List of Food abstinence of uric acid that needs to be Avoided

Many people are wondering what the restrictions of uric acid foods they should avoid. This is not surprising given the number of sufferers of the disease, this joint is pretty much in Indonesia. Gout is a disease in which uric acid content obtained at high levels in the blood. The disease is rarely a cause of death but can cause tremendous pain to disability.

The cause of the disease gout. However, the cause of most often in Indonesia is because the offspring or genetic abnormality occurs, where the exile of uric acid levels, i.e., dumped in the urine in fewer levels than normal people so that the levels of uric acid in the blood increases. The State of high uric acid is one moment can trigger the onset of pain or attack uric acid in joints.

How To Cope With Gout: Avoid Food Abstinence Of Uric Acid

The one that triggers the onset of an attack on the disease of gout is high levels of uric acid in the blood. This uric acid levels can be affected by any food that we consume, particularly by food abstinence of uric acid containing high levels of uric acid. By avoiding food abstinence of uric acid, expected levels of uric acid in the blood decreases and the person being rarely gets a painful gout attack.

In principle, how to cope with gout is to reduce food abstinence of uric acid, even some kinds of foods containing a high content of uric acid that should absolutely be avoided. In addition, it is recommended also for patients with gout to reduce consumption of fatty foods, consuming moderate amounts of protein and consume carbohydrates in a higher percentage. And it is highly recommended to drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day.

The following is a list of food abstinence of uric acid containing deposits of uric acid is very high:

• Meat Extracts
Food abstinence of uric acid is the first extract of meat. What is the extract of meat? This is a powder that is commonly made into broth when mixed with water. Although less popular, some medical research says that meat extracts contain uric acid levels are very high and is food abstinence of uric acid.

• Offal
Included in this food group are the intestines, tripe, brain, liver, lungs and other organs of animals. Yes, the food is the number one gout dietary restrictions must be avoided even really avoided. The content of uric acid contained in these foods is very high due to the organs of the constituent cells and contributes to high uric acid levels.

• Fish
2 not all fish including food abstinence of uric acid. You just have to avoid some types of fish and avoid which turned out to contain high levels of uric acid. Some types of fish that you should avoid are sardines, herring, anchovies, and mackerel. Mentioned that the mackerel and mackerel fish is one part of fish mackerel as well. Pretty surprising that it turns out these fish contain high levels of uric acid and should be avoided by sufferers of gout.

• Shellfish
Various types of shellfish can cause attacks of gout due to its high levels of grain is acid. Food abstinence of uric acid is best avoided if you often experience uric acid attacks because research shows a connection between many consume shellfish with the number of attacks of gout.

• Alcohol
Alcohol in any form should be avoided. For example, alcohol, rum or fermented food containing alcohol. Especially avoid alcoholic drinks. The metabolism of alcohol you consume can increase levels of uric acid in the blood that can trigger the onset of attacks of gout.

• yeast and Yeast-containing Foods
Food abstinence more uric acid is the food that contains yeast. The yeast needed for the manufacture of foods such as cakes and bread. Quite surprising indeed that foods with yeast turns out to contain high uric acid levels and should be avoided. Research shows that a reduction in the levels of yeast in menu foods sufferer uric acid turns to lead to attacks that are rarer and can lower the levels of uric acid in the blood.

Now, let's look at food abstinence of uric acid containing deposits of uric acid. Because the foods in this category do not contain too much uric acid, it is not okay to consume these foods once in a while.

• All types of Meat
Red meat or white turns out to contain uric acid levels as well. Especially, uric acid is obtained at higher levels in red meat. But due to the womb that not too many, enjoy the occasional red meat like beef is not a big problem.

• all Seafood
Seafood is indeed famous to contain a lot of content of uric acid. However, some seafood turns out to only contain the levels of uric acid in moderation. Don't forget avoiding fish and shellfish that have been mentioned above because it contains uric acid levels were very high.

• Green vegetables
Some green vegetables such as kale and spinach and other vegetables such as beans and mushrooms indeed; the levels of uric acid in moderation. However, this type of food become a controversy because even though many are said to often cause attacks of gout, a lot of research that says that the vegetables do not trigger gout attacks. In fact, the vegetables are recommended as food good for gout sufferers as it can help lose weight.

How to resolve Other Gout you should do

In addition to avoiding food abstinence of uric acid, one of the ways of overcoming the uric acid which is highly recommended is modifying lifestyle. As it turns out, the disease gout is very closely related to high blood disease and obesity. Treat high blood disease with exercise and reduced salt food is also important because research shows that high blood pressure is reduced can also reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood.

People with high uric acid are also advised to consume complex carbohydrates in an amount more, like fruits and vegetables. Sufferers of gout shall reduce your intake of simple sugars like cakes, candy, sugary drinks, and other sweet dishes. Reduce weight to achieved ideal body weight can also help reduce the degree of severity of the disease.

How, after you read this article now to your question why you often experience uric acid attacks or why the levels of uric acid in the blood failed to come down eventually missed instead? Do not hesitate to consume green vegetables because the grain is acid content is not too high and seldom trigger gout attacks. Don't forget also to drinking water in great numbers because it can reduce the risk of gout attacks. Happy healthy life!

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