Benefits of Dragon fruit are compulsory for pregnant women you should know

Dragon fruit health benefits for many, and the following article will discuss the benefits of Dragon fruit for pregnant women. You must have never seen his name Dragon fruit. Although this isn't really a fruit original from Indonesia but now found in many supermarkets, fruit shops, to traditional markets. Dragon fruit has also been widely cultivated in various parts of the country. Dragon fruit plants were first originated in Central America and South America. While in Asia, the fruit was introduced first by the Chinese State. By the Chinese nation, the fruit is considered a fruit that brings good luck or hockey so this fruit is considered sacred and used in religious ceremonies.
Dragon fruit including fruit that is quite unique. Flesh Dragon fruit has 4 types of colors, namely red, white, black, and yellow. While the outer skin consists of 2 types of color that is red and yellow. 

Dragon fruit plants including cacti plants in families, where this type of plant can live in environments that lack water though. This plant has sharp thorns, the stem is triangular shaped, growing vine, and has a layer of wax on the tree. Dragon fruit has a root fiber and has a flower that can also be consumed. The flowers have creamy Crown and could blossom when the twilight start to the evening. The skin of the Dragon fruit in layers resembling Dragon scales, thus the fruit is named Dragon fruit.

Various benefits of Dragon fruit for pregnant women

Dragon fruit has excellent nutrients for the health of pregnant women. Nutrients contained in fruits, among others, namely carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B12, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and antioxidant compounds. Dragon fruit has a flavor that is delicious and refreshing. In general, it feels sweet and sticky, but there is also a mixed taste sour. Dragon fruit is highly recommended is consumed by pregnant women because it provides many benefits for health. Various benefits of Dragon fruit for pregnant women, among others, as follows:

1. As a source of energy
Women who are pregnant certainly requires enough energy to live out his days. This is because a pregnant woman must be a range of nutrients with a fetus that it contains. Benefits of Dragon fruit for pregnant women in this regard as a good source of energy because in 100 grams of the fruit contains approximately 9 – 14 grams carbohydrate. With regular eating dragon fruit, it will provide energy and stamina for pregnant women.

2. Prevent and cope with anemia
Dragon fruit consumption during pregnancy may also prevent and overcome the lack of blood or anemia. As we know, that in susceptible pregnant anemia. With the consumption of the fruit regularly so pregnant women can escape from anemia because the fruit is rich in iron as the major constituent of red blood cells. In addition to preventing anemia in pregnant women, the iron content can also smoothen the supply of oxygen to the fetus, fetal blood disorder prevents, and increases the intelligence of the brain of the fetus.

3. Facilitate digestion
Benefits of Dragon fruit for pregnant women can also facilitate digestion. Due to hormonal influences and the insistence of the fetus, making pregnant women susceptible to constipation or constipation. Therefore, pregnant women have a lot to consume foods that contain fiber, and Dragon fruit is a fruit that is very rich in fiber that serves to launch the digestive health while keeping the intestine.

4. Increase the body's immune
Dragon fruit is a fruit that has a high dose of vitamin C. Therefore, pregnant women are encouraged to consume this fruit because it is beneficial to increase immunity or resistance of the body. With the increasing depopulation in pregnant women, it can be spared from various diseases and can also protect the fetus from infection with bacteria, viruses and other germs of disease.

5. Preventing miscarriages and premature birth
Benefits of Dragon fruit for the next pregnant women can prevent miscarriage and premature birth. Miscarriage is very feared that expectant mothers are usually prone to occur in the young or pregnant first trimester. In addition to miscarriage, premature birth or born before her time is also quite dangerous because it can cause a variety of health problems in infants can even threaten the safety of the baby. Both of these threats can be prevented by consuming fruits because many contain folic acid which acts to strengthen the fetus, as well as preventing miscarriages and premature births.

6. Maintain the stability of blood pressure and blood sugar
Blood pressure and high blood sugar during pregnancy can cause pregnant women to experience a preeclampsia weight is very dangerous for the mother and fetus pregnant contains. Therefore with Dragon fruit consumption can be beneficial for maintaining the stability of blood pressure and blood sugar so that pregnant women can escape from pregnancy complications.

7. Help the development and growth of the fetus
One of the benefits of Dragon fruit for pregnant women who are very important to help the development of the fetus. This is so that babies born under normal circumstances, avoid disability, as well as the future,  has grown a healthy flower.

8. Strengthening bones and teeth
Dragon fruit contains various essential minerals that are beneficial to strengthen bones and teeth. These important minerals, among others, namely calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. With these benefits then pregnant women will have strong bones and avoid the loss of bone. In addition, the fetus they contain will have strong bones and healthy teeth.

In addition to the benefits of Dragon fruit for pregnant women as it has been mentioned above, Dragon fruit also has several other benefits to health in General, among others, namely maintaining heart health, prevent cancer, good for eye health, increase the function of the nervous system, improve the metabolism of the body, keep the beauty of the skin, slows aging, act as an anti-inflammatory, helps the absorption of protein, prevents dehydration, and prevent the disease beriberi

Dragon fruit can be consumed by eating the flesh of the fruit or it can also be made into juice.
To eat the flesh of the fruit, surely you must separate the chaff first. There is a way to peel the fruit because her skin that resembles a dragon's scales layered that differentiate it from other fruits. First of all, choose the Dragon fruit which is ripe. It's ripe i.e. If pressed feels overstuffed with a reddish color to Red Dragon fruit and the color yellow is perfect for the yellow Dragon fruit. Dissect the fruit into two parts. After the split, take the flesh with the scoop using a spoon. Or if you want to peel his skin, then start from the bottom like peeling a mango fruit.

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