10 Benefits of Argan Oil for the Body (No. 8 Unexpected)

Argan Oil, have you heard of the oil name of this one? Indeed, the popularity of argan oil that is derived from the Middle East has not been as far as other oils, call it olive oil. In fact, argan Oil has a myriad of benefits that are not inferior to olive oil, even greater. Then, what is Argan oil? What are the benefits of Argan oil for health?

What is Argan oil?

Argan Oil is an oil produced from the extraction of Argan tree seeds that many grow in the Middle East region, especially Morocco. Argan Oil (Argan oil) is often referred to as ' liquid gold ', given its great usefulness to the body, especially the skin. It is said that this oil is believed to be the secret of skin and hair beauty of Middle Eastern women.

Argan oil is rich in nutritional and vitamin content. However, there is one other interesting thing that you need to know from this argan oil. Argan Oil does not have a sticky texture and it is difficult to soak like most oils in general. In addition, Argan Oil also does not have a smell that may be quite disturbing for some people.

Unexpected benefits of Argan oil

Argan Oil is an oil that has many benefits. It is not separated from the nutritional and vitamin content in it, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, linoleate acid, omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Here are the benefits of Argan oil which is unexpected and important for you to know.

1. Overcoming Acne
Acne for most people is considered a "disaster" because it causes the face look to be unaesthetic.

One of the benefits of Argan oil for face is relieving acne. The efficacy of argan oil is obtained from the high levels of linoleate acid in it. Linoleic acid is proven to effectively overcome the inflammation of the facial skin that triggers the onset of acne. Not only that, this substance also plays a role in repairing skin cells that are damaged.

2. Face Natural Moisturiser
In addition to overcoming acne, the benefits of Argan oil for other facial is as a natural moisturizing face. Instead of using chemical facial moisturizers, you are actually quite utilizing the oil of Argan. As a natural ingredient, argan oil effectively moisturize the face more gently.

Pour 2 – 3 drops of argan oil to the palm of the hand, rub until evenly. After that, apply it to all parts of the face. Let stand for about 10 minutes so that the oil permeations, then wipe the face with a wash face soap.

3. Lip Natural Moisturiser
Not only the face, the benefits of Argan oil as natural moisturizers also apply to your lips. Applying Argan oil to the lips is routinely believed to maintain moisture, even the smoothness and softness of the lips. Not only that, the efficacy of argan oil is included to address the problem of cracked lips.

4. Preventing Premature Aging
Premature aging is a ' scourge ' for almost everyone, both male and female. Premature aging is characterized by the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, reducing elasticity and skin firmness.

Benefits of Argan oil include preventing and overcoming premature aging of the skin. Substances in oil Argan is believed to be potent to treat skin elasticity, also increase the resistance of moisture so that the skin always appear youthful.

Meanwhile, the efficacy of argan oil to remove wrinkles on the skin because the oil is also effective to overcome problems in collagen and skin elastin, both of which are the causes of wrinkles.

5. Prevents damaged skin
Argan oil is enriched by vitamin E and also antioxidant. This has resulted in the benefits of Argan oil for the overall skin, which is to protect the skin from damage threats, especially the damage caused by sunlight exposure.

In addition, antioxidant content in argan oil is also effective to prevent the skin from experiencing free radical attacks that are certainly dangerous. Argan oil will also make your skin moist.

6. Eliminate Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are one of the problems of the skin which is often complained of by women, especially those who recently gave birth to Caesar.

The content of omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E in Argan Oil thus produces the efficacy of argan oil to prevent and overcome the stretch marks on the skin, especially in the abdominal area. It is because both of these substances serve to produce collagen, where this collagen can later make the skin become stronger so that it is free from the appearance of stretch marks.

7. Overcoming Dry Hair
In addition to the skin, there are also argan oil benefits for hair. The efficacy of argan oil is more aimed at preventing or overcoming the problem of dry hair that many people experience (may include you one).

Vitamin E content and a number of other important nutrients make argan oil is the right solution for you who want to solve the problem of dry hair naturally. In fact, the benefits of Argan oil for hair can also make hair shiny and free of branching hair conditions.

8. Preventing Heart disease
Who is thought, argan oil is also efficacious to prevent you from cardiovascular diseases such as heart, Lho. Benefits of Argan Oil This one is not separated from the content of oleic acid, which is a substance that has a contributed in minimizing the risk of heart disease.

Based on the results of a study, the fact found that the effectiveness of argan oil in preventing heart disease is directly proportional to the ' brother ' of olive oil.

9. Preventing cancer
It is not wrong to label Argan Oil as ' magical oil '. Because, this oil can even prevent you from experiencing deadly cancer.

A research conducted successfully reveals if Argan oil contains a polyphenol compound, in which this compound is effective for slowing prostate cancer cell growth by as much as 50 percent.

10. Keep the nail beauty
Healthy nails and beautiful looks certainly also your dream, right? In addition to improving confidence, manicured nails also indicate that you are a person who cares about body hygiene.

Instead of using a manicure gel product to do nail care, you can make use of argan oil to produce a healthy nail polish and scum and look beautiful.

Apply Argan oil to your nails evenly. Do this every day on a regular basis for a really maximum result.

Argan Oil: The right solution for body health and beauty

Well, that's him information on the benefits or efficacy of argan oil that you need to know. Argan oil can be used either by the way it is applied to the body and hair, or as a conventional oil substitute cooking oil for the utilization of the special use to prevent diseases such as the heart and cancer.

Argan oil may still be difficult to find in supermarkets or drugstores, considering this oil is not yet popular in Indonesia. However, you can buy it in the online store because there are already many sellers that offer this oil. Hopefully useful!

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