Know about the benefits of ice water for the amazing Face

Intrigued by the title above? Yes, it's true. Ice water turns out to have an awful lot of amazing benefits especially for the area of skin on the face. Use ice water by way of a marinade or rinse is perfect, especially for your skin that has a kind of greasy, enlarged and dull pores.

The following detailed explanation about the benefits of ice water for the face along with the suggestion of the use of and benefits when combined with other natural ingredients. Happy reading.

What are the benefits of water Ice to the face?

Sure you never feel how sore skin due to shrinking and exposed to ice water too long. As it turns out, the reversed effect is slightly painful, water ice is very beneficial for the skin of the face.
The simplest way to implement a water ice therapy for the face is by pouring cold water into a basin. Add ice cubes, and tie your long hair. Dip the face for 10 – 30 seconds into a basin containing cold water. To perform a maximum of 1 – 2 times a week then the stunning results you will get. How does this happen?

1. Deflating Eye Pouch
Ice water or cold water has the effect of contraction on the skin and blood vessels that Cascades over the face. These contractions cause the blood vessel to pull back the water that accumulated in the SAC of the eye. This is a natural way of deflating the SAC of the eye. Use ice water will look beautifying and makeup makes up you.

2. Former Redness Fades
Ice water potent to overcome former redness or burning injuries due to sunburn. Simply follow the steps previously mentioned. By dipping the face into a basin containing cold water and some ice cubes for 10 to 30 seconds.

Avoid soaking the sunburned faces too long in cold water, because it will inhibit blood circulation and cause burning or burn scar wound difficult recovery.

3. Fight against Wrinkles
Smooth wrinkles on the face can be overcome by doing a facial immersion in cold water. Quick cooling process of facial skin will help delay the process of aging and aging resulting in aging. Add some natural ingredients into Bowl containing ice water will further give better effect to address wrinkles on the face.

4. Lighten and make the face look fresher
Carry out soaking the face with ice water and ice cubes for 10 – 30 minutes can help brighten and make the face look fresher. This effect has been demonstrated by several Hollywood artists such as Sonia Morgan and Melody Erdogan.

5. Relieve Acne
Ice cold water also has the effect of relieving acne. Including also relieve the pain due to inflammation of the skin condition acne. Indirectly ice water also closes oil glands that produce excessive oil on the face. So the pimple will be reluctant to drop in and spoil the beauty of your facial skin.

6. Close the Pore Enlarges facial pores
To the effect that this one, water ice is very famous and very powerful in the fight it. In accordance with who have recommended above, simply by soaking the face into a basin containing water ice for 10 to 30 seconds then enlarged pores will be narrowed to perfection.

Natural ingredients that can be used in conjunction with ice water

To enhance and enrich the content of ice water, then some natural ingredients you can use simultaneously. The following explanation as well as an easy way to make it:

1. Water juice of Grapefruit
You can use lemon juice water to enrich the content of water ice. In the juice of oranges, contained many benefits vitamin C as an antioxidant. Relieves and heals inflamed acne. How to use it pretty easy, make orange juice into ice cubes and use along with the facial wash using cold water.
Or you can use separately, after soaking the face with ice water for 10-30 seconds, continue use of the juice of the orange-shaped ice cubes on areas of the face for 10-30 seconds of the second. Effect of citrus juice will increasingly complement the freshness of water ice on your face.

2. Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera gel can directly you use shortly after making the marinade face with ice water and dry the face with a towel to dry. Aloe Vera gel works as a natural moisturizer on the face. If your skin tends to be oily, use Aloe Vera gel will brighten and neutralize the back skin of your face.

3. Honey and olive oil
You can combine the honey and olive oil with ice water as a raw material in a way face the marinade as ice cubes. Its use is similar to lemon juice using water as ice cubes. Can be applied shortly after making the marinade face with ice water. Or you can do it separately with intermittent soaking water ice.

Honey has the effect of clearing the skin of the face, while the olive oil will help moisturize the face. The combination of honey with olive oil will be increasingly realistic effects and benefits of ice water to the face.

4. Honey and Lemon
Different between a combination of honey – honey with olive oil with lemon juice. The combination of honey and lemon juice helps relieve the pain, redness, and inflammation due to Acne breaks out. To conserve its use, you can make ice cubes with a mixture of honey and lemon in advance.

Use shortly after doing the marinade of the face, or may you use ice cubes directly as mixtures of water ice in the basin. Wait for the ice cubes melting a bit before using it as rinse water or marinade face.

5. Essential oils
Some essential oils are also very useful when combined with ice water as a marinade or water to wash the face. Since oil and water could not be United, awarding the oil of life can be done separately. Squirt a little lemon essential oil, lavender or tea tree oil on a towel that you use on a piece of tissue or a cotton swab to dry.

cover it on the face shortly after making the marinade face with ice water. The content of the oil life will nourish the skin, giving it a refreshing effect and help treat inflammation due to acne.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar may be rather hard to find in Indonesia. Natural ingredients are very famous for its usefulness as an anti-aging. Clean the skin pores with pore raised bacteria and excess oil from the face. The antioxidant content in the Apple cider vinegar was also able to enhance and improve the circulation of blood towards the face.

You can mix a few drops of Apple cider vinegar in the Bowl containing ice cubes to take its benefits. Or you can also shape it into ice cubes, as well as a circular massage movement on the face. Starting from the right and left cheeks, forehead, nose, and Chin.

Yes, it has presented a brief description of the benefits of ice water for the face. There will be no problems that mean on the activities of the soaking and rinse face with cold water although this activity may be a bit painful. But when it becomes accustomed, you'll love and was amazed at the results you can. Hope this article is helpful and good luck!

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