9 Benefits of Loofah Fruit

Ever heard of Loofah fruit names? Perhaps many of you are still unfamiliar with this one fruit. But if you see a form of loofah fruit from Vietnam, we will be immediately reminded of the woman's breasts complete with her milky nipple. Well, behind its unique shape, loofah fruit has a number of benefits. What is a loofah fruit? What are the benefits of Loofah fruit for body health?


What is Loofah fruit?

The fruit of Loofah is a fruit originating from neighboring countries, namely Vietnam. The Loofah fruit that has the Latin name Luffa Aegyptiaca is included in the type of pumpkin (Cucurbitaceae). The pink shape of the fruit is oblong, and at the end, there is a dark colored lump resembling the female nipple. Loofah fruit has a soft texture and it tends to be bitter.

Instead of being eaten directly, the fruit Loofah is generally used as an additional ingredient in a number of cuisines such as vegetable soup. The bitter taste may be the reason why the fruit is still a relative with oyong is more often consumed in the form of gravy cuisine, although there are also those who consume it directly as a snack.

Benefits of fruit Loofah for health

Although it has a form that can make 'failed focus', the Loofah fruit from Vietnam has a number of benefits that can not be seen by the eye. The content of various nutritious substances in the fruit that in Indonesia is known as 'Gambas' is believed to maintain the health of the body, also overcome various health problems that attack the body.

Here are the benefits of fruit loofah that is important for you to know.

1. Caring for Skin Health
Healthy skin is everyone's dream, both male and female. One of the natural ways to take care of the skin that you can do is to consume the fruit loofah.

Yes, one of the most major benefits of fruit loofah is to maintain skin health. You can get the efficacy of loofah fruit for this skin by consuming it in the form of cooking, or make it a natural body scrub. The second way not only serves to keep your skin healthy but also brighten your skin so that you can look beautiful.

2. Overcoming Constipation
The benefits of Loofah fruit also includes treatment of digestive disorders in the form of constipation or we commonly refer to it with constipation.

Constipation characterized by the difficulty of defecation (BAB) is one of the common digestive problems experienced. The cause of constipation can be due to various factors, but the lack of fiber intake becomes a person's main trigger to constipation.

Therefore, adequate fiber intake is needed to address this constipation problem. Of the many sources of fiber, the fruit loofah from Vietnam is one of them. Fiber content that is high enough in this fruit makes it a food that should fit into your healthy menu to overcome constipation.

3. Overcoming swelling
For those of you who experience swelling in the sinus or nasal area, one way to overcome the swelling is to consume the fruit loofah.

You can consume loofah directly or used as a gravy dish to get the benefits of this fruit loofah. Regular consumption until the swelling disappears.

4. Overcoming Joint Pain
Overcoming joint pain is also one of the benefits of Loofah fruit that is not less important, nor should be missed by you or relatives who may now be experiencing health problems on this one.

The efficacy of loofah fruit to overcome joint pain has even been proved by a number of studies. Although the scale is still small and limited, it does not hurt if you use this way to cure the pain in the joints, right?

Simply boil the loofah fruit in the water, then drink the water of the stew regularly until the painful joints are lost.

5. Treating cough
In addition to overcoming joint pain, the benefits of water decoction of Loofah fruit is also believed to be potent to treat coughs, whether it is dry cough or cough with phlegm.

Drink the water decoction of Loofah fruit routinely 2 – 3 times a day until the cough is completely cured. To accelerate the healing process, accompanied by the consumption of chemical cough medicines and avoid the consumption of food or beverages containing oil, ice, or sugar because it will only worsen the condition of the cough suffered.

6. Increase breast milk production
Especially for you mothers breastfeeding, breast milk production must always go smoothly so that the needs of breast milk are fulfilled.

One way to increase breast milk production is by consuming loofah fruit. Although the scientific evidence supporting the benefits of this fruit loofah claim, there is no harm if you include this fruit into the daily healthy menu list during the lactation period. It must be kept balanced with another nutritional intake.

7. Accelerate Menstruation
Still, around the benefits of fruit Loofah for the eve, times are to facilitate the menstrual cycle.

For those of you who feel the menstrual cycle is not smooth, before taking chemical medicines, try to first use herbal medicines such as Vietnamese loofah fruit to treat health problems. Besides being safer, the effects also do not differ considerably from chemical medicines.

8. Remove Eye Bags
The difficult condition of sleep or insomnia in its development affects the appearance of eye bags or is called a ' panda eye ' at the bottom of both eyes. This, of course, will interfere with the appearance, isn't it?

One way to remove black eye bags due to lack of sleep is to consume the fruit loofah. You can just apply the mask of the Loofah fruit that has been smoothed on the eye bag. Perform this method routinely until the eye bags are completely gone.

In addition, improve your sleep time by doing a number of ways to relieve insomnia, be it from food consumed or lifestyle.

9. Good for bone health
The popularity of Loofah fruit in Indonesia may not be large. In fact, this fruit has the benefits to maintain bone health.

The benefits of the fruit loofah to the bone is not separated from the fact that the fruit 'breasts' contains vitamin K, which vitamin K is indeed its function is related to the health of bones and teeth. So, look for this fruit and consume it routinely if you want to have healthy bones and teeth.

Loofah Fruit Side effects

Fruit Loofah does have benefits for the health of the body. However, it should not consume excessive fruit. Because the fruit loofah is not separated from its name side effects if you consume it too much.

Some examples of the side effects of eating loofah fruit are:

  • Headache
  • Skin irritation
  • Loss of concentration
  • Bleeding

Therefore, the fruit of the loofah is within the boundaries of fairness, yes. If in doubt, consult a nutritionist to get the right dose of consumption.

That's her information about the Loofah fruit and the benefits she has. So, do not just laugh at the unique shape, but consumption also the fruit so that the body is always healthy disease-free. Hopefully useful!

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