10 Benefits of Arugula for the Body (Men Must Know)

Whatever kind, vegetable remains a nutritious food rich in nutrients and vitamins in it. Eating vegetables is the best and easiest way for you to always keep your body healthy, fit, and disease-free. There is one type of vegetable that may still be unfamiliar in the ears, namely arugula. What is arugula? What benefits of arugula for health?

What is Arugula?

Arugula is a name embedded in a vegetable plant of the Brassicaceae family. Arugula which has the scientific name Eruca sativa has a glimpse of a similar look to vegetable plants that are already familiar, namely vegetable spinach or kale. However, the form of arugula leaves indeed more pinnate than that of ' the twin '.

Arugula, or often referred to by a number of other names, such as Rucola, Rucoli, Ruguli, and Italian lettuce, generally grows on the plains where there is much humus with pH levels of about 6 – 6.8. Interestingly, arugula can grow optimally if coupled with the planting of lettuce or peas. Besides the leaves, arugula seeds and flowers can also be utilized to produce essential oils.
Arugula Benefits for Health

The popularity of arugula may not be as vast as other vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens, kale, or katuk leaves. In fact, arugula has health benefits that are no less large than vegetables. Because, arugula is also enriched by a number of nutrients and vitamins, such as:

  •     Carbohydrates
  •     Sodium
  •     Fat
  •     Folic acid
  •     Vitamin A
  •     Vitamin C
  •     Vitamin K

For more details, here is a list of arugula benefits for the health of the body you need to know.

1. Preventing Premature Aging
Preventing premature aging is one of the most major arugula benefits. Eating arugula is routinely believed to effectively maintain skin firmness and elasticity and prevent it from wrinkles and black spots as signs of premature aging.

This arugula efficacy is not separated from the content of carotenoid compounds — in this case, zeaxanthin and lutein — where this compound has antioxidant properties. Thus, the skin will be freed from free radical attacks that trigger premature aging. Even firmer and the fact that the skin is ' work ' from vitamin A and vitamin C.

2. Overcoming inflammation of the skin
Arugula also contains organosulfur compounds, of which this compound has anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammation properties. This then results in arugula benefits to prevent and overcome various skin problems triggered by inflammation, such as eczema.

If you experience skin diseases caused by inflammation such as eczema characterized by a number of symptoms, such as skin rash, itching, and rupture, consuming arugula can be a solution to overcome the problem.

3. Overcoming Psoriasis
Talking about arugula Manfat for skin health is endless. This time, arugula is claimed to be treating psoriasis disease. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that results in rapid reproduction of skin cells, the buildup of skin cells, and the embossing of colored patches on the skin.

Arugula efficacy of this one is produced by a substance called methylthiobutylisothiocyanate, in which the substance serves to inhibit the growth rate of substances that play a role in structuring the structure, hair, skin, and also the nail named Keratinocytes so that psoriasis can be solved.

4. Caring for the eyes
As a vital organ, the eyes must always be kept in health. One way you can take care of eye health is to consume arugula vegetable.

The benefits of arugula in caring for this eye because the vegetable that is often used as topping pizza or salad mixture contains nutrients and vitamins related to the health of the eye function, namely beta carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin K. All three are tasked As an antioxidant that will banish free radicals to attack the eye, especially on the retina part.

5. Caring for Bones
As already mentioned in the beginning, arugula is also a source of vitamin K. As known, vitamin K has the primary benefit of treating bone health and preventing it from a number of bone diseases, such as osteoporosis.

Besides vitamin K, arugula vegetable is also enriched with mineral in the form of calcium. Again, calcium is a variant of minerals that also have an important role in the formation of bones and maintain bones to stay healthy, too strong.

6. Caring for Heart health
As well as vegetables in general, arugula also has benefits associated with cardiovascular health. The consumption of arugula vegetables routinely claimed to effectively treat the health of heart function and minimize the vital organ this one is experiencing problems that could lead to death.

The benefits of arugula this one is not separated from the content of vitamin C and vitamin K in it, which both do have the function to maintain the heart to always function properly.

7. Increase male sexual arousal
The leaves and arugula seeds have long been trusted by men in the Middle East as ' strong drugs ' to improve their performance over the bed.

Arugula's benefit to enhance this male sex drive has even been agreed upon by a study published in the journal belonging to Al-Nahrain University. The study found the fact that arugula is effective in increasing the production of testosterone hormones, regardless of the quality and quantity of sperm. So, besides adding to the passion, arugula consumption can also increase male fertility.

8. Overcoming Cancer
If you may know broccoli as a ' drug ' cancer, it is worth noting that arugula also has the same benefits, namely preventing and overcoming cancer cell growth, especially lung cancer and colon cancer.

Arugula benefits derived from the content of antioxidant substances in it that serves to prevent free radical attacks as cancer triggers. In addition, arugula is also enriched with sulforaphane substances, in which the substance is tasked to inhibit the growth of Histone Deacetylase (HDAC), an enzyme that is suspected of contributing to the growth of cancer cells.

9. Improving the quality of autoimmune
Arugula contains vitamin A and vitamin C in amounts that can be said to be high. Vitamin A serves to treat the function of the immune system, also ensuring the growth of the cell goes well.

Meanwhile, vitamin C is an effective antioxidant agent to protect the body from damage to body tissues due to free radical attacks. Taking arugula with a routine will make the body benefit from both vitamins. The effect of your autoimmune system will be tougher.

10. Launching fetal growth
For you expectant mothers, consuming arugula is highly recommended to help the smooth growth of the fetus to be conceived.

The benefits of arugula for launching fetal growth are obtained from the content of vitamin B and folic acid contained in this green vegetable. Both substances are believed to be effective for optimizing DNA growth and other genetic elements of the fetus.

Well, that's a number of arugula vegetable benefits that you need to know. As with other types of vegetables, you can process arugula into a gravy dish or salad which is certainly delicious and healthy. Good luck and hopefully useful!

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