stop using pacifiers after he was 2 years old, and teach children to not sucking the thumb. Because both of them are at risk of causing teeth to become uneven.

• give mineral water
If you have reached the age of one year, give mineral water or fresh milk on the sidelines he ate, to replace the milk with the addition of flavoring or fruit juices are high in sugar in packs. Mineral water can help rinse food scraps left on the teeth and mouth.

• Be aware of the condition of the baby teeth
See if there is a hole in the baby's teeth, tooth discoloration, beware of well marked with dots of white, Brown, or blackish. Avoid giving your own treatment in infants, it is advisable to consult the dentist to get appropriate responses.

Not only determine the oral health, dental health but also determine the development of the baby's jaw. We recommend that you check the children's dental health to the dentist early on. Take advantage of this opportunity to consult about oral health, for example, about the habit of sucking his thumb. Also soon see a pediatrician, if babies experience fever, vomiting or other symptoms, after a bite of certain objects.

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