6 How to Cure Gout Without using drugs

For sufferers of the disease gout, find out about how to cure gout is definitely very helpful. Because the disease is agonizing because it brings out the pain in the big toe. In addition, uric acid is usually accompanied by symptoms of swelling in the legs.

As for the cause of the disease is due to uric acid crystallization uric section in sodium or the outside of the joints. Just for information, this disease is just one of the many kinds of diseases that most often attacks the human joints. Then how do I cure diseases of uric acid? For those of you who are curious, we recommend that you check out the following reviews until the end.

The causes and factors of the emergence of Diseases of uric acid

In General, the first symptoms are caused by uric acid will be felt by sufferers for 3 to 10 days. The pain peaks will be back again on day 6 to 24 post a recurrence of gout. After that, the flavor will be lost. Sufferers do not even feel the pain of any kind on the part of their joints. However, you must remain wary given the disease gout can relapse at any time without any symptoms.

Regarding the cause, gout caused by high levels of uric acid in the body. As has been explained above, uric acid wastes fall into the category of the former resolution purine from body cells. Of the process, the acids are removed by the kidneys. However, if the amount of waste solution of acid too much, then the impact is crystallization acid at the joints. The longer, the more acid that builds up and experiences the process of crystallization unawares. At least there are a few factors that make a person afflicted by gout. Among these are:

  1. Obesity or overweight
  2. Gender and age. Usually the more often strikes the elderly and those who man-sex. However, it does not mean their young can be free from this disease
  3. Frequently consuming foods with a high content of purine-like liver, brain, heart, kidneys, broth, etc.
  4. Too much-consuming drinks containing alcohol
  5. Have a history of diabetes and hypertension or high blood pressure
  6. Disorders of the kidneys which causes a disruption of the process of disposal of uric acid from the body
  7. Have a family history of afflicted by gout

View of some of the above factors, it can be drawn the conclusion that gout was caused by consumption of foods and drinks that are less healthy and have a history of other dangerous diseases, whether of family or themselves.

How to Cure Gout with traditional materials

Mere information, treat uric acid does not always have to be drugs from the doctor. You can also make use of drugs from natural materials to cope with this disease. As for how to cure gout with traditional materials that you can do is as follows:

• Eating Food is alkaline
The first way: with a multiply is alkaline food consumption such as fruits, seeds, vegetables, etc. This is because the food is alkaline have a huge role to lower the uric acid in the body.

When looking at the explanation above, basically the uric acid is processed by the kidneys that later will be removed from the body. This is where food is alkaline plays an important role because it can help in dissolving kidney all the content of uric acid. After that, all waste uric acid that is issued in the form of urine.

• Fruit Consumption It
How to cure gout are second with eating the fruit of it. As we know, it has fruit acid compounds that are quite high. The acid can be offset and neutralize uric acid levels in the blood as well as urine. Not only that, but it also has a content of fruit nutrition and potassium that serves to relieve the pain in the joints of gout sufferers.

According to a study at Harvard University, diverse content in fruit it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Inflammatory content is useful to prevent the appearance of inflammation while the content of antioxidants can prevent the bad impact of free radicals.

• Consuming Fruit Lemon
Besides it, lemon can also be used to cure gout. The fruit of this one is reputed to have a very sour taste which is useful for treating gout. In addition, the acid in the lemon can stimulate the body into producing useful calcium carbonate to neutralize uric acid levels in the blood.

• Various kinds of Fruit containing Vitamin C
How to cure gout next by consuming fruits with high vitamin C content. Mere information, vitamin C proved very effective for relieving pain in joints of uric acid that sufferers usually appear suddenly.
As for example, the fruits with a high content of vitamin C that can be utilized is orange and guava. Therefore, if you are suffering from diseases of uric acid, multiply or guava juice consumption of orange juice per day. Regular consumption of fruits with a high content of vitamin C will slowly heal the disease of gout.

Much White water consumption
For each person, meet the needs of the white water daily for the body is the thing that cannot be overlooked. This is because the body needs sufficient fluid intake in order to be able to run all systems of the body to its full potential.

In addition, it turns out white water also can help the healing process of uric acid. You only need to consume water as much as 8 to 10 glasses per day regularly. In doing so, then high levels of uric acid in the body will not be too thick. In addition, kidney function as organs of uric acid processing can work well.

• Use bay leaf
How to cure gout with natural materials can be made using Bay leaves. Generally, the leaves are used as seasoning material at home. The leaves of this one also have a distinctive aroma and flavor. Besides being useful for groceries, it turns out the bay leaf curing uric acid is also beneficial because it has a potassium content can lower the levels of uric acid in an effective manner.

The trick, take about 10 pieces of bay leaf. Afterward clean the leaves with water and clean the cob use 400 ml of water. Let the stew boil the water to stay 200 ml of water only. Strain the decoction of bay leaf and water to drink on a regular basis as much as two days. Doing it this way for a month and see the result.

That's a little bit of related information on how to cure gout using traditional materials that you can do. In addition to using the above way, you should also keep the health of the body. Avoid unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, alcohol consumption, the consumption of fatty foods, and so on. With the implementation of a healthy lifestyle, not just a disease of gout can be prevented, but a variety of other dangerous diseases. Maybe useful.

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